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Because you wouldn't be browsing 4chan if you weren't technologically enclined.
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x201 think pad, got eet
There's nothing effay about carrying around a 20 pound laptop. MacBook Air or surface are only choices.
>20 pound laptop

I think your twink frame is getting to you.

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How do you /fa/gs feel about the fact that no matter how much money you spend, no matter how much you lurk and research fashion, you will never look better than a fit guy wearing pretty much anything.
When you wear a t shirt and stand next to pic related or similar, do you really thing people will notice the insignificant details on your expensive shirt dawned over your boney body?
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the idea is not to try hard

good looking people can wear terrible things and it looks great on them.
They'll completely defy /fa/'s wiki of Donts and be considered trendsetters

Having an aesthetically pleasing face matters more than the clothes you wear, and affects what you wear more than any designer label or shop.
Don't think in extremes, and hit /fit/.
The best accessory you can have is a fit body, after all.
While this may be true, a fit person who is also very fashionable is the apex of appearances. It's not a matter of choosing between being /fit/ and being /fa/, but rather which one you prefer and think more about.

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More hair like this
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images (1).jpg
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images (2).jpg
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Any advice on getting/keeping hair like this?

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Post your own or others instagrams you follow for fashion, inspo, etc.

Anyone have any designers they follow?
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Synths n' me
>i follow back, just say /fa/m on a photo or something.

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What wallet do you use /fa/?

In the market for new wallet. Need some inspo.
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I like the minimalist ones. Money clip sort of.
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2016-01-04 10.04.43 1.jpg
2MB, 2884x2884px
Been using this for about 18 months.
I just bought a Bellroy Card Pocket
hope it's nice; I currently Slim Sleeve and am changing because I want a wallet that holds more cards

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You guys are attractive, right?

How's life as an attractive person? What are the pros and cons of being attractive?
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It's not that exciting. Nothing special
yeah pretty much
being able to smash any girl you want

you are also more successful

more attractive people like myself get away with more things like cheating

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/fa/ I got a tattoo on my arm last Friday that's been scabbing. Some text in fraktur 1.5 inch tall. I applied A&D oil next two days like my guy recommended, maybe I used too much, the whole thing was evenly scabbed a couple days later. Not a ton but it is visibly raised.

It gets very dry if I don't air it out or wash it. Should I be keeping it dry so it finishes scabbing and falls off or keeping it moist?
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Bumping with greenaway
Keep it moist. I used unscented lotion on mine (simple hieroglyphs around my upper arm).

Don't "wash" it too often, and only very gently rinse for a little and softly pat it dry. Like, when I got mine done I tried to keep that arm out of the shower stream as much as possible.

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I was looking around the Internet and found this guy's website.


What do you think about his fits?
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if the web design is any indication of his fits, they're probably shit.

the site is fuckin great.

good find op

the color palettes are exquisite

Thoughts on the Chuck IIs?

Copped a pair yesterday, loving it so far. Really comfortable shoe and I love the redesign. Though a few people dont like the new 'ipod' aesthetic.
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notice me senpai!
I'm still relevant, yes?
hanging out for black mono chuck ii's

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About to leave for a Bowie tribute dance rip
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I don't get these get together after someone famous dies.
its because people get a chance to show off how cool they are to their peers on social media, get a lot of social status reinforcement through likes on their "let him RIP" posts, etc. a gathering is just taking that circle jerk to the next level.
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posted at the end of last thread so reposting. ashamed to say i'm starting to like these old jcrew trousers

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Shit hits the fan, and you have to bug out. What are you wearing into the wilderness to stay warm, dry, concealed, and effay?
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full rick to achieve ultimate urban stealth. i waddle quietly through the deserted streets in my drop crotch pants, my enormous geobaskets quietly gliding over the pavement.
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gorka 4 bars, long underwear, thermal shirt, voodoo tactical shemagh, voodoo tactical boonie hat, cheap goldrimmed wayfarer - style shades with red tint lenses
Haven't found any tactiboots that are smart consumer poorfag tier yet though... any suggestions?
M4 build, CZ-P01, ontario rat, nepalese kukri, coldsteel 21"blade two handed latin machete.
Mayflower rc apc, usmc battle belt, midwayusa molle compatible assault pack+ all my survival gear

All in coyote brown with black detailing.
Whats the rig in this pic?

Getting these as a gift, they're on their way. Personally think the design is neat but I can tell it might be very difficult to style. Any tips on how to fit these?
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Protoss feet
File: mad mom.png (344KB, 537x843px)Image search: [Google]
mad mom.png
344KB, 537x843px
>Any tips on how to fit these
Return them immediately.
File: 1451121072254 (1).png (1MB, 750x1334px)Image search: [Google]
1451121072254 (1).png
1MB, 750x1334px
Just make sure the outfit is pretty much all one color or follows a specific color scheme. Layer the hell out of it for sure too to taper your silhouette down to your shoes.

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I've got a little over 250 dollars to spend on a nice pea coat, and if possible I'd rather not spend all of it.
What would be a good place to get one like Jack's wearing, with the pointed collar?
The key things I noticed about his in particular
>Slim fit
>Length barely exceeds the inseam of his trousers.
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File: Jack1.jpg (294KB, 976x432px)Image search: [Google]
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Hell, if you've got anything you think would go well with one, I'd wouldn't mind you sharing.
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File: dpeacoat.jpg (476KB, 1280x1024px)Image search: [Google]
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literally reddit : the board
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>that comment
i dont think ive cringed harder before in my life
What I hate about Reddit is that almost every single comment is some retard trying to be funny, a shitty one liner, or another fag trying to carry the first retard's joke after it's been over and done with.
good point friend
how do i upvote this

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Explain to me why this is wrong.
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It literally isn't, people just go apeshit for no reason.
If you need to ask...
idk it doesnt seem that bad just the purple shirt. fuck people who wear purple dress shirts or purple in general

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