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Damn guys this is really depressing
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Shit, didn't he just release a new record as well?
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Fucking hell, just got off my shift to come home to this.

Easily one of the most effay of all time. Rest easy.
if you wear old clothes youre an autist fedora
if you listen to old music the same applies

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>not wearing people

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tricky rick ovens is 2deep
It was a showcase of the functionality of flat shoes. But he also wanted to show his heels. So he just combined the two - women with flat shoes wearing women who wear heels.

I still think he's a meh designer though.
HOLD UP, the important question here is how the fk did rick get LEATHER runner boots!? they only come in suede

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Show your tier m8
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INB4 people reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee over a swiss army knife.

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(Don't worry, I get called Harry Potter a lot, too.)

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Starting with the most aesthetic football player to ever play, R.I.P
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underrated thread...
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Relevant, boss man Wenger.

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Why do most Americans dress like shit?
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because not everyone in the whole world has the same hobbies like you, you fucking cuck shitposting nigger
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it's cheap to.
and there's no real social backlash not too.
are the fits bad in this picture or are the people just unattractive?

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w2c steve jobs core
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The cancer store

You can delete thread now
k thx bye
Black shirt
Grey old NBs
his turtlenecks were issey miyake
jeans probably some 501 levis
and shoes yes NB

Let's pay tribute to one of the most aesthetic people to ever live.
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hell be fine
So long, spaceman.
My dad was a huge Bowie fan, showed my brother and I all of his stuff. This feels like I just lost my dad again. I can't handle this /fa/.

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I'm guessing that no one other than obscure designers make theses. Is there anywhere I can find these that won't cost me and arm and a leg. I'm looking for a variety of styles just as long as their not fuccboi/goof ninja
Pics related
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ive been balding since I was 16 and now im stage 2 balding at 18

how much time do I have before I get too bald and what do I do because I have a fucking light-bulb 5head

I look fine with long hair
maybe even rather attractive
but all that will be ruined if my hair gets any worse
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embrace the buzzcut, m8
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>ive been balding since I was 16 and now im stage 2 balding at 18

Must be some super shitty genes or super low Testosteron
>low testosterone

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Too lazy to search, need quick input on these shoes. Copper naut, senpai?
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File: image.jpg (2MB, 4032x3024px)Image search: [Google]
2MB, 4032x3024px

¥8800 in play-monies, which is like $70.00 in US dollarDs.

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Prints, all-over or w/e

Post em
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hey /fa/, I want to get this tattoo of kk slider but I am unsure of where to get it. any suggestions?
>disclaimer: i am a girl
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oops, also tattoo general, want to also see pics of other tats u guys have
I think maybe on the upper arm area may be cool? or like on upper chest area
holy shit. take a picture if/when you do. I'm a hardcore animal crossing fan man

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is being boring /fa/? w2c interesting personality
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anything is /fa/ if you're attractive

if you're attractive and you're quiet people think it's cute, if you're ugly and quiet people think you're creepy
/fa/ hobbies

knowing alot about good coffee
collecting vinyls
playing guitar
if you're attractive and quiet people think you're conceited

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I cop this penguin polo shirt, cuz it kinda look like fred perry skinhead style, what do you think?
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those jeans are making me gag
it's overpriced garbage
>those jeans
>that polo

kill yourselff my mann lol

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how would you describe this aesthetic?
is it effay?
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Female cop on hbo crime drama core

It is not effay for the under-35 set.
/cliche country independent no bullshit woman trope - core/
>is it effay?
literally every female detective ever

you better have the formulaic attitude as well

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