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is old navy any good? was considering to cop a plaid shirt and jeans there.
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Depends. Some products are decent in terms of durability and safe i.e. not gaudy branding and are trying to lean to the younger demo in recent years.
If you are going to go with cheap shirts, seriously consider getting them at GAP on sale. The price is not too different.

Completely avoid Old Navy oxford cloth shirts. The poplin shirts aren't too bad.

The jeans are okay and acceptable for the price. Their variations of blue jeans have a cheap look to them, so go with black. Their black premium are alright.

My T-shirts still look good after multiple washes.

I have liked their boxers and socks. Their socks are about as comfortable as my PRL socks.
the only thing i've ever bought from old navy are really cheap t shirts and i've had no problem with them

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I'm buying a baseball cap to wear whenever my hair's dirty. I'm dark blond and blue-eyed. Which one should I buy; the navy or the black one?
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Unless you are from new York I think you should grow up and pick a real team.

I'm not an American.
Why not get a blank cap made of a nicer looking material?

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In this thread you will say all what you know about acne, and how Can finish with that
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don't sleep with your face on your pillow
dont lean on your hand with our face
wash your face

if all that fails swish your razor in alcohol before shaving
Read the sticky
I used to have moderate/medium acne now I have almost clear skin and its consistent

I sleep on a pillow, flip it the next night, and change it after that

I use lush ultrabland facial cleanser exclusively, and a light moisturizer

I keep my nails short and don't worry about diet

I don't touch my face

I conclude that it was the harsh chemicals desu

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Why did nerd clothing size increase so dramatically over such a short period of time?
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they all grew up and got fat maybe

Linux really took off in the 'hood
Because by 1999 the IT job market was limited. Nowadays there are more and more jobs for people who program (and linux took off). And the more you work, the more weight you gain. Or do you think that its coincidence how most people who are 30+ are overweight while the ones in their 20s still look fit?

I gained like 20kg in a year when I started working. Simply because going to the gym after 60 hours of work is a pain in the ass. And if you work a hard job then you have to eat. You can starve yourself to death like a student can. Thank god I went back to university, though. Lost all the weight again.

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Who are your favourite youtubers, lads?
I like Silkhaar TV and Blumaan's hair tutorials, GTFan712Production sneaker review and CleanestApparel blog at all. Also Robin James and James Welsh are making good videos from time to time. Luca Fersko looks cool, but his personality is quite shitty
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>taking fashion advice from youtube
/fa/ has truly become shit
Next someone is going to say Neistat is "effay". Just watch.

Neistat is effay

File: 41zmARLPOVL.jpg (20KB, 326x326px)Image search: [Google]
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Anyone ever used this?
theres not many hair products here and no one ships here.
Its either this, a shitty gel or a taft wax..
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File: 2131710.jpg (35KB, 400x400px)Image search: [Google]
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I'm guessing the "3" that you can barely see on the side is that tacky "strength" number 1-4? I recommend you go with Redken Polish Up pompade. Works great for me.
i have it, its shit and doesnt last
Well you're obviously using it wrong, i've had mine for about 3 months.

File: suede_shoes_0112.jpg (56KB, 700x400px)Image search: [Google]
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/fa/, what shoes do you wear on rainy days?

Do you have dedicated waterproof shoes or just some beater shoes that you throw on?

What's your preference?
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Ideally, boots, usually ones with a healthy amount of waxing or the like.

If I'm wearing a suit, I usually break out my "beater" dress shoes - i.e. ones without a leather sole that I don't mind abusing the fuck out of.
File: asics-gel-kayano-gore-tex-04.jpg (192KB, 960x640px)Image search: [Google]
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really want these gore-tex asics
getting rainy where I live, plus I'm going skiing in 2 weeks and need something to wear on the afternoons
have no money though :(
w2c op's boots

>i have very similar boots, but those look a tad classier

File: image.jpg (25KB, 320x320px)Image search: [Google]
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I am trying to get a decent automatic movement diver for under $700. Right now I am leaning towards pic related for $500. What do you guys recommend? Also just post watches unrelated to my question.
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File: tp.jpg (144KB, 860x843px)Image search: [Google]
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would love to know of good looking skeleton watches for under $700-800

obviously this watch is the peak of amazing skeleton watches but it's quite a lot of money.
most watches are dadcore crap or gimmicky like >>10915068

just a friendly reminder
Ofcourse it wouldn't be used as a functional clock but more of a timepiece.

I'm aware it's not functional in the same respec however I'd love it because I personally find them beautiful, great to watch the engineering and just a nice thing to talk about with others.

File: 1454345411334.jpg (30KB, 467x384px)Image search: [Google]
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>mfw seeing my reflection in a brightly lit room
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Damn, he looks pregnant yo
Yeah, and the daddy is steroid abuse.
is it possible for ANYONE to look good under florescent lighting?

File: Skinhead.jpg (80KB, 400x535px)Image search: [Google]
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Hey /fa/, I'm looking for a good decent priced trench coat. If it helps I'm 5'4, 5'5 ish.

I'm going for a skinhead/ ska core look.

Pic related , guy on the far left.
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>When will they learn?
Just get a size large blazer
I'm a skinny guy, wouldn't the arms look all flaccid?

File: ml501ggw_nb_14_i.jpg (71KB, 960x546px)Image search: [Google]
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I was looking at some new balance and i really like these. They seem less boxy than some of others I've seen. What do you guys think.
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you're four years too late.
aw man i thought i was the first one to notice new balance shucks
So no?

>mfw people assume im interesting cuz i dress cool
like please dont talk to me.
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>dress cool
Post these fucking trash duckboot/converse with camo pants like its 2012
Those are Palladiums the latest meme Boots.
All normalfags want them.
they lookk like shit
otl and irl

File: aiiii.jpg (56KB, 500x720px)Image search: [Google]
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what are the best skin products /fa/? what is the best skin cleanser? also skin care general
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thanks /fa/

File: krool.jpg (12KB, 231x300px)Image search: [Google]
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Do you botton the top button?
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Not for me
Absolutely not, it looks stuffy and dweeb-ish. The small little V created by an open dress shirt helps accentuate the top and can help show off a masculine frame, especially if you have decent pecs.
no, only when wearing a tie (dress shirts only)

File: ugly bitch.png (975KB, 934x612px)Image search: [Google]
ugly bitch.png
975KB, 934x612px
>This is not a complain
I hate this stupid bitch. Why can't she just quit modeling already?
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I wonder how much money she makes
is she the one that models for Victoria secret and cant speak English properly ?
I guess you are just an angry manlet who saw that "you must be atleast 6'7" To Talk to me " article.

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