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where can i cop unstructured caps like these?
flatbrims works too as long as its not a snapback, will dumb more photos
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jack daniels khaki baseball.jpg
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spitfire classic.jpg
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vintage camel.jpg
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i dont have any cop sources for these caps, couldnt find much through google image search either

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Old >>10689172

>runway boners

>Geobaskets/Creepers/Ramone Boots
Go 1/2 or 1 size down from your TTS

>Ramones/Tech Runners
Either TTS or down 1/2 depending on the shape of your foot

>Elasticated Pants/Drawstring Pants
Size down

>>>TRY before you BUY<<

>Interesting instagrams (add to guys)

P.S. - if your gonna shitpost please hang around to talk about what kind of clothes you wear/enjoy.

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These are in the mail. Went with white sole and toecap instead of all black. I'd never get chucks like that, but I wanted the all the bells and whistles on these. Still unsure about the weird synthetic material, but the texture of the og canvas kind of bugs me and the waxed canvas didn't make it to the end of season poor person toyotathon.
What do the soles on rick shoes feel like? Asking cause I recently saw a pair of adidas in a store with similar sawtooth soles that looked very similar from photos of rick except that they felt like eraser rubber.
to walk in or to the touch? They're just rubber. Not as durable as the leather upper, obviously, but don't wear away THAT quickly.

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Songs must be aestheic in sound and video
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this is not effay what the shit

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what does /fa/ think of Care Tags? Theyre another fashion forum similar to /fa/ if you didnt know. A few cross posters but it seems that caretags dislikes people from /fa/..
pic related

which is better?
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If a site has usernames it's immediately shit and a circle jerk, so no, I won't visit that shit hole
yea good thing 4chan is never a circlejerk
>i can't anonymously argue with people
>if i have a username people will be able to form an opinion of me
>muh self worth

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Thinking about buying a pair but I want to see some on feet
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It's shit.
I have retro boosts and q r boosts, which do you wanna see on foot

>indian friend takes me to costco
>don't know anything about costco except it has a lot of stuff
>walk by clothing isles, expecting to giggle at the costco-tier clothes
>wind up buying 2 of these sweaters for $20 each
>three nice flannel for $15 each

So apparently I've been wasting my $$ on brand-recognition. These clothes fit me, they seem relatively durable, they feel nice, and they're plain (my style).

What other stores have cheap clothes that aren't bad like costco?
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Costco stocks Tommy tees, socks and underwear for cheap which I love. SOME hm is good, other is crap. E.g. I wore my sweatpants from there 4 times and the drawstring is frayed, but I have tees and flannrls that have lasted me over a year for like 5-10 a pop

Hanes is good for undershirts

What does /fa/ think of scarves for men? Gay or classy?
Also, do you prefer them to have fringe or no fringe?
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i use them for warmth

cashmere, NO fringe
the only men I've ever seen wearing scarves have been flamboyantly gay

I live in a big hipster city and not even they wear em hear anymore

sorry friends, too much drinking alone, it's my birthday though, so it's okay

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Thanks for sharing this new funny image! Ha Ha!
Black Dennis the menace
>can i play too big bro!

Just copped these motherfuckers with the quickness, gonna stunt on all ya'll bitches and fuck your bitch in my gucci flip flops
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breh do you even ball?
File: IMG_6932.jpg (2MB, 2448x3264px)Image search: [Google]
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bruh i be ballin with the all beach print 5-panel
I think the 11s look alright but my favorites are the 1s & 7s

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me haircut epic.jpg
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redpill me

my haircut

it is alpha??

or no

i get qt if she sees?

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i beg on hte floor
Learn how to fucking type first.
File: me platinum.jpg (7KB, 300x400px)Image search: [Google]
me platinum.jpg
7KB, 300x400px

you are jealous

beause i am alpha?

You gonna cop a pair of the Black Yeezy 750?
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embarrassing, delete thread

I dont like the black sole but I think I am still going to cop
how many zipper defects this time guys?

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SENPAI I just got back home I'm watching how I met your mother I'm drunk sorta at the moment. I'm wearing a suit does anyone have end of the night suit inspo
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I did not mean to say senpai that was not intentional

your fucking retarded dude

* cums on face*
Nice dubs anon

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post ur shit here
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File: hqdefault.jpg (13KB, 480x360px)Image search: [Google]
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How the fuck do you keep your face this way at a low BF? When I was younger and weighted 100 lbs I looked like an AIDS pacient.
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keep it what way? she looks disgusting. i'm confused what you're trying to achieve
I'm not trying to achieve this I'm just curious how she kept her face full at a low weight/BF.
File: 20141110_111241.jpg (2MB, 4160x2340px)Image search: [Google]
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It naturally happens to those with anorsexya (or man-whore-sexy-ya).

Due to swelling of the parotid glands (in your cheeks), it's called "sialadenosis". Google it.

Trust me I am doctor.

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please senpai
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they're not Rafs

Maybe Lanvin or Prada?
not op
they might be rafs, there was a similar pair on spenceclothing but in blue, they were on sale for around 200 euros
seriously what are these?

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