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I can understand not agreeing fully with every fashion statement David Bowie made during his career. But /fa/ wasn't even able to discuss Bowie's relationship with fashion, beyond minimal derision. Shallow.
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Fashion's shallow in general.
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No doubt, but even by those standards, failing to even touch on Bowie's fashion legacy is pretty bad.
not everyones into crossdressing fruits like you are

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What are your opinions on face yoga?
Do you think it works?
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exercise regularly and dont touch your face with your hands unless you are washing and you have will have better skin and be significantly more attractive
this is actually gold.
How do you expect your acne to disappear when you constantly touch it to see how disgusting it is, putting oil on it everytime you touch it with your greassy fingers.
I used to require various products and creams, then I cleaned up my diet when I started exercising and I have hardly had any issue since

Are transparent eyeglasses frames OK? Been thinking of getting some for my next pair, but I don't want to look like a tool.
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I'm a dude btw.
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Just make sure the frame is a good shape, my mate has some frames that are clear with a really subtle gold hue and they look boss.

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Let's try talking about colours. Stuff like yellows, oranges, reds, greens, etc...

I know that most people don't really wear colourful clothing but it doesn't really matters here.

What do you personally like when talking about colours ? Do you use them ? If yes, how do you usually do it ? If not, why don't you do it ?

Do you have any picture of stuff that makes you feel that it's good even though it's colourful or just things that could be used as inspiration ?

Where do you go if you want to find stuff like oranges, yellow or purples as a man ? As a woman ?

Have you found some combinations that you feel are great ?

Well, something like this, mostly. Let's hear your opinions on colours and don't be afraid to also mention stuff that may look good to someone into colour even if that's not your thing.
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It's been proven people look more handsome in black so you should wear black.
I thought "colours" was okay in Commonwealth English, though ?

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Why's there such little traffic to this board? There's some decent info and inspo here but it seems like it's being thrown to waste because of the shitposting. I've literally just seen a thread asking how to drink coffee... I've only been a regular on this board the past 6 months, has it always been like this?
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I've been here for about a year and it's always been pretty shitty, you should branch out to other fashion fourms
>not realizing Santa hats are worthless now

Nice scam faggot might be able to buy a mithril scimitar with that money.
It's been shit for a long time. /fa/ died in 2012.

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Next sneaker cop?
>inb4 there ugly as shit
concepts x Nike trainer 1.0
Will put a link if interested.
They drop January 16th
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Those are ugly as shit nigshoes

Just copped these for 200 btw
File: adidas-tubular-x-hemp-1.jpg (56KB, 620x435px)Image search: [Google]
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<Callin the shoes I just posted ugly
<Posts the fugliest shoes possible
You should return them anon <3

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Hi /fa/gs.

Where do you guys buy shirts without prints? just plain white / black etc.
I'm looking for a few that aren't too thin.
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camber makes super heavyweight solid tees but there's a long wait
aa occasionally has heavy cotton shirts as well
>heavy cotton
that's what I'm looking for. preferably in europoor.

Is anyone buying the Undress? I think it's going to be a revolutionary addition to women's wardrobes. :)
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quite literally does not matter what exactly women wear
Add sleeves. At least then Seventh Day Adventists will buy it.
>performance slit


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last one dead
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the sweatshirt for $150
DNC, stupid fucking Gosha graphic is not fashionable
File: flagspullover_2013aw.jpg (137KB, 800x533px)Image search: [Google]
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Any Germans here?

Is there any online shop in Germany that sells pic related and ships to Canada?

I've tried jako.de and the Darmstadt official shop but they don't ship to Canada.
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Isn't that the symbol of Florence tho?
its a fleur de lis

its a french royal symbol, and the symbol of the boy scouts
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So is Grailed legit? just started using it last month, bought two things, they arrived a week later because sellers where in the US, they sent me messages and USPS tracking numbers ect...so almost two weeks ago i order a jacket from a seller that looks legit, he has a 5/5 rating and personal pictures of the clothes he's selling. The message i got from him was 10 days ago and said he have it shipped on monday, this message was from Friday 1/1/2016. I've message him a total of 5 times since then with no response. Fuck...

in b4 youre a faggot, ect..
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You got scammed. Call the police and tell them that you were buying some twinky used clothes like a fucking faggot and the seller ripped you off. Fucking rape a little baby yeah fuck yeah
bro, grailed is legit...but the sellers are not

doesn't mean you're not going to get your item, but some peeps are not as efficient as others....so it's a caveat that you learn to deal with

You literally post 24/7. Pathetic

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>describe vaporwave in a sentence
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what is vaporwave

people from 2012 that wish they lived in a 1980s AI machine

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so, what's wrong with these again?
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They are hideous.
They make me want to upchukka.

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Alright /fa/gs. I'm a dude. A 120 pound 6'1 dude. I really like women's Clothes. Would it be weird for me to actually wear them in public? Thanks.
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Those, yes.
Don't let this post-industrial capitalistic society hold you down girl!

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what are these?
where did the come from?
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biker jeans, the ribbed parts were originally used in actual motorbike clothing to allow them to stretch easily, however balmain was the one to popularise them in the fashion industry
those are knockoffs of balmain biker denim

came from balmain

i remember on a trip with me and my friend to san francisco, i had an obsession with well dressed asian girls, and were were on the bus going to westfield mall, and an asian chick out of my dreams walked in who could be no older than 18, wearing skinny balmain biker denim (real), i think balenciaga high tops, and a saint laurent sweater.

i nearly came in my pants.we made eye contact for a while as she was finding her seat, and she sat right in front of me and my friend, and I kept whispering how amazing she was, and he kept telling me to talk to her or compliment her.

i wonder to this day how she could afford such god tier clothing. and my regret of not talking to her is big...

everytime i go to san francisco, and go to the high tier shopping spots, i get real bad depression from all the HOT asians decked out /fa/ as fuck.

shit like pic related is everywhere in SF
>that cost of living tho
qt azns are generally in the socal bay area

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