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That feel when i will get this haircut , looks /fa/ as fuck doesn't it?
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>what you think you look like
what's with this guy's face. he looks like some kind of animal that I can't place. like I can recognize that's not ugly but idk, he creeps me out. too feminine maybe.
he'd be a more handsome dude without the faggy haircut and makeup.

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Are u as fashionable as new yorkers?

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I kinda dig the black dress
Cant stand anything made by bape to be honest, the arts cool but theres no a e s t h e t i c to it. Its just basic ass clothes with designs on them. Some of it looks like shit id see at target
Some camo patterns look good, but everything's overpriced af. Went to the bape store, my first time,and I was surprised at how expensive even their basic pieces are. The bape tees online are like $50-60 which is reasonable imo but a white sweater with "bape" on it retail for $300 wtf. The new era hats are $150+ too. I'm gonna stick to palace and supreme for my streetwear/skatewear >>10761941

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I woule like to cop a pair of 511, it would change from my usual skinny jeans, but I can't find pic related at my size, the color is Moon Stone.

Should I go for the color Lake Merrit ? Or is it too different ?
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this is the Lake Merrit color
I prefer the first ones

here's your spoon feed:

I know, that's where I've found them but my size isn't available. Should I just take them a bit larger ? I'm used of my clothes being too large since I'm a manlet

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Let's get one going, not seeing one in the catalogue

Spend those xmas bucks bb's ;)


Naked & Famous
Norse Projects
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Achilles practically brand new with minor creasing for $250 + shipping.

>grailed.com, where i used to spend that christmas cash!

hey teens get in here you'll like my shit
Is there any good places to sell/buy stuff except grailed.com ?

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Im guessing the leather sofa i've been sleeping
on is giving my jawline acne. How can I treat my breakout if its the only place I have to sleep

I already sleep with my hood on
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Change your diet, sleep on a bed.
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Excuse me baby.png
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i have an oily nose and dry skin everywhere else. i cleanse/moisturise atm and it just solves the dry skin problem, still an oily nose. what do i do?

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one of these threads
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What is this parodying?

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What is this style called and where can I cop clothing like this?

Ignore the toy sword
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that's not a toy sword it's a toy lightsaber
Darth Homosex core
just foreskin colored goofninja tbqh

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Which one Senpai?

Carhartt Ashton Bomber Vs Dickies Jacket

Carhartt averages around 200.00-300.00

Dickies jacket is 32.00
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why is the Carhartt 300 dollars - there's nothing special about it
Personally dislike quilted bombers, I'd go carhartt
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carharrt ashton blue.jpg
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holy shit, that carhartt fit pic is fucking awful. I have that one in blue and it looks much better in real life.
the arms are a colored differently on the back.

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Is CR7 /fa/ ?
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basic rich footballer outfit

rich mediterranean people -fashion is so strange

Why doesn't he wear some trousers instead of those abhorrent jeans?

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anything good here, f.a.m.?
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I've yet to find I product there I don't like. My skin is heavily influenced by the weather and since I switched to their products I have little to no issues.

My current favorite are let the good times roll and cosmetic lad.
Their fragrances are nice
Their deodorant works surprisingly well

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What yeezys should I buy, pirate black, grey or moonrock?
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Black to truly emphasise what a cuck you are.
the moonrocks are really fucking cool imo. i wouldn't recommend paying anywhere near resell for them though
Na, I got that covered

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>Post a track and rate at least one based on /fa/ness

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Anyone got a name/ID on those boxy pants?

General asian inspo/discussion thread. No korean bullshit though
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Need a name/brand for those boxy berms
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File: 1418499226898.png (601KB, 866x1310px)Image search: [Google]
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post inspo
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File: Instasize_1225213455.jpg (851KB, 1512x1512px)Image search: [Google]
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/fa/, define tumblrcore

as a grill what clothes do i need to avoid so that i don't look like i have daddy issues, etc
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Post feet
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Tweet fashion basically
Women can't look cool or good in anything, no matter what they do they always look like they are trying hard
Sure I've looked at a girl and thought she looked hot or something but never cool or interesting

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