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What is /fa/'s thought on dr martens and when are dr martens appropriate to wear?
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Shitty leather
fa approves
Yellow stitching makes you look like a tumblr girl
Monos are /fa/
If you like the off colored sole, black out the stitching
Nappa leather docs > black > black smooth

I personally own Nappa 1461s with shoe polish on the stitching for work in a restaurant. They're surprisingly comfy, don't smell like shit after multiple shifts, and look better with wear.

Docs are nice casually with slim black slacks and shit, but I wouldn't wear them to a real job or anything.

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I'm new to this board. Came here because I don't want to look like a faggot anymore. I like the way punk bands look but I don't know where to start. Can you guys help me? Pic Related
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Don't dress like that
In the local Hardcore and Punk scene in Richmond everyone goes out in Docs, Simple T Shirts, Nice fitting Jackets(Avoid patches unless its a back patch)
Hair follows whatever is in /fa/ style for the most part but you can never go wrong with just shaving it all off
Girls and Beatdown Jocks also dig high priced athletic wear via Adidas/Nike
A few dudes and chicks rock Fred Perry which looks good if you have the build but disgusting otherwise
What bands do you like
It seems quite simple actually.

>Hair follows whatever is in /fa/ style for the most part but you can never go wrong with just shaving it all off

I have long hair. 2 years letting it grow won't let me shave it. But I guess long hair does fit in this style.

>A few dudes and chicks rock Fred Perry which looks good if you have the build but disgusting otherwise

I'm thin but my skin is not the palest.

>What bands do you like
Ratos de Porão (pic). Sex Pistols and The Strokes also look quite good imo. Ramones too, but I don't want to dress exactly like them. I feel I could do something similar though.
>I'm thin but my skin is not the palest.

pic related

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>all black shoes
>best at anything
Either Velcro Memes or the runner-up Qasas
stan smith primeknit

Casual wear shoes that looks a little stylish?
Was thinking of chelsea shoes or desert shoes? What you guys think?

>pic related
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I like Chelsea boots for casual a lot. I wear a pair of rm Williams on most days, paired with denim it's pretty perfect.
I'd personally go for desert boots over chelseas, but both are perfectly good. If you do decide to go for chelseas, avoid the super high heeled slp copies.

chelsea boots are gorgeous but I read on highsnobiety that they are the new hot thing so you might see a lot of fuckbois wearing the same shit as you do if you do pick them.

hey what advice would you give to a girl who's ugly as fuck and doesn't like wearing dresses? thanks papa bless
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Are you asking for your kidnap victim?
no for myself thanks
color your hair and dress like grimes

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Alright y'all there's no way I'm the only one here who wears cowboy boots. I see meme clown shoe shit like iron Rangers and thousand mile boots all the time but no cowboy boots even though they're far more versatile. Report in if you wear em, post inspo. Cowboy boot thread y'all!
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I wear crocodile skin lucchese classics, not gonna find a pic cause I'm lazy
amradillo reporting in

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manbun didn't work. forehead to big. hairline too far back. What else can I do?
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bask in the glory of forehead
smile :D
you look kinda like simon pegg

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He stole the king's look.
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i dont dress like that though
sup shia
Nah man that doesnt even come close to our lords fits. This is embarassing

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What are the ideal facial and body features for a male. Not height, everyone knows 6'+ is ideal, things like jawline and cheekbones. What else are ideal traits. Inb4 fit because that's not what this thread is about.
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Everybody's different. Just b yourself.
Ugh. I'm more looking for what features are considered attractive. Not changeable features though.
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what are some /fa/ names for a female dog? just got a lab/husky mix thats mostly black with some brown on underside
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sissy bitch

For real though, are they even practical anymore? Other than just sitting there and looking pretty does it make any sense to wear these things?
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>asks if watch is practical
>watches tell you the time
>implying that knowing what time it is not practical
>top kek
A $600 way to tell you what your cell phone already can.
Watches are just accessories now, unless you're too lazy to take your phone out of your pocket or you live in a bad city where taking your phone out of your pocket=being stabbed, then they serve a purpose
You do realize you can just look at your fucking phone for that right?

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Is palewave normie yet?
What is the next iteration in term of shape and colors?
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I think /fa/ would like to venture into the even more extreme version which is loosewave?
the unironic use of -wave is the cancer killing /fa/
Just googled it.
Pale is chill
Loose is bloated and cringy.

Can you tell me other roads to explore? I'm kinda new to the hype and I don't want to finish like a walking meme.

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Post your favourite and why.

She's a coder, she studying at uni whilst also running a youtube channel and doing super model work, she's pure and sweet, she has a great runway walk.
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why fawn over girls you will never be with? quite sad

HTML/CSS isnt programming
seriously. so fucking stupid
just post fits and we'll judge, i dont care about her life

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What no show socks does /FA/ wear with CPs?
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well....i don't wear common projects because i know what pussy feels like
Nice one.
not really to be honest

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tumblr looking girls.jpg
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You know who I'm talking about. The ones who

>smoke cigarettes to look cool edgy
>see shitty garage punk shows through their phone cameras to post pics of on Instagram
>have at least once dyed their hair blue or pink, probably have a tattoo as well
>browse tumblr
>listen to mainstream pop punk / emo, meme rap, whatever burger records puts out

I don't know if they are an exclusively southern California phenomenon but goddamn I want to fuck one. How do I dress to make them think I'm cool?
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All over SF / East bay also
I'm thinking kuk martens, a denim jacket, tea shades to start out with.

Inspo would be appreciated
Try your best to look and act like Kurt Cobain, drugs are a must.

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