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Last one gone at 300+
ITT: we post prep pieces, inspo, brands, etc.
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B u m p
W2c a preppy watch, accidentally bought a jpress strap and unsure of what type of watch would look preppy with it.
3rd for go away KJP fanboy

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How do you guys feel about skinny jeans? I just bought a pair, not sure how I feel about them. Pic related its me.
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those are not skinny
they look slim
They don't look good on you desu
only looks good on people with rail thin thighs and calves, preferably the same circumference

you can wear tight jeans and not have them be "skinny" fyi

Where can I get a nice fitting suit for cheap? Men's Warehouse had some Calvin Klein Extreme Slim Fit Suits for like $250 one weekend but now they're $700.
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Don't buy anything from Men's Warehouse.

Get cheap M2M. Blank Label, Black Lapel, Indochino, Modern Tailor, etc.
why not men's warehouse? and what's an m2m
made to measure/ mens warehouse is garbage suits with garbage fits.

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What boots are these or any type like it?
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http://representclothing.co.uk/collections/footwear/products/delta-military-boot-black I thought they were these but too many differences.
Check out Diemme and Danner, it looks like one of those two

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are there any non-slip shoes that aren't awfully ugly?
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>wanting to be effay at your shit restaurant job

mozo is a great brand
They're work shoes why do you even care?

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I want a black sneaker, either those cp mids wannabes for $200 or save more and buy black margiela future highs
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Can hardly call Svensson a wannabe CP. Made in same fabric as CPs, having same materials, sole and fit. They only don't have gold meme numbers. Otherwise same fucking shoe, quality and look wise.
Really like the PF Flyers Center Lo, but I'm not sure which ones?
koppernaught these?

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Looking for some good adidas shoes what does /fa recommend?
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ZX Fluxes are good looking and comfortable. I like the look of the tubular X's as well.
Will look into them
get fucking trolled

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Does having a goodyear welt construction constitute to a longer shoe lifespan?

I ask because I'm shopping for a pair of sneakers that I can walk around in Thailand. Having lived in Japan I made the poor decision of buying Wolverine/Red Wing and Nisolo boots which lead to my feet being utterly destroyed from constantly walking around.

This time I'll be packing New Balance / Nike Free's and possibly the pic to my left. Me and my nip fiancee are going to strive for comfort, we grew tired of the Tokyo fashion scene and just want to focus on our online business.

We'll be in Thailand for two years and then back to Japan, but before I drop 100+ on these Van's would they last, I'm going for leather since it rains balls over there just like fucking Japan. Also we will be weight training~

Much love
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what the fuck am I reading.png
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>goodyear welt

thats not called goodyear welt. the type of sole is known as a cupsole.

good year is pretty much only found on dress shoes and boots. pic related

but yes those should last longer than the normal vulcanized soles on vans, but its not going to make them last forever

Appreciate the correction senpai <3

Learned something new today.

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I'm looking to start vaping as a method to distract myself from eating. any way to do this and not come off as a massive faggot.
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Don't flex with your mouth fedora. Mix your fedora juices with very high polypropene glycol to vegetable glycerin ratio. This way you're not making huge gay clouds. Get a discreet fedora. There are ones that fit fine inside your palm as you're sucking away at the tip of your fedora so you won't attract attention. There are ones that use 18350 batteries and are mechanical, which means they are basically just a fancy switch and battery department.
Just don't be fag about it. Don't buy some super shiny expensive one that will instantly flag that you care enough about it to drop a rack on it. Don't do fucking smoke tricks like I see kids do on the streets. Don't chat about it with people who also use them, literally just say "this isn't a hobby, it's only nicotine delivery device"
Just smoke like the big boys

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Streetwear stuff.png
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So the first month of 2016 was pure shit for streetwear fashion..

Post brands you own/look forward to being next up/played out/killed/mallcored by the end of 2016 that are or are not listed in pic-related.

I'm trying to see if we can have a general consensus on which brands are clearly respected/hyped/or just advice on what to cop or drop before it get's severely played out
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Forgot to mention what sites/blogs/tumblrs/IGs you faggots follow for inspo/keeping up with fashion labels, none of that bullshit complex and vfiles shit
When is the Supreme s/s 16 going to be announced.
I wouldn't really group Rick in with all those designers. Sure Geos might be in the fuccboi realm but I don't see the entire Rick aesthetic getting played out any time soon, simply because its so inaccessible or alien to the average streetwear enthusiast.

>tfw when I started dressing "nice" with my MFA uniform and would get compliments.
>Actually start getting in fashion and experiment more.
>Wear mostly A.P.C. and Acne as well as SLP and Raf inspired clothes.
>No more compliments
>Some kid said "You look like a German exchange student who loves A$AP Rocky.

Is this shit worth it...
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>APC, Acne, SLP, Raf
hello fuckboi
>still wearing clothing
Post a fit.

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I want to develop anorexia
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New year, new me.
I'm wondering if reading certain literature or a certain degree of exposure to certain images could help me develop anorexia
you're on the right board just post pictures of yourself in thinspo and tell people you lift and don't have that much bodyfat but say you didn't measure and tell people your weight but add 10 pounds and subtract like 2 or so inches from your height

you'll have abusive messages affecting your psychological framework in no time people are pretty willing to "help" here

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Comfy /thinspo/ thread!

Last one 300+

Previous thread: https://boards.4chan.org/fa/thread/10878137/thinspo-thinspo-general#top

FAQ/glossary/links: http://hastebin.com/raw/qanedewaki

What are your goals for this month? What about this year? What's the last thing you ate?

Both male and female thinspo welcome.
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>tfw no matter how much weight you'll lose your crotch will never be as flat

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Would some of you agree that punk influenced fashion is somewhat unique?
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>all 4 of them have colored crazy hair, docs, leather vests with patches, ripped skinny pants
V unique
Some people would be quick to say they look like bums but I completely disagree.
That's in Omotesando, right? Glad this shit isn't that common there.

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What would you call these things and should I even bother wearing them?
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Tired bump
Half zip sweater
And yes. With a button down shirt underneath
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There are some delicious half zips out there
pic related

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