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itt: Post effay cities
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Pick one
its really only effay if youre in/around downtown dallas
Nigga its all about that somber, depressing midwest hick town struggle where you will never be able to show off your effay fits to anyone but inbred hicks

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>tfw ugly
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Are you average - 5/10 or actually ugly?

Lose weight desu
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>tfw none of the parts of your face on their own are ugly but everythings just fucking placed wrong

my low eye height and my mouth being close to my nose really kills me
because I cant even fix that with surgery

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IMG_1381 copy.jpg
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Post your opinions, advice, where to cop, rate others etc...
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Very nice boots
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w2c top right
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i really like converse

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Is it too early? edition

>Post stores that have sales right now
>Talk about stores whose sales your waiting for/anticipating
>Request information on sales
>Post pristine sale cops
>Contribute to OP's shitty list

The sales I can think of off the top of my head are

>END's pre-sale --- 25% off, use code SALEPREVIEW
>H&M have started their sales, online only for the moment

Whatcha gonna cop?
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Op here, I'm looking to cop this beauty.

So starts the everlasting inner battle between cop now and maybe spend more money, and risk to lose your item before a bigger discount comes up.

Thinking about getting some new socks and a new shirt/knit too.
Poorfag pls go
Very masculine. Would cop.

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Post em.
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Got CP Vintage Highs. (43EU)
Googi Sweater. (Large)
Our Legacy Tech Pullover. (Medium)
Camel Cigarettes jacket. I can post more pics.
offer me
looks cool as shit dude how much

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Also general hair inspo
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Seems like an easy ass style OP
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I never asked ?

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Anyone else blind as fuck?

What glasses are you wearing?
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Last thread 300+ >>10692050
BBC perfume documentary (part 1 of 3):
general info
various fragrance communities/review sites
w2c samples
on DIY fragrances
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For anyone looking for fragrance suggestions, give as much information as possible about what you want.

Helpful info could include sex, price range, climate/season, use (work/clubbing/etc.), notes/families you like/dislike, and other perfumes you've tried and liked/disliked.
Nothing smells like D&G The One. The smell is pretty unique you just have to deal with the shit projection and longevity
Some other Anons have mentioned wanting an infograph or working on one themselves, so here's a simple survey asking for you recs and favorites to include, and I may get around to making one myself; the most popular scents, meme or not, will be included.


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No comfy thinspo thread?! Let's fix that.

/thinspo/ general

FAQ/glossary/links: http://hastebin.com/raw/qanedewaki

How are you doing through these holidays? What are your goals? Also pls post some female thinspo in addition to the guys pls...
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File: image.jpg (131KB, 750x734px)Image search: [Google]
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Onyx/black stud earrings for males

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Should probably note I'm 18 so they're probably more permissible than for a 20-something year old
Are you gay brah?
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pinky ring.jpg
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speaking of onyx, how does /fa/ feel about this pinky ring. I'm trying to go ultimate flex mode with this and a rolex

Will regular fit ever really really come back?

Bought some regular fit faded glory jeans today for 10 bucks with the intention of taking them in a bit, but I have to say it feels great to feel completely unrestricted by my jeans. Been wearing 510's for years (they're not skin tight on me) and I feel like I've grown out of the whole tight jean thing. All my 510's are starting to get holes or fall apart.

I think these faded glory jeans would be perfect with a very slight taper and a hem.
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>buying baggy as fuck jeans
>hoping to take them in so much that they look semi-normal

Being poor is no excuse for not doing your homework retard.
I bought them to experiment, I'm not actually that desperate for usable pants.
If I can buy $10 jeans and make them look good with a little sewing I see no reason not too. I've done it before while thrifting.
I will tell you exactly when regular (or straight) fit jeans will come back: when you turn 25-30. At some point skinny jeans and street wear just look ridiculous.

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Does wearing this make you a racist?
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Yes. Everything german is racist you stupid goy.
Germany is being such a cuck nation right now
i think polizei is the german word for nazi so yeah

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Copped the meme boots at Marshalls today for 40 bucks. Comfy, but how come they make a weird plastic-y sound when I walk in em?
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Gotta break em in, it stopped for me after a week or two and then they got really comfy.
That's awesome to hear. I was stoked they actually had em. I went 2 weeks ago and they didn't have any.
Yea they really are great boots, perfect fit once i broke them in. The khaki looks real good when theyre a little worn and dirty. Just copped a second pair from marahalls for 40 too, probably gonna re sell them and make a little cash but i dont know if i can let go of them haha

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I can't be the only one on this board who thinks that most of what Rick Owens produces is genuine shit. Lets get a thread going of designers who are better than Rick Owens.
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Exhibit A: Raf Simons. Classic fashion designer. Didn't at one point date an Avant Garde BDSM photographer.
But why does it effect you "that most of what Rick Owens produces is genuine shit" why don't you just focus on what you enjoy?

> fa
> extremely critical, aggressive, judgemental, spiteful about everything

> rick gets criticised
> yo dude why you gotta be like that each to their own man

Yeah okay you are right, but its possible to TALK about why you don't like rick as well

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Just ordered my a stylish hoodie. I'll be the coolest MF in graphic design school. What u fucks think?
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straight fire senpai
This is bait and you know it, /fa/. Resist the urge.

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