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Where to shop in Portland, Oregon? I've been here before but i haven't shopped at many places that aren't on hawthorn or downtown.
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Fucking disgusting Reddit ass city Portland is don't shop there unless you want to look like all you do all day is browse Reddit on a macbook stating that Steve Jobs was a genius and that big bang theory is your favorite show second only to master of none

please seek help
Go to goodwills across town. Seriously, that's all there is to do.

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this shirt is hecking cool and i want
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heck yea my dude
i didnt ask ur fucking opinion retard i just want to buy it
cool your pool my man

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How effay is my new ink?
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I hope u get AIDs from that needle used to put that shit ink in your skin
Trashy car decal core
not at all

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Wallet thread. Lastone gone.
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Sorry guys, dont have enought time yesterday, but now some update.
Im leather-kun from those thread >>10731750

So i diceded with logo(pickrelated, mb with little fix later) and get close to chosing a name
Applicants are:
Hidden fox
Slim fox
Animal spirit
Now vote. Please. I need this to decide.
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Ill bump with old photos
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Prepcore General:

Here we are fellas
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Anyone knows where can I get one of these? Not just an anime/manga T-shirt. But the ones with linearts or black and white.
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images (14).jpg
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Or this
something like redbubble would have them
tho i have no idea how the quality is

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>tfw no money to buy actual nice looking clothes
>tfw sad about everything and life has no meaning
>tfw incredibly average grill face
>tfw no boys are interested in me at all
>tfw will never be skelly
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be my gf
At least your not a short male!
>Want to cop pair of boots but no money cuz Christmas
>Fucking killer deal as well

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Just got a jean jacket for the first time and I have no idea how to dress with it. Can I have some /inspo/ ?
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You.... Fuck... Just.... Put it on
I also just got a jean jacket and have no clue how to dress with it.
Im on the same boat. I guess wearing a plain black/red shirt with all stars of the same color and denim jeans pants would do it. It looks good on me at least.

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>what /fa/ thinks they look like
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>what /fa/ actually dresses like
Both pictures are retarded. Is that the point, you fucking chink
these fits look great actually, very close to many of my fits

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panties over or under the garter and its straps?
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no panties with garter,

panties just ruin the appeal
Over = can be removed and keep the garter belt on for fucking

Under = The right way, as far as I understand it
don't you think that's a little gay

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Which one should I pick ?
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I have the ones on the right. They comfy af
Bottom left or right

the only thing that could bother me a little is the worn stain on the bottom ones, that's why i'm hesitating with the bottom and the right ones the most.

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Wear one to prom, just like jaden smith

Would cop if my size was still in stock
I prefer dolman sleeves desu

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So, Raf is back, and this is really nice to hear, im so fucking tired of this pink rafdidas shit and ugly yellow tees with bad prints. I hope next collection will include more pieces like this - this is grail, btw, one of the best of his pieces even by gar his old work. Lets discuss, why nigga dont want to make shit for niggers and /r/streetwear.
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one love
Should be cool. But ya know, fashion is about forward thinking, and for people to just shit on the new or old raf is kinda dumb. It's all about moving forward. He's been trying new stuff lately, and I don't like it either, but you have to try new things as a designer.
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Please stop being cu.cks about raf pieces this bomber is The raf x helmut ling lang exclusive 1 of 1 and I have It....
>Ling lang is back

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Are you supposed to size up with sweaters?
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I do so they don't ride up my back. Baggy sweaters look pretty good too so it's safe to go up a size
This is terrible advice. Unless you work at the local target no one is going to take you serious wearing a giant sweater.
You size up 1 you cuck. Large to Extra Large makes it loose so it's not fitted like a long sleeve, try it sometime

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My GF gave me some yellow timberlands for Christmas, how can I pull them off without looking like a nigger?
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you cant and your gf is probably itching to get blacked. dressing her little cuck up in nigger clothes hahaha
that's hilarious
You can't only Guido's and niggers wear that shit

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