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How will you dress when global warming hits
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I live in California, so I'm already a tusken raider.
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Also, global warming wouldn't "hit", we're living in it. This is the worse case scenario, and the climate will progressively get worse from now until the near future.
>>we're living in it
>it will get worse
>I live in California

Lol ok

I got this haircut. I thought it would be something different and I got it cut for new years cause I'm going to a party but I'm having second thoughts. I can't decide if it looks really really bad or if it's okay. I think I cut it too soon cause the knot is tiny so I need to get someone else to tie it

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just cut the knot off m8 and go for the slick back nazi cut.
shave your head it looks ridiculous
My fucking sides

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post /fa/ confessions

>I buy meme clothes and still rep mallcore
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I spend beyond my means. And increasingly more so as I continue doing it. What was once a $600 pair of shoes doesn't seem like such a bad investment now. Maybe I'll be able to pay it down in a few months...
I actually really like preppy clothing/style
same to be honest, kin

the black community is into the same fashion (except cuckcore) as fa these days, except instead of calling something a meme they say "wave".

so did /fa/ appropriate black aesthetics or did blacks appropriate /fa/ aesthetics
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Chukkas are fucking cancer
/fa/ has been cucked by blacks

rick owens is appropriation of hip hop and black culture.
I can only speak from my observations of US fashion and culture in general but the younger generations seem to want to be black so bad it's pretty hard to watch. I think most of that comes from music though.

But suburban kids want the black cock so bad.

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When did you finally "get it"? It was today, for me

>Wake up early to go boxing day shopping (Canadian/australian black friday)
>Go to the mall downtown early at 8am
>Plan to check out H&M to see if I can find any decent pieces for piss cheap
>Get inside around 8:30
>Filipinos, Swagfags, Highschoolers, Literal queers all running around and shoving me to get by
>People grabbing shittily cut RO bomber and balmain biker jeans imitations
>everyone has hitler youth-esque hair, not a drop of testosterone in the room
>realize that im here too, in the middle of it all, looking for deal
>hastily get the fuck out of there and buy some shit off grailed instead

never fucking again am I going to a store like this. Holy shit. Urban outfitters is the same
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urban I can deal with but thankfully, /fa/ saved me from pacsun shitcore skateboarding clothes about 3 years ago. I was in high school and thought I was cool with my huf hoodie and vans. after checking /fa/ out I reevaluated my entire life and that's the story of how I now dress well.
what's wrong with the comb over?
The people walking around with it, mostly.

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>runway boners

>Geobaskets/Creepers/Ramone Boots
Go 1/2 or 1 size down from your TTS

>Ramones/Tech Runners
Either TTS or down 1/2 depending on the shape of your foot

>Elasticated Pants/Drawstring Pants
Size down

>>>TRY before you BUY<<

>Interesting instagrams (add to, guys)

P.S. - if your gonna shitpost please dont hang around to talk about what kind of clothes you wear/enjoy, we really dont care.

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>mfw I just walked by Michèle Rue Saint-Honoré wearing an old Elements jacket and beat up New Balance
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This will always remind me of Fatman from MGS2

Also Farfetch sent me a code for an extra 20% off sale items like 30 minutes after buying those sock ramones -_-

last one 3 hunned
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thoughts. mainly bought it for work but think I may use it casually too
love em, fit is great too
Don't really like the branding, but you do you cuz

What are you wearing?

These are my all-time favorite shoes I have ever worn. I have been wearing them for nearly two years and they are starting to fall apart...can anyone recommend something similar or interesting? I'm not a fan of the new flyknit models.
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I'm feeling these, but it's just not the same dawg.
Pretty dope, looks like I can't get these in the US, though.

Anyone have any experience cleaning flyknit? I want to make the shoes in OP last for as long as possible.
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im wearing triple black qasas
i like them so much i changed my whole wardrobe to wear them everyday
so i dont know what i will do once they wear out

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advice, questions, inspo, etc.
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buzzcuts will be in in 2016
i agree its gonna be like the early 2000's all over again except a better aesthetic to go a long with it
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they sorta already are

they're a reaction to the flamboyant cuts the fuccbois have all hopped onto

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Let's get a new palewave inspo thread going. Have't updated my folder in a while.
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Fuck Palewave
go away
Xmas is over go back to school kids.

ITT general discussion on purchasing the Yeezy Boost 350 in Oxford Tan colorway.

Release Date: December 29th

adidas | December 29 | Online – Random

Adidas UK | December 29 | Online – Random

Pacsun | December 29 | Online – TBC

Footlocker | December 29 | Online – 8AM EST

Footaction | December 29 | Online – 8AM EST

Eastbay | December 29 | Online – 8AM EST

Champs | December 29 | Online – 8AM EST

FinishLine | December 29 | Online – TBC

SJS | December 29 | Online – Random

Sivasdescalzo | December 29 | Online – Random

MORE INFO: http://justfreshkix.com/yeezy-350-boost-oxford-tan-early-links-list-of-confirmed-retailers-online-spots/
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What is the best way of going about manually purchasing them? What is a backdoor link? Does anyone have backdoor links?
I want to resell these for maximum profit, but Yeezy resell prices are steadily getting lower and lower. What do I do?
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Hey /fa/, what would you say are the quintessential techwear brands? The ones that really embody the ideal and aesthetic completely.

Acronym, Arc'teryx Veilance, Stone Island Shadow Project, Isaora... brands like that. If you had essentially unlimited funds, what would you buy to build an outfit?

Also, general techwear thread. Last general 404'd.
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You forgot Y-3.

Definitely Y-3, yeah. I wasn't trying to include everything in OP.

Otherwise stuff like NikeLab ACG, Visvim, Aether, Outlier, Uniqlo, White Mountaineering, WTAPS, Junya Watanabe... others too.

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>Walking down the street today
>Navy mohair jumper
>American vintage cargo trousers
>1460 Doc Marten boots
>Cute girl walking the other way
>She stops and says "i really like your outfit"
>"ah thank you very much..."
>felt great man

Anyone else had any experiences like this?
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>>Navy mohair jumper
>>American vintage cargo trousers
>>1460 Doc Marten boots
stay mad
the only reason I got into fashion was because I wanted people to avoid me desu but I've had grills compliment my slp boots a couple times

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Shuron by Ronsir.jpg
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Glasses thread, post glasses including desired frames, current frames, old frames, etc.
sunglasses welcome too
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glasses and pen.jpg
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What's a good general frame shape for a recovering fat fuck with a round head? I'm kind of thinking something thick and squarish. I generally keep my hair pretty short and I'm balding rapidly. Somewhat hooded lids with thick eyebrows. Geez describing my appearance makes me feel like shit. Any advice?
round head/face -> square frames

offsets the roundness and the general idea applies vice versa

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