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I have nice clothes and nice things but I just buy shit to numb how empty I feel inside. I don't want to feel empty anymore
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it seems you need a gf
cop an ugly gf and u its kl cause you're just 'doing a shia'
It will take time and willpower, but here is how I fixed myself:
- didn't skip any uni class
- studied regularly
- stopped going to malls completely
- stopped using social media, limited myself as much as possible, stopped posting stuff on instagram
- stopped eating fast food
- stopped drinking soda, I drank it every day, now it's like maybe 1 time per week
- stopped watching porn, started fapping less, don't go full no fap mode, fap once per week
- stretch after I wake up for 10 minutes and take a cold shower after that, I didn't start getting /fit/, but that would help as well

I've been doing this for the last few month and I'm feeling better, I don't know in what situation you're in, but I live a very unhealthy lifestyle so little changes helped me.

Quitting social media and not procrastinating my studying has helped me the most. I'd advise everyone to stop using social media.

Btw tell me your age and what troubles you, I'm interested.

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Thoughts on Gildan plain hoodies?
Can they be /fa/?
What are the most /fa/ colors?
I bought one a few weeks ago and the quality has been great after 2 washes.

They're on sale for $15 on Amazon right now too

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my guy, it's a solid coloured hoodie
If you want the safe route.


They're okay. Good for when you want a basic fit.
i have a black one
pulled the drawstrings out
pretty good for £8

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Will anyone care/could I get into trouble if I wear a police patch if
-I'm college aged
-I live in a different country, let alone city, from the clearly stated police force
-I'm not dressed at all like a cop
-I'm wearing police badges for multiple cities
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can you explain why you want to wear it in the first place?
No I've had a police patch of my hometown on my backpack for about a year now and nothings happened.
I'd stay away from it regardless.
Whatever benefit you might gain from wearing it probably isn't equal to being mistaken for stolenvalor

Are nose piercings /fa/?
How can I rock that look?
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>Small nose

That's all
what about pac
no. ear piercings are the only effay piercing


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is that a Gildan hoodie
ya it is

they're on sale on amazon for like $15, quality is really good for the price desu
the pants are gross desu senpai, swap them out for a more p a l e shade? then you're good to go <3 ly bby

What are some /fa/ hobbies?
My only hobbies atm are lifting and vidya, i feel like i have too much spare time.
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Two activities that require no skill, kys.
Then you're not lifting or gaming long enough.

Running. Photography. Writing.

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Whats this style called?
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muslims shave their moustache so its not really isiscore
British paki illegal.

How do artists dress?
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pretentiously and retarded
Stem major detected.
Enjoy being poor lol.

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So,lately I'm into bomber jackets but i got no clue where to get one except Alpha industries.I don't feel like wearing way too much of nylon stuff,either having the puffy-puffy look.I'd prefer an olive one,like the one in the 6th pic,or if it's black,the one in pic 5 would be ideal.I'm into the male version of the girl's i attached style.Any suggestions?(First time posting after lurking,english not native either,dont be harsh !)
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cheap cops from any korea store lol
just get the alpha industries
>alpha industries bomber

outplayed as fuck

Planning on making a small tattoo near my side boob, under the arm pit.
Any suggestions?

*In the picture is the place where I want the tattoo. The tattoo itself is my country vernacular symbol.
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>Any suggestions?
Yeah. Don't spoil such great areas of the body with ink. Shoulderblade or arm are better placements.
Tattoos are pretty pointless.

They never add anything better to the body, and often take away that which made it nice in the first place.

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itt:post your shoe collection and rate others
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meme shoes lmao you are the definition of a fucc boi
le call everything a meme meme
you have every popular shoes out, no sense of style you are just a fucc boi that buys meme shoes that you find popular on tumblr

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Is the clear glasses trend effay? Does anyone know where I can buy some like these?
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I like the way it looks but I feel like I can never make it work for me since i'm hispanic
This is now a tumblr qt thread
hey senpai, I bought mine from eyebuydirect.com. They have several clear round frames, ranging around $70, but I bought the $9 one especially. They're pretty good.

Here's mine: https://www.eyebuydirect.com/prescription-glasses/plastic-eyeglasses-sea-breeze-clear-white-p-16287

But if you have the money and you want to spend on something wholesome, just get some moscots or something.

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Literally how the fuck did this happen?
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Lack of dignity, and laziness.
Oh shut up. 4 people cannot represent an entire generation.
a combination of laziness and clothing just becoming plain ugly over the years

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hi /fa/.

I'm a normally introverted but decided on a whim to go to a club tonight.

What the fuck do people wear to clubs?
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tight dresses, specially if you are a man
It's not too late.
Don't fucking go.

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Hey guys

I m getting married in January next year. I would like to wear something unusual but formal. The wedding will be an evening ceromony. I am planning to wear what is known as "Altrrnative Court Dress". Do you guys think this will be appropriate? Considering some people wear flip-flops in their beach weddings this shiuld not be such a big deal.

Pic related : This is what I am planing to wear.
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Looks too formal
The glasses kill it. You gotta pince-nez that shit.
bottom half is disgusting

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