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post your y-3 inspo here
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they're called qasas you fuckin frog
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this is v good

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skinny jeans

hitler youth may not totally die but will definitely be on the way out

tucking in your shirt will become the new norm rather than a fashion statement

cuffing jeans will be on the way out, no break will be in
Skinny jeans aren't gonna die
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Ditch the beast?

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What is the most /fa/ drug and why is it DMT?
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It's not. Out of the classical psychedelics, mescaline probably is.

Dissociative anesthetics like ketamine, opiates, and amphetamines are more /fa/ though
A drug by itself is not /fa/, you stupid fuccboi. What you meant to post is "Which drug will make me look cool and mysterious? P-please /fa/, I need you to validate my drug use." I don't care if you use drugs or not, but trying to attach the approval of /fa/ to anything other than clothing, let alone that, is really pathetic of you.
dmt breakthroughs achieved with vaporization are the most /fa/ drug experiences

mescaline is wonderful, but vomiting isn't cool

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old at 301
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w2c cheapish flannel shirts?

Uniqlo is usually good but they are forever out of stock.
Can this be the down syndrome core inspo thrad
op pic related
What was that Chelsea boot company whose dick effay used to suck?

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Nice meme faggot
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please stop

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Who is she?
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actually a "he", at least a few years back (2-3).

this is not even the standard trap troll.

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I'm forced to dress like shit because I'm poor. Do you even know the pain, when you're actually stylish af, but can't show it?! Pure sadness it is.
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just wear basics. this blog has a lot of well executed 2-poor-4-u basic fits, check the archive.
i'm not poor so i wouldnt know
That's pretty much how I live, but fuck, this shit gets me angry sometimes

Ok then /fa/

I got into the gym and 13 kilos of muscles later I need help.
Shit doesnt work anymore

>rolled up sleeve make look like douchebag
>shorts about the knee make me look like a flamboyant faggot

I'll post I'll I have.
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>/fit/ problems
>solution is dressing like barely swole holllywood actor
>think you look like him

I'm not nearly swole.

And how this is different from what every person on /fa/ does?
I have an aesthetic body, I just dont want to dress like a fucking frat boy or a fuck boy.

any fashion design students here?

stories? advice?
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i hope your parents are happy they're paying $45,000/year for adult daycare
i got waitlisted at fit....
they are though, they didn't have the resources to study what they wanted, but now their kid can

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just finished painting my monochrome converse with black gesso. it's still a little wet;)
the were originally black converse but I painted them with white gesso and realized I have no light colored clothes so I sprayed them down with plastidip and it looked like shit so I painted it with black gesso.
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here is the other shoe. I'll finish it tomorrow because peeling off the plastidip takes a long ass time.
as you can see it looks like shit.
honestly think it looks kinda cool, consider leaving them
also what the fuck is with this lame captcha I've been experiencing for the past three days.
literally takes me about 6 tries before I get one correct.

What happened to the techwear threads?

post recent cops and inspo
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>In any acceptable techwear fit ever
Do people actually dress like they're about to perform a heist?

I think Americunts are heading into summer so most users aren't concerned with dressing for futuristic rainstorms.

I'm still really into the style - but I tone it down with more general streetwear.

Next cop will hopefully be these goretex asics.

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future leaders.jpg
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I just wanted to talk a little on something that's been bugging me about /fa/. I know some of you will get upset with me and tell me to leave if I don't like it here, but I'm just trying to get you guys to reflect a little on your own motivations for what you guys call "fashion." I've been here a lot longer than most of you have so I have some kind of authority here.

/fa/ has truly become an embarrassing place to visit. it ought to just become a general board for insecure teenage boys. It's one of the meanest, most spiteful places on the internet, full of people hating on everyone else and giving advice on things they are in no way qualified to give advice on

you talk about how fashion is about self-expression, but most of you guys are either trend hopping dick riders or else you need your hand held by /fa/ through every tiny little purchase you make

you guys talk about how you don't dress for girls, yet so many of you complain about tfwnogf and about how girls don't appreciate your "patrician" fashion sense

and some of the few WAYWT fits that get praise are just...how do i saw...godawful. the /fa/ hivemind has degenerated into retardation. you guys think rolling up your pants instantly makes a fit better...well let me tell you it doesn't

anyways, sorry for the personal blog. you guys just need to be shaken out of your rocker a little bit. get some real world experience. take a break from 4chan/tumblr/etc. for a while. get out there and talk to and hang out with regular people. stop being so insecure about what you look like. learn how to develop confidence through your personality, not through how much you spend on threads

a person probably older, more knowledgeable, and more experienced than you are
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Welcome to the fashion board of 4chan.org. It's a miracle we even talk about clothes here at all, what more did you expect?
What internet fashion community would you suggest o wise oldfag
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is an internet fashion community really something you need in your life? why not get out into the real world? make friends, observe your local surroundings. find new activities and hobbies for yourself

forget your chinese cartoons for a day

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ITT: your favorite shoes you own and why.
>> comfy
>> aesthetically pleasing
>> very easy on the knees; can run on pavement and feel like you're running on clouds
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runner up: the poorfag qasa for aesthetics at an affordable price
Aesthetically pleasing?? Hahah wow it is like wearing a sick forest.
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that bitch.png
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F21 Black Slim fit dress shirt

Hollister Slim Khakis

Girl with the fattest ass putting you in her story every day

Why don't you just submit to the norm core superiority and make cool friends finally.
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I hate to be the bearer of bad news but normcore is dead anon

But I am a menswear faggot.

I don't dress like the memesters here, I just come here to laugh at them.
This isn't even normcore dude.

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ITT: /fa/ musicians, no plebs allowed
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