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Can we get a general inspo thread going?
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>For the 100th time
w2c pants
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>tfw wide feet
>tfw feet will never be this narrow and not warp my stans when i wear em
cool fit though
h&m cargos. just tie the ends tightly to get the 'joggers' look

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W2C thread. None alive right now.

W2C this bomber?
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W2c pants like these?
why do you want it, theres nothing special about it.
just a dark green bomber.
You should be asking where he got that long sleeve shirt. Those glove things at the end ( dunno what they are called) looks nice.

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Let's play a game: actually rate at LEAST the blog posted above yours. Since I'm OP and don't have one above mine, I'll rate the one below, and likely rate more after that.


>urban scenery
>japan shit


>OC illustrations
>amateur animations
>some music
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Pastel shaded Japanese suburbs is so overdone
okay. are you gonna post your blog?
Idk scenery edgy clothes memes

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Lets do it boys
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jfc those shoes are aids
Is there such a thing as "affordable" techwear? I mean stuff that costs in the 100 to 400$ range rather than thousands? I'm somewhere between poorfag and richfag...

Also, does commuterwear count as techwear?
Any good stores in Toronto or Montréal to buy a good autumn coat?
I'm looking for something that's breathable, warm and highly water/wind resistant; professional/urban look (so no outdoors stuff); easy care, and high neck cover.


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Graphic T-shirt general
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all graphic shirts are shit
no exception
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Best pair of jeans you can get for $50?
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zara/bershka on sale for $5
>Canadian 50 dollar bill

So your budget is like $5 USD?
I recommend Wrangler Cowboy Cuts. Cheap, tough as fuck cotton denim, high waisted, copper hardware, the whole shebang. Fades nicely. An honorable mention to 501s but they aren't really what they used to be. They still have nice stonewashes I guess.

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s-l1600 (3).jpg
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thanks in advance. Also how do geos fit, if im regularly a size 12.5 could I possibly fit a 44.
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ask him for a pic of the tag and the back of the shoe to be sure but they look pretty legit
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Not sure how to reply to comments but here is an additional pic
Assuming you mean us12.5
>if I'm regularly a size twelve and a half could I fit a size ten?
Also don't get geos if you're bigger than like a seven. You look like a fucking clown

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nxtlvl fashion thread
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Guy on the left not that bad
Guy on the right not that bad
Guy on the left pretty bad

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rate my fit pls.
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:) at least your mom loves you
fuck you.

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Just started trying to dress well so I am new to all this. How do you transit from one style to another (or switch from no style at all to an actual style)?
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Did you read the sticky?

Lurk though inspo threads, reverse image search pics that you like, find out what style you like, learn about brands/fashion staples for your preferred style, slowly build your wardrobe, ask stupid questions in fuccboi general, profit
save money
buy on piece at a time
shit happens naturally
I did. Did you take your medicine today? What I am trying to learn is how do you make a transition the proper way. How do you change your types of clothes without looking like you're a weirdo? I mean, just suddenly change it may feel strange. Should I do it slowly? Should I go straight /fa/ right away?

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asspizza and some other niqquh got their ass whooped by Playboi Carti the other night
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lol link?
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well? fucking link it
Not OP, but here

Are these guys like 17? Sound and look like it

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I like to put pins on my leather biker jacket but the pins often seem to come unhinged. I don't want to lose any more so I'm wondering if any of you have any experience with this sort of thing and what a good solution would be towards this.
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The more material you have under the pin's bar, the more likely it is to come off.
Unless you're planning on going to shows where it might get ripped off, try grabbing less material with the pinback.
W2c that tshirt
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This is relevant to my interest.
I customize all my denim and leather.
Two biggest factors are Quality and dedication.

What is the most effay way to spend Christmas?

-One day off from minimum wage job
-cold minimalist bedroom
-drinking dark red warm mulled win, after a continental style lunch of cheeses and smoked fish
-reading Woolf in bed
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Not another one of these retarded fucking threads.
You can romanticize your shit lifestyle all you want but it won't make you happy
>You can romanticize your shit lifestyle all you want but it won't make you happy
thats effay as fuck actually

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Can anyone help me find these glasses?
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Another photo
Bump for interest. I'm white with a round face, so I could never pull this shit off, but this is some sci fi tier shit done right. I love that fashion cycles.

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I bought my boyfriend new glases (I payed for his frames) is he /fa/ now?
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Was he stung by a bee? Why are his cheeks so puffy?
Frames are cool tho good job
not until he shaves, ditches the lame ass vneck and glasses, and grows some hair on his head

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