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Last one almost at 300
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god I have one in my class.

Last year I thought 'hey that's a cool guy wearing all black and long stuff' but after finding out about fuccbois and seeing more popping up every day I'd kinda get disgusted by him.
shes really cute
she looks normal to me, maybe you're just jealous?

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Is mixing nike hoodie (pic rel) with stan smiths acceptable? It seems kinda corny, help. ( Im not talking about whole thing aesthetics wise, more about wearing 2 different sports brands.)
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Dont do it. Girls will think you are more likely to cheat
O-ok senpai. Would like to hear more opinions tho
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Does /fa/ know of any tricks for getting off rings that are on the small side? Specifically, lubricants of some sort that won't tarnish silver, but will make the silver to skin interaction smooth.

I have a ring I like (pic related), but it is a bit small. I can get it on with difficulty, but getting it off is painful, even after running my finger under cold water.

My joint is much bigger than the finger behind it, so if I had the ring sized up, it would slide all around. So I'd like to wear a ring this size, provided I have some way to get it off.

If I can find an easy way to take it off before bed that would be ideal.
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is that a fucking SS honor ring?
It is, looks like you're a savant.

Mine is a reproduction, of course. Bears the name of the original owner and all.
ive been looking to get one of these, where'd you get yours?

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Why is topman low tier?
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why do you think? because it's shit quality fast fashion LADBIBLE Miami string vest tier wank
gr8 b8 m8
adidas shit?

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post turtleneck inspo and product links
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mockneck but w/e
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I have $3000 and I need to buy a whole wardrobe of clothes for my next semester abroad.

I can shop in New York City, London or online.

Any suggestions?
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ask /r/malefashionadvice or styleforum instead of /fa/

<--- this is who you are asking for advice otherwise
Get high quality (not necessarily high priced) basics and then get some odd pieces to work into those.

Basics (my opinion, of course, but based on my own experience and reading various opinion pieces on basic menswear):

A pair of leather dress shoes, Brown or black
Casual leather shoes/boots
Canvas/suede/leather sneaker
Only wear running shoes for the gym, short shopping trips, or actual running

Get some warm wool socks, dress socks that match your dress pants and then some thinner black socks for everyday wear

Well fitting, dark, solid color (no distressing) denim
Chinos in whatever colors you are comfortable with
Dress pants, charcoal, grey or navy
Shorts shouldn't be cargo and should be the correct length, usually around 19" inseam iirc, solid colors

Belts that match your shoes, leather, suede is ok too but uncommon and in my experience doesn't last long with frequent wear. But it could've been a bad experience.

Tees that fit you well, solid colors, no logos or graphics visible
Well fitting button ups, around 3 will do you, patterns are ok in casual wear
An OCBD, blue or white
V neck or crew sweaters, two or three in solid colors

A nice blazer, lighter color to contrast darker pants for occasions you don't have to wear a suit but be formal, khaki is popular, light grey is my personal favorite
A black or navy winter jacket that fits you well, a little larger if you intend to layer under
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lol i go to LSE im a third year undergrad AMA. oh, and dress dadcore/prep/like an autistic engineering student (asics, huge faded jeans, fleeces etc) to fit in.

it has broken me btw :')

What do you think of pic related suit ? I am going to pick it up for $250 custom made.
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Thats too cheap for it to be good quality
nice pattern in that fabric, the thing is that for that price the suit is going to be mainly glue
Original price would be $500 but I have a 50% coupon

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Hey /fa/

I need a need to get some new shoes. I'd like them to be versatile so I can match them with outfits in casual and dressy scenarios and am looking for something dark, no browns. I am a male. Would love to see what you guys and gals would recommend. I'm flexible on the pricing and would like to see some options up and down the spectrum. Please help me out.
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allen edmonds tbqh

I have a pair of Cole Haan and Johnston & Murphy. Both are very comfortable and were under $200.
> dark, no browns
...so black then?

Your best bet if you're looking for casual/formal versatility are (in order of decreasing formality) black leather derbies, chelsea/jodhpur boots, or clean lace-up boots.

Depending on your budget, Meermin, Loake, AE, Carmina, C&J have excellent options in most of those categories.

For chelseas/jodhpurs specifically, some other good options are Story Et Fall, Scarosso and SLP.

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What are you doing for Thanksgiving, /fa/?

What are you wearing?
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don't celebrate it
malia looking pretty good. i'd like to pardon her turkey
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I Wish I Was At Home Meme

>copyright reddit
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aint that some shit
thing is there's nothing more embarrassing that people talking about 4chan, away from 4chan. they never get it right and it's always cringe worthy seeing people try and frame it into a their pseudo academic vernacular

hey /fa/, if i consistently induced a mild chemical burn on my lips, would there eventually be enough scar buildup that they'd stop being so pink? or is lip skin different enough from normal skin that the scars wouldn't build up on each other? i sometimes wear concealer on them but would really like a permanent solution to this issue.
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Blood is making them red/pink. Can't do much bruh. It wouldn't hold on
i was hoping that scar tissue buildup would make the blood less visible because there'd be more skin between the blood vessels and the surface, but i haven't really seen such buildup on people who often get chapped/broken lips, so i worry that when lip skin heals it stays as thin as before.
It will. The dead skin will peel off that's all

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Help me out here, looking to buy these qasas in US 9, preferably from some store in europe. Would be even better if some store had a black friday deal as well.
so W2C
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Only way to get them is buying used
Get tubulars
Are there any lookalikes? I saw something similar at Bershka once but could never find them again. Not adidas tubulars though.

>and what side does sir get dressed on?
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u-uh rick simens raf owens usually w-what im dressed in
Always to the right, I have no control over it.
"one ball on each side, penis tucked into waistband. thanks jeeves."

"oh, was that too graphic, jeeves? you chose to spend your life within inches of a million cocks. so i just assumed you'd be comfortable with a few blue words."

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What's this hair style called?
I've heard names like "Young Leo" but i'm not convinced they're quite the same cut..

Pics are Cole Sprouse for those curious, doing gods work
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File: CR4MPfLUEAAIdP0.jpg (64KB, 599x399px)Image search: [Google]
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Can anyone tell me w2c? I love this shirt so much. I just cant find it
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The style itself is dope, but the pattern, fucking cartoon planes?
yeah its not the planes about it for me. Its just like, oversized, and cut weird at the bottom and the sleeves, and just loks cool. Id be fine with a different pattern, just want that same look..

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