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Quick! What are some clean shoes I can cop for under $150?
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No where, hahaha.

Cop some Roshit runs faggot
Don't be a bitch, I'm on a budget
>under $150?
Literally anywhere unless you're buying designer shit

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Hey guys, I want to start smoking cigarettes for my aesthetic. I think it would go great together. Marlboros or Newports?
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please stop
HAHAHA, did you buy those with your lunch money? You have to be still in high school to think smoking will instantly make you cool. Smoking is effay but being a smoker is not.

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I can't remember the name of these boots, can someone help me out?
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nike sfb
nice dgn
w2c that sweatshirt

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dancing is my dudu.jpg
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hey /fa/ggots what are this kind of girls called? art school hipsters>
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white girls with daddy issues
art school girls are usually more edgy, she looks pretty average
i'm a male with "daddy issues" does that mean i have enough in common with a girl like her to date her type?

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Are Chipmunk and Stormzy /fa/?

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no you fucking roadman
fuck off david

Specifically, fast food employees.
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I sometimes wear my old benihana uniform top, pretty fuckin fresh tbqh
the baphomet loving jew coffee kek
I start working at Starbucks Amsterdam in Januari, i need to buy all black shoes. Any recommendations for shoes? They need to be all black, and i want to spend a maximum of 100 euros

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sb sale.png
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>Yeezy s1 fur coat 2000$
>RO Flight Jacket 900$
File: avatar_1_1426161691.png (33KB, 140x122px)Image search: [Google]
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>>SLP Banned 1's sold out in wearable sizes
Damnnnn lots of good stuff. CPs bball lows for under $200 shipped along with lots of margielas. Some ricks if you have big feet, damn damn damn

Can't buy anymore shoes tho, so I'm waiting for sales for actual clothes. sneakerboy only has hype clothes, nothing really good

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How do I kill my hunger without eating food? What's your slim secret?
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look at yourself in the mirror
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Smoke a bong each time you're hungry. Worked wonders for a friend of mine. Will give you other problems though

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Tattoo general
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File: qwasdfkkkll.jpg (14KB, 236x307px)Image search: [Google]
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Rate my shoes, /fa/
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whats that brand of shoe called?

File: 03-AsapRocky-3[1].jpg (2MB, 1900x1233px)Image search: [Google]
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What are some ways to pull off streetwear with a dressier side?

Hybrid fit inspo/A$AP Rocky General, I guess
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he isnt pulling that off
are you kidding me? it looks sick as hell

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What are your go to jeans? Looking for suggestions

>current favorites are Lucky 221 original straight
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I usually get nudie grim tims. I just wait till they go on sale or wait till I get a coupon for nordstrom or something
I like those as well, not too baggy, not too skinny. A cheaper option are the Lee Modern fit straight L342. Similar fit to the 221s, and look good also. Not the typical Lee dad jean, sort of like Levis 505s.
Those look nice man, thanks.

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Which university is the most effay?
I vote nyu because
>over priced
>over hyped
very effay
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Ivies and small rich private schools are most effay because you can look down on people who went to public universities.
In terms of actual fashion? It depends.

On one hand, you have places that have rich people who blow a lot on fashion but that may not be particular geniuses. I'm sure you'd find a lot of these places in the south - Vanderbilt comes to mind as a likely candidate.

On the other hand, if you're going for pure money and power, I suppose the ivies and various NYC universities may be an option, but that's really not the case anymore. The ivy I went to had extremely fashionable people, sure, but a lot of people were just hard working nerds who got themselves there through sheer force of will. The latter group was generally well dressed but not particularly fashionable.
this type of thread needs to be banned desu
that being said, columbia forever will be the most effay university
>what else do you need to know

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>mfw people pay ~$400 to wear clown shoes
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its just your perception bro, if there were no clowns then you wouldn't know what clowns were
just like if there wasn't no rick owens there wouldn't be geobaskets
>says mfw
>posts a pic of shoes

Is that your face ya dingus?
mostly reddit

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Is anyone else bored by fashion?

I hate my wardrobe. I hate all of my clothes. They're so boring. But what I hate more than that is high street fashion. Everyone and everything is the same. You go on here and people are wearing shorts and t-shirts and shirts and trousers and although it looks good (for some) it's just the same as what everyone else can wear. There's no individuality, no nothing.

I know the solution you'll tell me. Wear high fashion; go on Grailed and get some standout pieces. Slight problem, I can't afford any! For example, pic related is a very nice pair of trousers on Grailed. Different from other things I've seen. But I couldn't afford it, it's been sold, and now I'm stuck with normal trousers. (If anyone knows of any similar looking trousers, hmu).

I'm stuck really. I hate affordable/mainstream clothes but I can't afford the things that really appeal to me due to the cost.

I've thought about experimenting with women's clothes, since they are a lot more exciting, but I don't even know where to start or how this would work.

What can I do to spice up my wardrobe? Any help?
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welcome to consumerism
rich people have better things
accept it
I realized that people who are into fashion have an atrocious personality and are usually faggots (not necessarily gay but they're faggots)
why don't you learn to create clothing yourself, those trousers wood probably quite easy to copy if you wanted a pair, or design something totally different

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