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discuss your wardrobe /fa/ and what you're lacking or just what you feel about it. other people can provide you suggestions for the future direction of your wardrobe.
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>a construction site

Those industrial-chic types are really going all out.
I might have too many flannel/checked shirts
can't wear them if my pants have any pattern to them
Too much red/orange on tops.
All jeans are too old and no longer fit me.
Too many dress shoes and Boots not enough sneakers.

It's easier to clean and cheaper than actual leather. What's not to like? Why be entitled?
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I know I'm taking the bait, but pleather looks like shit and smells like shit
Doesn't even look like it's real. Looks trashy af
Imo real leather smells really bad (especially in rain). If it wouldnt be processed with several chemicals it would probably smell like rotten corpse.

There is high quality synthetic leather out there but it osnt cheap either.
Look at Tesla, they just started offering a high end pleather interior.

What I dont get is how society associates leather with luxury... do people actually know anything about the industries they spend their money on?

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/fa/, anyone know where i can find a shirt with this logo andhow much it costs?
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Literally just google "Seattle Superchronics" you stupid cunt.
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>tfw this is probably the same fag from /sp/
Never been to /sp/, but there's literally four different shirts that you'd have found if you weren't a lazy dope-smoking retard.

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yay or nay
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Stone Island a yah if you don't wear the patch.

Their fabric and dyes are to die for.
i kinda like wearing the patch but i can understand where youre coming from
SPW is the mecca of inovation.

Ill be posting rare CP and SI Shots tmrw in the Techwear General

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Why does tanned skin make you look so much better?
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Well that's pretty loaded question , isn't it?

White skin looks better for me , more sophisticated provided you have great skin
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Low bf + white skin > tanned skin
he is tanned in that pic baka

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why does /fa/ give /fit/ so much shit. from my perspective its just a bunch of beta dyel twigs who dont have the soul to become an aesthetic king so they go so low as to mock their superiors in an effort to feel better about their lesser selves. but im just a roided freak, enlighten me with your wisdom /fa/.
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>guaranteed replies
Both boards are inane and retarded and serve only as echo chambers for those with low self-esteem.

From this, cross-board shitposting becomes normal, expected even.

Though /fit/ is even worse now. So fuck off back home you deluded attention seeking cumstain.
you say that but ill tell you why i lift.
i lift to so i can see progression with myself, this progression is positive and makes me happy enough to continue doing the simplest tasks which id otherwise couldnt be fucked with. yeah there are alot of teens and newfags but there's only /r/fitness, misc and /fit/,and 4chan is the new cool thing so ofc all retards flock there. but here i see a bunch of feminized cucks, whats with that?

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This is an applicable topic, no?

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>Tubular Doom Primeknuts came.
>I wear a 10.
>These are a 10.
>Too big.

Now what? I was looking forward to these.
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*Primeknits. Stupid ass phone. What the fuck is a primeknut anyway?
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>Primeknuts came
File: 1451619174474.jpg (74KB, 635x882px)Image search: [Google]
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want to start a brand, would appreciate some critique
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Do something different. You're not a fashion label of you just screen print lame shit on a budget tee.

Just go crazy with fabrics or cuts or something
thanks for the actual input

Can we have one?
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all women are sluts

>falling for the women meme
Please don't
modern fashion. can't wait until headscarves get trendy again.

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W2c those trousers
File: IMG_1600.jpg (29KB, 640x693px)Image search: [Google]
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these kinds of sunglasses

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Looking for some inspo to cover scars on my forearm so sleeves are appreciated.
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that tattoo looks like shit

99% of tattoos look like shit but that looks like a bunch of shit
the joke isn't even that funny why would you get a tattoo of this wtf
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pic for reference

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File: cuckold_tshirt_design_tshirt.jpg (17KB, 350x350px)Image search: [Google]
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Who's that?
File: 1333417900328.gif (2MB, 203x324px)Image search: [Google]
2MB, 203x324px

File: UNION-made-exterior.jpg (167KB, 690x518px)Image search: [Google]
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alright lads, brit staying in san francisco here, looking to cop some cheap US clothes

what are the good stores in SF? pic related
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>be Brit in America
>everyone thinks you're smart
i am smart

The Archive

File: asap nast.jpg (84KB, 500x500px)Image search: [Google]
asap nast.jpg
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is asap nast /fa/?
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I think he dresses really sick but /fa/ would probably hate his style.

I've seen him around soho a few times. Seems like a good guy.

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