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Afternoon ladies and gents! Diggin the new shoes? I swapped out

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Afternoon ladies and gents!
Diggin the new shoes?
I swapped out the jacket with something a bit heavier.
How did this turn out though?

Im also taking inquiries for a new name
those shoes are new? they look like theyve been sitting in someones garage for the last 3 years.
Bruh did you lose weight? Could be the hair. Looks better now.
Shoes are better than before but still bad.
Well, sorta new. Gothem back in 2011 but I never wore them.
Thought they looked better thab the other shoes I own
Ive lost 15 pounds since I started posting thank you very much!
Finally got to a scale to measure myself
Any shoes other than those chucks are a huge improvement. I dig.
Get slim jeans first
facial aesthetics:
Thankya, thank ya
Thosell come soon enough
Yes indeedy
Do you have Down's?
i like you threads mate and good job today
I'd guess he has a slight mental retardation. That would also explain the creepy pedophile comment he made a while ago.
Nope, only thing I have right now is a bit of choroiderimia.
Thats an eye thing though, mentally nothing I know of
Creepy comment? Wat
This joke is getting tired.
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>How /fa/ sees itself
>How /fa/ really looks
you were doing better but this fit is terrible. The shirt is awful. Congrats on the weight loss though keep it up
yeah lose weight first dont even bother buying anything in your current size except shoes.
15 down, plenty more to go
Yeah the shirt was a bad call
youre on your way!
turn the shirt inside out
Wut, why would I do that?
This is your big guy on the street update.
Changes have occured to require a change in top.
This is not a warning, this is actually happening whilst on the street!
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God that was b
Sorry for your hernia and hope you get cured soon.
So fucking true, my god
You starin at the funky bunch mate?
I like your trips there :D
Is that monstrosity your phone?
Tablet, I do a lot of mobile work.
My phone is this old samsung flip. A bit boring, but not bad by any means.
Gets a laugh from the techies!
mate are you like impoverished?

you've been posting for a while and your shit looks a little better now but I feel like you're not fully understanding how big of a difference slimmer/tapered jeans would make

like literally, one pair of $50 jeans, you can wear them every day and all of your outfits instantly look 2x better

if you have the means I'd highly recommend it, as there's no better single purchase you could make for your wardrobe at this point
Trust me, I kmow how much I need it.
Ill get a pair soon, but I literally dont have 10 dollars to spare let alone 50.
I 100'% agree with it, but Its gonna take time
How are you this poor. List out all of your expenses and income
Yeah, the stickers are a bit aut but they tell a pretty mean story If I had the time to tell it.
Its a long list guy.
Its more of poor by instance.
Im cash poor, asset rich.
All my money is tied to personalty to be sold. That money is then used to buy more items.
So on and so forth.
The little money that I keep pays off the expenses I incur as a human.
Take all that on top with getting an Accounting degree and you get one poor guy with money in his pocket to barely pay for dinner
Might be b8 but

Less logos. Tapered jeans. Coordinate colors. Get a hairstyle. Pick a style. Research brands. If you're poor use Poshmark or similar secondhand site. Less is more.
Great things have small beginnings. You have started the fire.
Yeah, the logos are in full force arent they?
Pantsll come
I tend to follow grayscale plus red for a real good reason, colors befuddle me sometimes.
Very quotable senpai

Even if ur poor bruv ur clothes looks like you stole them from a middle schooler. For one ur pants don't fit. Are they Aeropostale? Throw them in the trash.

Second that shirt....never let me see that again.

That zep hoodie should be worn on one and only one occasion and that is at a Zeppelin concert which will never happen again so into the trash it goes.

Those square toe Danish tap dancing shoes look okay...I will build you an outfit around them

Polo brown leather (not dark brown) LAMBSKIN jacket - eBay $50-$150

Pack of white lucky brand/Nautica v necks xl - tj maxx $15

Faded glory brown belt with ONE (1) set of eyelets - Walmart $10

Wrangler with Brett favre on the package IN YOUR SIZE modern fit straight leg color BLUE not whatever fucked indigo shit those are. - Walmart $20

Eyeglasses - nobody cares. Glasses are for dorks. Get contacts or just rock em.

Your haircut is an abortion. Buzz the top one to two lengths longer than the sides and violá, you can now go into public without being ridiculed mercilessly.
what comment? i hate big guy so naturally im curious
Thread posts: 39
Thread images: 3

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