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What's a good haircut for a person who has been too lazy to go get his hair cut for over 6 months and is now being forced by his mom?

It's also thick and straight and almost shoulder length.

Pic kinda related, look similar to him.
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No manbun.
>now being forced by his mom
She says I need a haircut and go out more lmao

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there is some stuff i want my brothers and sisters to know on /fa/ in regards to the effects of influence and manipulation upon them romantically, sexually, and in everyday society

quite often various shills respond to these types of posts. i think it's important to recognize the negative health and psychological effects of the fashion and entertainment industry on the minds of people, especially young people

^this is the most important link i would want someone from /fa/ to look at, and sometimes you might think why people on /fa/ or on 4chan or on the internet are so evil and hateful to others, especially those who are most unable to defend themselves and susceptible

this should answer some of these questions


basically i think that people like us on /fa/ who are connected to the internet are the most vulnerable, susceptible, and victimized types of folks around and victims of many evils of influence and confusion

i can post links all day and shils can respond and whatnot but when you devote your life to materialism and it corrupts your perception, you become victims of other people's private interests. i don't hate fashion, i hate the people who usurp and corrupt and influence innocent people

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credit goes to the words of an anon from /x/ who summed it up:

>>Mind control centralizes around the science of exploiting, manipulating and programming the primal structures of the mind, the primal fears and desires. One methodology of mind control is based in the application of trauma, to program a mind by force in a Pavlovian fashion. Advertising and mass media is the first line of brainwash we all receive by default, targeting the identity of individuals, changing their existential views and making them all conform to the cues put in the media and on sign boards all around them. The effect of the media itself is hypnotic in practice, it influences the content of most peoples thoughts. They control every angle of 'public opinion' with newscasters, religious authorities, celebrities and counter-culture figures, who are heavily incentivized to push the brainwash narratives. Through this process public opinion becomes their synthetic creation. In the end, the mind controllers can direct mass opinions according to their will, they can direct human momentum and use its energy in all its dynamism. Through the centuries the kingships and their mind controlling wizard henchmen have advanced their techniques. The internet is the new mind control frontier with interfaces sucking in minds gathering all their data to predict exact trends while destroying attention-spans, intelligence and awareness of reality.

it may be more or less extreme
go away, stupid nigger

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75% off of pretty much everything

what are you guys gonna buy?

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thanks reddit. God you guys are so late
Very helpful actually, thanks.

Just copped a sweater I had been eyeing for a while since they didn't actually have a sale on Black Friday. Last one in my size too.
Jcrew has a bunch of stuff at 40% off too

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Is there such thing as /fa/ approved Porn?
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you disgust me
Probably some softcore gay porn
just masturbate to what you like you insecure piece of shit

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Can we get a guidi thread going? looking for some inspo for them as getting bored of just wearing slim denim with them all the time.

Ideally i'm looking for a charcoal/black wool slightly baggy pant that can be cuffed with backzips.

Been looking at a few designers like, Paul harnden, yyph, cdg, elena dawson, label under construction, lumen et umbra - some of which were reccommended by some guy in another thread and they all seem to be along the same vein but not exactly what i'm after


also guidi general and stuff
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nice guidis tb h

is there any brand that is more gypsycore than Philipp Plein?

I mean why the fuck does something like this even exsist and does anyone actually think they can pull it off? Not even filthy rich niggers can't pull it off and let alone gypsies and wannabe fuckbois who buy fake ones

This is bigger cancer than that versace/givenchy aesthetics
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Ed Hardy
nah some of it still looks wearable PP on the other hand is like something you would buy in new yorker 8 years ago

going to a wedding tomorrow
gf was being a stressed out bitch and would not tell me what she's wearing or give me any advice on what I should wear

what ridiculous color combo can I wear to troll her without looking like I'm a colorblind clown?

pic related
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just wear full rick

seriously have no idea what that is but I like the name

please elaborate
Just wear a dress like her that would totally throw her off!

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What would you do to "fix" this man
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Nothing, he is perfect

are we /fa/ or na
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nice trips

shit fashion

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Short or long?
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Diggin' short but there are differences in photo quality that could be clouding judgement. Also, can barely tell where the long hair ends because of lack of contrast with shirt.
kil yoursef
Short. I suggest not tucking that left part of your hair back due to your round face shape.

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How's called of her hairstyle?
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Say "just fuk me up senpai" to the hairdresser you must
really, do you want to play that geemu, annon-chan?
don't get that hairstyle unless you're asian or similar genes

Green, black or neither?
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Black looks pretty sick. I know nothing about it's quality though
Why not both :^)
They're both quite nice, depends on how you want to style them.

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How do I be Ian Connor?
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/r/streetwear please leave
dont wash your face and dickride rappers
jesus he looks so disgusting, how can anybody defend this manchild

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Let's say you have an unlimited amount of money to purchase and furnish a place of your choosing.

- Where would you live?
- House? Penthouse? Townhome? (etc.)
- What style do you shoot for?
- What, if any, weird features would it have?

To start on my own:

>- Where would you live?
The outskirts of a major city, no further than ~5 minutes away.

>- House? Penthouse? Townhome? (etc.)
Penthouse - that is, the entire top floor of a skyscraper.

>- What style do you shoot for?
A hybridization of modernity and oldschool traditional. Lots of dark cherry wood and stuff like that, just without the silly frills.

>- What, if any, weird features would it have?

I'd definitely want some sort of private gym attached to the thing, with top-tier heavy-ass weight lifting equipment and even asinine shit like a studio for plyo/stretching/fucking around.
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I'll reply to this because I admire you Patrick
>Apartment with a good view of the skyline, in Cambridge
>None, I want a normal place.
File: image.jpg (243KB, 1200x675px)Image search: [Google]
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>NYC the greatest city in the universe
>penthouse duh top of the tower senpai
>I'd have a couple of friends over to graffiti the walls and just give it an urban outfitters ambiance, oh and parties every friday :^)
>- Where would you live?
>>- House? Penthouse? Townhome? (etc.)
Cozy penthouse place where I can see the bay and Stanley Park

>What style do you shoot for?
Probably something similar to OP

>- What, if any, weird features would it have?
20ft of enclosed glass coming off the one end that I can walk out towards. Probably facing stanley park so I can walk out and see the landscape below from a different perspective.

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Is Uniqlo actually a good store for poorfags or are they just a meme? Somewhere in between?
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Uniqlo is top tier for poorfags. Material is quite comfy and decent and style wise they're very basic and versatile. You'd probably be better dressed than most people.
Any particular items you'd recommend? I'm missing most essentials.
Assuming you're a guy, I'll let someone else take place and give recommendations, but their supima cotton shirts are very comfy and I think they're good for the price.

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