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How's your fashion line coming along, /fa/?
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Who's the semen demon?
It's gonna be huge. It's anime based ;)
I like this guy

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So I just started a new job doing commission based sales. Pretty basic stuff, get a little booth in a store somewhere, sign people up for credit cards, make 20 bucks per activation, blah blah blah, you know the drill. Can make good coin if you know how to sell.

Problem is, we have a strict policy that all reps have to wear a white dress shirt on the job.

White shirts to me scream BETA MALE and WAGE JOCKEY. They are what truck driving rednecks wear to court, they are the lowest common denominator of dress for people who have no idea how to dress nicely. White dress shirts are what 12 year olds wear to funerals and band recitals. No grown man should wear a white dress shirt with no jacket. Ever.

My question is, is there ANY way to make this work, Anything at ALL that can make me not look like a socially inept bumpkin?

I am dreading this new job because of this monstrosity.

is there any way a white dress shirt can look good?
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bamp. Nobody?
A white dress shirt with black pants is classic as fuck.
Wear a jacket aswell. Ffs why are you getting your knickers in a twist over this? Upset cause you "Cant wear my sik fitz yo'". Get a grip you homo.

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Post your shoe collection

Just coppen some converse too
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*converse highs
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what does /fa/ think about this bomber jacket?
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u'll look like a can hehe
so pass on this?
never seen a white guy look good in a bomber jacket desu

i ordered a jacket but it had a security tag like pic related on it. i cant be bothered to send it back to have them remove it. how can i take it off myself?

>inb4 nigger thief
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Nigger thief.
bring the receipt with you into any clothing store and they'll take it off for you
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fuckin magnets.jpg
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If I had that on a shirt would it be /fa/?
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Are the characters from lord of the rings effay? Aragon has a pretty good wildernesscore look going on
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Self bump
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Am I /fa/?
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i r o n t h e s h i r t


Why have you defiled your skin.

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buy sell trade.jpg
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What are you looking to buy?
What are you looking to sell?
What are you interested in trading?
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Loake Chelsea.jpg
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Sleek Goodyear welted Chelsea boots by Loake.

EU Size 9
Fits similar to a 43 Common Project, 10.5-11 Nike/Vans

Worn only a few times
Retails for $240 (doesn't include shipping and duties from England)

Leather Upper and Lining
Great Materials and Construction
F Fitting
Made in England
Legend Last

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Supreme x Loro Piana Wool Overcoat
Sz Medium

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Eastpak x Kris Van Assche Blue Bolt Print Backpack


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What do yall think about dem Wallies? Will they look good with baggy jeans or with skinny ones? Wich colour do yall like them the most?
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Make sure to get the leather, not the sweade, much harder to scratch. Wear with very baggy jeans.
I think they look pretty silly.

I also imagine lots of schmutz pooling together on the top.
More opinions?

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Effay dog breeds?
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chihuahua/rottweiler mix
File: sheltiesf2.jpg (32KB, 275x400px)Image search: [Google]
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Border Collie
Shetland Sheepdog

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>turn a street corner
>make eye contact with him
what do
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"Sorry I don't have any spare change."
look away immediately because I'm a coward
Sit next to and makeout and then have gay sex in the backalley.

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skiing is /fa/
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I live in the mountains of Colorado and snowboard once to twice a week. All the "cool kids" (both skiers and snowboarders) dress like they're farmers or they just got out of the wood shop. It's basically layered workwear + giant goggles + neck gator over their face.

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Post cool vests
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>asks for cool vests
>posts a shitty vest
as much as I hate Tumblr...

And yeah OP thats some lame shit.
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Can I use Nizoral every day? On the bottle it says every 2-3 days. But I am having some really bad dandruff right now. Any idea?
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go bald
buy another poo with zinc pyrithione like selsun salon. it's a good antifungal agent like the ketoconazole found in nizoral. then you can alternate between poos

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