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File: sea salt spray.jpg (96KB, 900x597px)Image search: [Google]
sea salt spray.jpg
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when should I apply sea salt spray? before i sleep? in the morning? after showers?
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In your hair...? After you've showered for the day but when your hair is completely dry. Be sure to hold it from a distance back and tousle it when you're done.
How long does my hair have to be for salt spray to work because i have bangs that go down to the tip of my nose
thank you

File: cq5dam.web.1280.1280.jpg (102KB, 590x570px)Image search: [Google]
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Post effay workout gear. Also W2c /fa/ running shorts
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File: EffayCompressionPants.jpg (27KB, 378x438px)Image search: [Google]
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File: effay running shorts.jpg (74KB, 554x666px)Image search: [Google]
effay running shorts.jpg
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File: effayWorkoutGear.jpg (62KB, 800x1200px)Image search: [Google]
62KB, 800x1200px

File: tumblr_nco52bMh7U1r8j5kwo1_540.jpg (123KB, 540x540px)Image search: [Google]
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i do get my hair to be like this?, texture etc
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The clue is in the picture
good shit

it's salt btw

File: sephora_photo[1].jpg (142KB, 1200x675px)Image search: [Google]
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>recently without job
>really want margiela jazz club
>cant afford
>go to different sephoras (theres 2 near me) and get samples
>ask my friends to do the same

so far i have 4 of their sample bottles, i think its 5ml

if i keep it up ill get equivalent of a whole bottle.

is this really fucked up?
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File: ixSdAMb.gif (11KB, 501x504px)Image search: [Google]
11KB, 501x504px
smart move OP
Nothing wrong with that.
I mean it's not admirable but if you really want it and can't get it otherwise it's rather smart than shameful

File: 22890_ROCCO-AND-HIS-BROTHERS.jpg (72KB, 750x577px)Image search: [Google]
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Is possible to be physically attractive but not photogenic? I'm told I'm good looking, but I see myself in pictures and think, "eh, not so much."

Alain Delon always /fa/ related
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I have to say yes. I'm not the most attractive guy (~6/10), definitely an acquired taste as I do exclusively attract certain types, but every pic I take is a legit 1-4/10. Maybe I can get a 5-7/10 pic if a pose really hard, angle really well and take 20 identical pics and chose the best one.

Shit sucks, bruh.
File: tFUL5BC.png (298KB, 2880x1569px)Image search: [Google]
298KB, 2880x1569px
People were so over-rated before internet gave you choice to see beyond 10 faces you see on movies/tv lol

average lean faced guy
Also the farther I am from the camera the better, because close ups tend to warp my features into weird Neanderthal proportions, huge jaw or nose or lips or a combination. Fucking kill me.

What you think about this leather coat (Tiger of Sweden Black Rikki)
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I don't hate it. I tried on he thicker winter version it looks better in my opinion. It was so affordable - 300$ on sale. I had just bought a Rick jacket and I didn't need another leather but it looked good. It definitely looks more like a biker jacket as opposed to a fencing style jacket or a bomber but I still liked it.
File: image.jpg (31KB, 391x376px)Image search: [Google]
31KB, 391x376px
Just googled some pics. It kinda looks like this when you put it on. Pretty biker-ish. It looks unchill zipped up.
very european

File: image.jpg (98KB, 750x753px)Image search: [Google]
98KB, 750x753px
What yall think ?
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File: who.png (692KB, 723x596px)Image search: [Google]
692KB, 723x596px
who dis
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Some ugly girls
Current and past winners of the Southern California Miss Tranny Pageant?
Are we playing sword or sheath?

File: 144932_rust_alt1.jpg (352KB, 1380x2070px)Image search: [Google]
352KB, 1380x2070px
How should a guy in his 50's dress? Please give me some inspo of older men who look stylish.
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youre 50 wear whatever the fuck you want
but im a virgin neet, and im still trying to attract hot girls. i need to look good.
like john cusack in all the movies he's in

Since when y'all americans started to love our styles and our clothes, especially APC ?
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Go to sleep A
The french been rocking these brand since 20 years and now americans want to do it.
Americans are supposed to wear baggys and new eras.
Not raw slim jeans and sophisticated clothes.

File: PicsArt_02-01-09.24.36.jpg (228KB, 1330x1330px)Image search: [Google]
228KB, 1330x1330px
I really need a haircut that would suit me. I have thick ish ginger/blonde hair. Preferably something short. Help a brother out.
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underage b&
>gameboy case
There is no hope
your hair is a shit. get mommy to take you to walmart clips

File: 1454147294745.jpg (59KB, 634x483px)Image search: [Google]
59KB, 634x483px
So /fa/, which status do you have to show your imaginary friends?
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"that's what she said."

the only joke i'm good at
File: image.jpg (34KB, 750x312px)Image search: [Google]
34KB, 750x312px
ye quote
"I'm tired"
Have it for one year already.

File: tissot.jpg (69KB, 1280x720px)Image search: [Google]
69KB, 1280x720px
Hello /fa/

I'm looking for a watch, and I found the one in this picture.
I like it, but it is a bit too expensive for me, so if you know a watch similar to this, but cheaper, feel free to post it here.

The name of the watch is:
Tissot Luxury Automatic Gent COSC Powermatic

It would probably be best if it is golden rather than silver, but if it isn't golden feel free to post it here anyways.

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check out russian vintage watches on ebay they're cheap and pretty effay

copped a long time ago but never wear em

not sure what fit works, any advice/pics?
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File: image.jpg (296KB, 1280x853px)Image search: [Google]
296KB, 1280x853px
Do they fit well with a tapered Jean fit or is a more relaxed stack better ? Opinions
jeans definitely but I find it hard to work with since they're high tops, Im only 5'6

Show me your tattoos /fa/.
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