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Is the newest Unemployable™ Fashion Line by Stormfront clothing© Inc. effay?
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Extremely. He looks ready to gas them all at the drop of a hat.
>buttmad stormweenie detected

hey guys, what do you think of my jacket?
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Drum major/10
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Hi guys,

I will work in the U.S. soon and they said the clothes code is «american business attire» but it is not mandatory to wear a tie.

Do you have recommendations?

Is this enough formal?
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What area of the country will you be and what is your job?
I will work for my country's consulate in Boston
Damn son. To me that sounds like a job you would suit up for. I would at least wear a tie.

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Since Kendall Jenner is one of the "it" top models now, what do you all think of her?
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shes a woman, what is there to discuss?
looks like pleb 101. not interesting in any way

scrunched up face

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No b/s/t? What had happened to /fa/?

Post em.

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Tell me you're from /fa/ and i'll hook you up
anyone got some dope winter jackets for sale? looking mainly for all black or camo
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FullSizeRender 2.jpg
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Mention you're from /fa/ and I'll see what I can do!

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i got a problem.. my problem is, that my hair looks like this. it has weird waves and is very thick. what should i do?

i wash my hair tues-, wednes-, fri-, and sunday
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Be grateful

t. person with thin hair
thin hair > thick hair
thick hair brings olny problems
You thin it bro. Invest in some thinning shears or ask your barber to do it for you.

Try a flat iron after you thin it if you want to try a look without the waves.

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Instagram Fuccboi Kit.jpg
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Post your opinions, advice, where to cop, rate others etc...
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pick one
the three peats are nigger core, get the chromes or the tubulars.

or the af1s if you're feeling dangerous.
just new shoes on that picture. Go out, walk and use them.

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Tfw when its the first winter since you got into fashion and you want to wear all your new cops but its 70 degrees in december for the first time in your city ever in history
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thanks global warming
i feel you. i was literally sweating in my room earlier. i live in new york. this is some bullshit.
for real im in philly, this has never happened before. Im not in the christmas spirit at all

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Where my techninjas at ?
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File: nikelab-acg-04-960x640.jpg (193KB, 960x640px)Image search: [Google]
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Just received my acg cargos, will post pic later, eventually.
Fuck off weeb.
>dissin techwear aesthetic
>thinking he knows about fashion

>tfw 5'10 with a 29 inseam

is there a worse feeling?
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>Dreamt of being as cool as DIO
>Inreality just around POLNAREFU
>tfw 6'1 with 33 inseam, 30 waist and all I ever find is pants with a 28-31 inseam
wtf? lol its so easy to find 30 x 34 or 30 x 32. Piss easy. Its even possible to find 30 x 36

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pic is mine.
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you should learn how to wear a watch correctly, just in case someone should think you look like more of a cunt than you already do.
That watch is too nice for a NATO, for fuck's sake. Do the watch some justice and put it on a regular leather band. If you insist on wearing something rugged and waterproof, go look for a composite strap. Otherwise, stop wearing your watch like a cunt.
shit. teach me how to not wear a watch like a cunt please.

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You looked autastic in gothninja. You looked homosexual in pastelcore. You looked like you use Reddit with backpackercore.

Is Future gonna be the next fashion wave for you to fail to get a good fit in?
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future people can't spell
"future" what the fuck are you retarded

cyberpunk, and techwear has been around for a min, idiot
What the fuck is backpackercore

So Kanye ripped off both Peter Saville and Raf Simons...

pic related is the original painting
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File: 808s_POSTER_1_jsv6al.jpg (98KB, 680x680px)Image search: [Google]
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and this is the kanye version
and ofc he had to put it on a hoodie aswell

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How the fuck can i get my Calves smaller. they are 15 inches.

the main reason is because my legs look stupid in certain jeans. also am very skinny but for some fucked up reason i have big calves.
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what you do to get bigger calves
tell me to avoid it
if you work out your calves, maybe try not to work on them as much? if you don't, it's just genetics man
Is that an English sentence?

ITT: Fashion Gods
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heyy you guise~ =^_^=

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