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Can /fa/ give me some advice?
I always look like shit but I would like to obtain and try pic related. I don't know much about these things since I am as not normie as possible.

I have long straight hair and I'm afraid it will just fall down over my face all day if I try to obtain pic related. I'm not even sure if that's straight hair or just wavy hair hiding its power level. So, can i obtain pic related with my shit genetics?

Please /fa/ help a robot out.
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this board: teenage autists who want to be anime irl
The style looks like it would fit my head. I really don't want this to backfire so any helpful advice would be appreciated.
>helpful advice would be appreciated
i advise you to play in traffic

is this /fa/?
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runescape core
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>literally a steampunk mickey mouse watch

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Something something "is smoking /fa/?"
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marlboro menthol ultra lights are the way to go or gook cigs
who the fuck holds their smokes between those two fingers? are you a quebecer or something?
lmfaoooo not with tim hortons coffee thats for sure

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Effay Condoms
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>using condoms at all
have fun not being able to feel it raw
dude r u black or something those shits are ghetto as hell

get some from a doctor or clinic if you have to
abstinence is /fa/

What's /fa/s opinion on stretched ears?
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Really depends on the person and their overall aesthetic. That picture is the largest you'd want to go though, it can get pretty grotesque at 15 - 16mm+ and you'll probably need minor cosmetic "surgery" to fix the lobes after that.
They can look good depending on the person, but they do require maintaining.
Disgusting on all levels

how do you people feel about jewelry?

gold / silver ? what do you prefer etc
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silver is good. i'm a big fan of chrome hearts.

i just bought one of those givenchy tusk earrings and i like that quite a bit too, though its a little gaudier than what im used to.
the tusk earrings are really sick but they remind me a bit of the 'fake' spacers people would put in their ears...
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ive got a few staples, all silver
>claddagh ring on right hand
>16g septum
>little crescent moon on chain necklace

the only things that every varies are my earrings and if i'm wearing a bracelet or not, but i generally find it good to stick to similar themes (sun/moon imagery, celtic symbols) and materials (either silver or solid stone)

>pic related

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is being a whore, fucking around and sending nudes to every male effay?
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it is, but thankfully katya is as pure as the driven snow
Only if you fuck other hot people.
Depends on how you hold yourself. Met plenty chicks who openly talk about sex as though I were talking to a bro. Then there are ones who make themselves sound insecure once the thought even crosses their mind.

I found this Landlock II from Nixon. I find it cheap for a more "professional" backpack, what do you guys think about it ?
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Shilling, Also, Is nixon quality good?
I've had a nixon backpack like in the pic for years and it has not broken a single zipper, pretty big too
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this is the perfect backpack my dude

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there's a high street store in my town selling fucking yeezy rip offs
are people still gonna be wearing their legit ones when old women and chavs start wearing "yeezy"s?
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who gives a fuck. they're the shittest shoes one could possibly obtain

obtain a better pair of shoes bro

doesnt matter who obtains them. they cant get any worse of a stigma than what already have now bro

you arent planning obtaining them are you? top kek brah embarassing

top kek brah
I would actually love that to happen. If the fakes were so mass produced that everyone started wearing them and hypebeasts all got buttmad about paying 7000$ on ebay for a real pair it would make my day. Hell, I'd probably even pick some up too

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im not white
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shut the fuck up. any colour can be /fa/ you just have to stop being a cunt

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How do I look good in clothes with extremely wide hips and broad shoulders? I know pic it doesn't look like it, but trust me, it's horrible.

My hips stick out 1 inch past my waist. My waist is a size 29 or size 30. That's how wide my hips are.

My shoulders are so broad that most clothes, the shoulders won't fit too well, and everything will be snug and tight up top while being flowy and big at the bottom.

I'm basically perma-refrigerator mode.

anyone have the same or have any experience in clothing with this? I'm wearing an extra large shirt in this picture. 5'11
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If you have broad shoulders, take advantage of that. Get /fit

I already do weightlifting. I honestly don't want my shoulders to get any bigger. They are freaky.

people call me frankenstein
How is wide hips wide shoulders bad? Do you want to be a woman or something?

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A boy needs to pay some bills like yesterday
The buy/sell threads are completely stagnant save for people posting shit to sell
I'm selling this shit for Ludacris prices, price drops out the ass b
10.5 Jack Purcell's like new $30 (literally worn once, white and clean af)
11.5 Timberland Abington x Woolrich boots $180 retail
selling for $50, like fucking new
Accepting Paypal or Venmo, safe af for the buyer
Can ship out Priority within the US today
help a /fa/ggot out
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put it on grailed and eBay you scum
Make a grailed account, put a picture of a SFW girl succing a peepee/scratching a turntable and then put it in Hype so you get attention

Or just put both for $0 and wait for some one to make a good offer

Are there any actual stores that I could check to see if these were available at? Size 10 seems to be sold out everywhere online
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Check the store
File: ZlXBmCC.jpg (144KB, 580x706px)Image search: [Google]
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What store nigga?
File: 234.jpg (14KB, 510x680px)Image search: [Google]
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should i cop these?

File: LL.jpg (315KB, 1024x1365px)Image search: [Google]
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and manlets still have not fucking learned!

post manlet cringespo
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but seriously what could a manlet wear? im 5'11 and i want to learn. teach me senpai
5'11 is perfect height bro

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2005 emo kids should have grown up by now, how did you fucks turn out?
Did you go gothninja mode or did you actually grow up?
>pic incredibly related
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Still slightly overweight but I carry it better than I deserve to - I'm working on it. I don't straighten or dye my hair anymore but it's still long. I have less friends and far fewer girls are interested in me but something tells me that's more related to not being in school anymore. Slowly getting better at dressing, I'm happy with who I am right now though there's room for improvement. I'm glad I'm not emo anymore, but I do miss having 3 cute scene girls as best friends though.
I'm desperately trying to cling on to my youth.

I dress pretty minimalist nowadays (black, white and gray clothing) but still have some band tees I wear occasionally. Still have my emo hair and keep up with the new emo/scene kids who are six years younger than me. Pretty sad.

Got way fatter though, due to my own laziness.
>used to be a qt twink
I was scene.
I gained back the weight, went back to my roots.
Stopped caring about what I wore and am only just recently getting back into caring

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