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Yo /fa, can any of you help to ID this jacket?
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its undercover
Which collection tho?
Which collection tho? Lmao oops

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This is kuckcore. Being a suburban middle class white kid dressing like your favorite rapper is the epitome of kuck culture.
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spotted the self hating cück
i see 4 keks there
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This is not kuckcore. This is dressing like a upper middle class teenager with style.

Stop being a nigger.

hey /fa/
i want a pair of Nikes. something for a street look, so many jordans or something. any ideas? thanks
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something like these for example
price range is up to $400
help me senpai

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One of dang Laotian talkie inspo threads
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osomatsu my shit
ichi is the most /fa/
what is this show?
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alpha m.jpg
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Hey anons, Im kind of new to /fa/ and wanted to start changing my appearance. I recently start watching alpha m. on youtube and was wondering if his channel was a good place to start.
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Alpha male is typically for dads or older people that are seeking fashion advice because there wives are sick of them looking like shit in public. I would start by browsing all of the good fashion forums, (FA/Zeitgeist/Sufu) and find a look that you like the most and fits your personality the best. Build off of that.
not even once.

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Beanie inspo?
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w2c a beanie like that? I have a very small head
I wouldn't call some creepy trench coat masturbator who's hiding in the woods inspo....
not op but talkshit post fit faggot

I've just got an invitation to join in one model agency which is quite big in a country where I live, so I'm going over there in few days so they can check me out.
This is my first time doing anything for these kinds of things, so, does anyone have any tips ?
I'm male btw and I've followed fashion for like a long time, not a total beginner for fashion and shit, just for this model thing.

I'd appreciate any help, thanks !
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post pic
Picture of what ?
Of yourself.

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Is this desk I designed effay?
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nope, an neither are the carpet and the wall color
>nope, an neither are the carpet and the wall color
everything gives the "really cheap american cubicle" feeling

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What are some hairstyles that will always look pretty good regardless of what is popular at the time.
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No.3, The Schrute
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long hair.jpg
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long hair is MOST TIMELESS

been in style since the dawn of time

ancient anglo saxons and other germanic societies were proud of long hair tbqh, it's the superior hair style

side part?

what kinda style is this and how do I into it
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it's cali bro and you adopt a care free attitude, smoke weed, take up a board sport or 2 and wear similar clothing.
be into fucking the same sex
literally all there is to that style

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A friend gave me a $50 giftcard to huckberry, what should I buy? The stuff on here doesn't really fit my style. It's too workwear-ish
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This sweet flashlight
don't really need a flashlight when I have my iphone light.

sort of partial to one of their explorer shirt
Why do none of the links on their site fucking work?

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>ywn be a model
>ywn go on model adventures
how does /fa/ deal with this feel?
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>tfw I'll be a model in a year, gotta finish school first
not sure why /fa/ is so oddly obsessed with modeling and models, it's not nearly as interesting as you think it is

that's because you don't model the right things

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I know H&M clothes have some bad rep here but how bad can they be?
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the jeans are good

fabric is super thin cheap and gross looking, fit is ridiculously tight, rise is hilariously tiny
I have 2 pairs of their slim chinos, they are p.good

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Yo fgts,

I'll be in London this christmas and I was wondering if any of you know any sick boutiques/shops I could visit while I am there.
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Sports Direct
don't go to london, it's a black, muslim and paki infested shithole. go to northern england like newcastle or cumbria, its cosy tbqh

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Straight male here. I'm thinking of getting a new backpack what do you guys think of the Fjällräven Kånken backpack?
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too small to be practical
Gay male here
Depends on what you'll be using it for
It looks alright but it's a bit played out where I live
If you're going Fjallraven get the Rucksack, it's at least big enough to be usable in everyday life.

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