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Hey, /fa/. Let's play a little game.

All of your clothes, shoes, and other accessories have disappeared. In their place, you find a stack of $500. You now have to build a wardrobe from 100% scratch.

What's on the list?
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we arent choosing out your wardrobe for you faggot
>implying I would spend $500 based on the suggestions of these faggots

Just bought thes Ssense x Offwhite jeans on sale for $170 shipped and the quality is trash. I have no idea why they retail for $455. The screebprinted design is alreadg peeling straight out the package.
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why would you even buy that
i wouldnt wear anything off white if it was for free
why are they trash?
and also if the letters are peeling then it's not a screenprint, they were put on another way
screenprints would crack

File: Darth_Sidious.png (92KB, 290x425px)Image search: [Google]
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I'm thinking about getting a new haircut. Wondering what u /fa/gs think I would look good in.
Pic: me
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It doesn't matter traitor
Han Solo dies his son Kylo Ren kills him and is the new villain
I really, really, really like this image
thanks for the gif /fa/m

File: Camel Coat.jpg (13KB, 300x300px)Image search: [Google]
Camel Coat.jpg
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Listen lads, need a favor

I'm a somewhat skinny guy, not like an aushwitz survior or anything, but anyways, i'm heading out later with some friends to a hotel for a christmas eve booze up before heading home for santa or whatever the fuck.

Would going out in a camel coloured overcoat with a red jumper and shirt, some black skinnyish jeans and some brown suede shoes be considered too dressy or would I look like some fucking supreme fedora gentleman

I don't really follow a style but I want to look somewhat decent for christmas

Pic somewhat related
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doesnt even matter if its too dressy, the outfits sounds like shit

also if its not camel hair( can be cashmere blend), its retarded too
you're obese fuck off
sounds like shit

What sort of person do you have to be to actually pull off Ralph Lauren, and not come off as a loser?
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does not exist lol
ralph is cuck tier any way you slice it
like, even if you are really wealthy and think you can pull it off, at that point you should invest in better brands
holy fuck you probably post in rick owens threads

wearing ralph gets you bitches, no matter your skin color. makes people think you know what looks good and that you have money. all it takes is a walmart outfit with a nice ralph sweater and you look wealthcore
>all it takes is a walmart outfit with a nice ralph sweater and you look wealthcore
yes, if you are trying to attract other poor fags

File: photo-31-e1403208865302.jpg (95KB, 718x322px)Image search: [Google]
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I'm looking for decent skate shoes that aren't too expensive. Should I get these?
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File: 3235715-p-4x.jpg (446KB, 1920x1440px)Image search: [Google]
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or these?
File: image.png (74KB, 213x233px)Image search: [Google]
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sure why not. Also, go to the cop or not thread faggot
Just get Janoski's

File: i6RJ8oP.jpg (329KB, 1600x900px)Image search: [Google]
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Do you think this $2000 outfit will get him a girl?
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yeah man, once she touches that cashmere, she'll get insta wet
If you think this has anything to do with "getting girls" you're in the wrong place. This is a board for people who appreciate and enjoy fashion as its own end. I hear reddit is great for posting this kind of stuff though.
no, because outfits don't get you girls.


File: Dr_Martens,_black,_old.jpg (87KB, 544x382px)Image search: [Google]
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i want to know if and why (materials and production process) they're really shit quality pleb tier
inb4 meme shoe
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learn about material and construction, then you'll see for your self
meme boots
do ur fuccin research.
They're pretty comfy and cheap

Might as well buy them if you like the look it's not like you're losing much money

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/fa/ should I buy stan smiths, nike lunar 3, or yeezy reps?
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don't buy reps you faggot
why not? 150 euros for the same shit pretty much
If you're even thinking of getting Stan Smiths or Lunars then it'd be impossible for you to pull off Yeezys

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What does /fa/ think about r/malefashionadvice ?

>inb4 back to reddit
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Literally lurk for like two seconds. "Mfa" is an insult here.
It's a bunch of 20-35 year old dudes just trying to dress socially acceptable.
so /fa/?

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>He fell for the raw denim meme
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What kind of denim do I wear now? I have a jet black pair of skinnies, and 5 pairs of apc's I haven't worn in years because they don't fit anymore.
File: Fattyface.png (210KB, 309x292px)Image search: [Google]
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>wearing denim
nigga /fa/ was full on raw denim and oxford shirts then reddit got to it

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1MB, 3264x2448px
Sup /fa/
I'm about to cop some Doc Martens but idk what size to get.
If i'm I US size 10 in Van's, what UK size should i get?
I'm getting the Forlife 1460's.

Also, what sizes are you in some brands that are different in others?
Thanks, love you /fa/
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Is that almond being activated?

It's being hyperbolically galvanized by two insulated electrodes running an alternating current of about .5 amperes through a step down transforming magnetron
Doc Martens are great for getting cucked in :)

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Hey /fa/, long time lurker, occasional poster.
Today I want to cover the subject of men's jewelry. What do you consider acceptable? Do you think it's attractive? Feel it's excessively flamboyant? Gold or Silver? Digital or Analog? Several pieces of significant price or just one? When to wear it and when not to wear it?

Personally I've not always been a fan, but as of late those feelings have changed. At the moment I pair a yellow gold curb link bracelet with a yellow gold rope chain, both some of my favorites. Recently I've become interested in pairing these items with a ring or two; I'm a big fan of ruby's and diamonds, as well as onyx. Personally I wear the chain and the necklace daily, only removing them to shine which may be once every three months. I pair these with a gold-tone Seiko chronometer(not ready for my Omega dream watch). Do any of you do this? Do you feel my ensemble is excessive? Please share your thoughts and opinions here. Also, general male jewelry dump.
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File: image.jpg (269KB, 2000x2000px)Image search: [Google]
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Saw something like this at a local
jewelers the other day, thinking of getting something similar
File: image.jpg (144KB, 1271x1200px)Image search: [Google]
144KB, 1271x1200px
May receive one of these for the holidays which belonged to my Great Grandfather and Great Uncle

i stole my dads credit card details and want to buy some really effy clothes online
link me /fa/ sites ty
pic not related
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nice board shape
or whatever the fuck you want to call it

File: 2700278_2.jpg (193KB, 888x960px)Image search: [Google]
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This is a look that is easy but still classy--it could be rocked at an expensive party with rich friends, or you could wear it when you are just drinking wine on the rooftop with some musicians. Versatility and elegance, the essence of my fashion. Rock it.
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fuck up cunt
fuck off sam
Toilet repairman

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