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/fa/ how do I stop my hair from looking like a frizzy Jew fro?

I've tried shampooing every few days instead of every day. No luck. Pic related, isn't me but my hair is very similar to this kid's
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shave back and sides
Buzz cut
Unless you want to dedicate yourself to a daily straightening regimen, you're out of luck.

When exactly did this generic brand become cool? Was it because of that Tyler the Creator fag or whataver? Don't see any appeal at all, please clue me in.
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Just shows how little you know.

Supreme was worn by skateboarders long before it became popular. It just slowly became more popular overtime. Faggots that wear supreme after 2009 are just that, faggots.

My friend was wearing supreme in 2005 and literally "trendy" people used to say he looked homeless etc... Same with people wearing Nike TN's and Vans...
when the niggerwappers appropriated it

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Does grey look good? Would any color really work? I'm open to any color.
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clean your room
Not my room
What fit?

So bland it doesnt matter

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What do you think?
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boots are actually dope w2c? im not a big guy so this is right up my alley
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Dr. Pavel, I'm C/fa/

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When it comes to men's jewellery, how much is too much?

My fashion goal is to be exactly on that line. To always be wearing exactly one item too many.
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anything other than a wedding ring or watch is usually to much in my opinion. maybe a small necklace would be okay too.
On a small, skinny white guy?

Black and arab men can pull off big gold jewellery really well and it's fucking infuriating.
even a watch is considred tacky by today's standards

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Opinions on stone island?
Pic related: one of mine
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Perfect if on sale. BAsically similat to White Mountaineering, it's just too expensive for me for retail price.
it's more like Visvim if anything, except Stone Island is willing to take big financial risks to develop innovative outerwear, which Visvim doesn't do

Stone Island is a great brand whose reputation has been ruined by racists
>ruined by racists

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Is there a general consensus on good skin care? One thing I noticed with the gay kids in my town is that they have really nice skin. Is there some secret like I have to suck dick or something? The sticky is down so that's why I made this thread. I'm genuinely clueless.
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im a gay boy and i have acne :<<<
how to not get razor bumps? get that shit seriously every time.. razor + electric shaver

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gosha vans black 1_o105z5.jpg
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Does anybody have any fit pics of these? Just ordered a pair
Also Gosha thread
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Why the fuck do you need fit pics? They're just vans authentics with gosha text. If you really need help with these, you're kinda dumb :/
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Where'd you cop from? Couldn't find the whites

also they're ridiculously easy to wear
File: untitled_session0036b.jpg (286KB, 1800x1800px)Image search: [Google]
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>not posting the GOAT Gosha footwear

tfw you start tying the noose when you realize you will never skate these

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undercover low top baseball sneaker (triple black colorway)
Common projects

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hey /fa/, I have 2 and a half days now till i am getting a license photo taken, what can I do between now and then to make my skin look as good as possible? I have a lot of skin care products so that isn't a problem.
In short:
>What can I do for good skin short term?
>What should I avoid for good skin short term?

Thanks /fa/!
>Will bump with some fits/pieces I like
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raf simons sterling ruby.jpg
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wow I only just realized how irrelevant the OP photo is sorry i guess
Might as well ask, do gosha pieces ever go on sale?
Just fucking search youtube, there is TONS of videos from gay males.

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Best shoes to actually run in?

Leaning towards some UB's with a kraazy colourway but they're pricey (but I guess paying for runners isn't the worst choice)
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I prefer asics, but I also need a lot of support bc of over pronation. If you are planning on actually running, I'd get shoes that are best for your feet (e.g. cushion, arch support, etc.). Ultra Boosts are a pretty good all around shoe though, suuuuper comfy
yeah if you actually want to run in them asics are god tier

get ones that are suited to your running style

Are suits the most /fa/ thing?
Why do you not wear a properly tailored suit everyday /fa/?
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I do.
Tryhard faggotry or corporate lackey, choose one
How is it any more tryhard than all those shitty trends like streetwear, goofninja, palewave, lunarcore and prep?

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good looké
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File: chris drew.jpg (14KB, 236x354px)Image search: [Google]
chris drew.jpg
14KB, 236x354px

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I have been searching so hard and posting everywhere and cannot ID these boots. If someone can link me to the exact boot name/title/website I will be greatful.
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these are sick too, maybe these ones are easier?
could be these
Def not. ty Those look real nice though

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Screenshot (89).png
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Do you guys think that this is a good deal? At least from the pictures they look to be perfect fakes.
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won't have carbon fiber and the back won't have that round shape
Damn. Any places that do, perfect replicas?
>$60 to look like a 13 year old nigger.
Go buy some nice leather shoes you fucking peon.

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