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old one is kill and nearing 300

where can i cop a cap like the guy on the right in pic related? ive checked the brand but their modern stuff is shit. looking to cop something in similar style mainly
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w2c pic related
lol at you faggot

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what cigarettes should i buy? i smoke reds at the minute but my outfits tend to be layered greys and i dont think they match the aesthetic
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get a case.
there are different colors and designs. i think you'll find one to fit your aesthetic.

no fuckin case looks ridiculous, switch to lights
or camel blue if you like them ( I don't)

What are some good sandals? A shitload of runway shows and editorials are featuring them in the last few seasons.
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birks and tevas
i need some birks inspo

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what are some effay fields to study in/degrees
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English literature, philosophy, politics, sociology, critical race/gender theory
What ever you love doing that you can out your all into.

You can do it anon.

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Why does an all white outfit look so pimpin?
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you know thats his daughter and that he said he would marry her
Shes hot as fuck. I would too.
i mean shes mildly attractive but shes also not your daughter its okay for you to marry her

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Hi /fa/
first time for me posting here, I was looking for an "alternative" clothing shop/site in Romania or a shop near or in Bucharest. Anyone from romania or someone who can help me out here?
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hey, romaniabro, can you help me out? i just copped a jacket that says made in romania. the only other bit of writing says CONFECTII MURESUL TG MURES and i was wondering if you could tell me what this means?
basically means "confections from tg mures" thats all i can say man
Good luck. In Romania nu prea ai cum sa faci rost de haine de designer fara sa fii bogat. Pe langa magazinele de mall nu prea ai altundeva sa mergi sa-ti iei haine. 'Second hand'-urile ar fi la nivel thrift shop-urilor lor, deci poti sa gasesti si acolo haine oarecum bune, daca ai timp sa cauti si te pasioneaza. Cauta outlet-uri, nu stii niciodata de unde aduc haine, nu sunt numai h&m si zara.

Tl;dr thrift shops or outlets

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I have $120 credit at Ray Ban for some broken aviators I sent in. They can't repair them so I need to buy new glasses. What should I get? Pic is me with fake wayfarers
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been thinking of these new clubrounds. not sure if they suit my head shape though

He is the new Bowie
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Uuh that's a nigger OP
i love young thug but nah

he's like bowie's retarded stepchild
probably the bastard he had with the black maid

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Solid colour, Looks manly, What do you think?
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Its just a dark grey/black sweatshirt
>dark grey/black
You might want to invest in a better monitor/phone

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fuck me. I'm 5'10 1/2 with stubby and short legs. How do I make my legs look less short in general?
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black pants/jeans make them look slimmer and take attention off them. Slimfit but not too tight will make your legs seem longer especially with it tapering to the bottom. I guess pinstripes would work but fuck that.

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who else /victorhugo/ here?

used to be a p cute kid, now i look like shit

hope it'll get better as i get older
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>egghead's ancestor
beard is solution

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What are good websites to resell clothes on? Also some sites for ethically produced clothes? I'm tired of supporting sweatshop corporations.
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bump for interest
Made in USA = Made by fat neckbeards in a factory filled with american flags
Made in EU = Made by old grannies who enjoy making clothes
Made in Asia = Untraceable
Noah shoes italy
Ekn footwear

American apparel
Continental clothing
Armed angels
Stanley and Stella

Upper body clothing:
American apparel
Knowledge cotton apparel
Les racines de ciel

Jeans and trousers:
American apparel
Monkee genes

Most good Designers like Lemaire and rick for example also produce fair in france.

Can anyone direct me or give me advice when it comes to copping a Daishiki?
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What... Swahili for doggy style?

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Can manlets be /fa/
>inb4 no
>inb4 when will they learn

Who are some fairly /fa/ manlets?
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>what is nick wooster
the definition of dad-core at its worse?

Go back to jcp
Kendrick Lamar

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Is my GF effay ?

Aesthetics or not ?
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ur a faget
she's cute but you should probably do something with your hair

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