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any alternatives to these : (

inb4skecher shoe
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nike huaraches have a similar silhoutte.
>not one haurache with even cream color way. Lol wat
just save up some money and get them. You'll feel better about it than if you got some "alternative"

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no adams apple is not /fa/
huge adams apple is not /fa/
>pic is not /fa/
ostrich lookin ass faggot
fuck off cuck

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What's the most effay dog name
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There is a good and his name is Kanye West
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>nigger shoes

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Is taking your favourite old jacket and then getting it reverse engineered in higher quality leather with custom modifications to the style for it to be more yours but do so at a rediculous cost /fa/?

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zowee whats with the comically oversized collar
it's the face shield that's most likely been merged to the hood's pattern

shill please go
this thread is going to die soon, how does that make you feel?

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I have thick hair and need something with strong hold and a matte finish. What does /fa/ recommend?
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Pink gatsby
Good god man, I'm not trying to look like a super saiyan.
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Can anyone attest to the quality/fit of the Lemaire x Uniqlo mock neck sweater? I bought a regular off white turtleneck from Uniqlo, but the wool is too thin, so it's see-through.
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I have it in black

Fit is nice, quality could be better, but it's considerably better than regular uniqlo or so it seems
It's a fast fashion typical uniqlo sweater
I have two, both in black
Uniqlos not a fast fashion brand smdh tbqh

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Hey guys, so I've been eating oranges, yogurt, and drinking a good amount of water lately.
I do need tips on how to style my hair maybe, and some info on other things for a diet. I still hate my looks. Help. I'm 6'2.. Any clothing tips? What you would see me wear?
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youre 6'1 dont lie
I figured yeah.
I haven't been measured in a long time
I'm 6'1
Gain weight work out teach yourself to have a chill squint eye look and stop playing video games

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what are some reliable quality entry-level "fashion" brands that a cuck of middling income like myself can afford?
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Enjoy the 'mall'
all saints
j crew

then you got shit like zara and h&m

all of these have weekly sales
by the way do you guys think this site is legit? some of the prices are insane.


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Black and white edition
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I'll mention a site that I really like
never bought from them but their designs kick ass
any good resource for patches that aren't punk or metal? looking for a floral one to put on a beige coat
>aren't punk or metal

Into the trash

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leave your plantcore at the door
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For /fa interiors you can't go wrong with John Lautner...
restaurant in islington, london

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I challenge you to post a pic of a girl using the pants of pic related (don't even know how you call them) that doesn't look like shit.
No matter how fit, skinny or how good your ass is this ends unflattering. I believe everyone finds a thin ankle eye pleasing, so what's the point of trying to make them looks as thick as yours thighs?

Also which are another pieces who never works? Skinny pants for males?
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looks like a draenei female character from world of warcraft
Nerd hahaha

baggy clothes look cool in motion.

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Why does / fa / dislike converse?
Pic related.
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people just dislike youre red converse you wear in what seems like most of your fits.
I don't dislike them but it's not like I want to cop every single piece they have.

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Hello /fa. I found this old watch and people always are asking about its price. Do any of you know? On the back it says Japan movt, and it has a serial code that is C0067A
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How much
I didn't buy the watch it was given to me. That's why I don't know the price
I would venture to guess very very little. Looks like something from Walmart

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Anyone seen Casey lately?
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holy shit i miss this guy. when was he last sighted?
nostalga /fa/ thread?
nostalgia fa thread
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