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Is it possible to sag your parents without looking like you're wearing a dirty diaper
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I wouldn't know, I'm an orphan.
Here's what you do:

>Buy pants that fit large around the waist, then tie them tight with a belt.
>Before you leave the house, eat A LOT.
>Once you're outside, make a 45 degree squat, and shit a bit into your pants, but not too much, just until it feels warm on both legs.
>Congratulations, you have now achieved your now look.
>(Use some EDT to cover up the smell)
What an epic humorous post you made, but you do realize that pants will sag like that if they have the room to do so just from the weight of the fabric right?
I never understood the "lmao sht in your pants xD" meme, if you don't have that room in your pants and you shit yourself the crotch won't magically drop and if you do have the space it will hang low anyway unless you pull your pants high as fuck

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Is the sticky ever going to be fixed?

Also effaye lingerie for men?
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Black boxer briefs and a toned fit body

who the fuck is this
I am working on a replacement. And possibly an archive script if I can figure out how to do so without aggravating my host.

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Buzzed my hair last night, feel like I should have done 6mm instead of 3! Opinions?

(Sorry if you have a general for this, I'm not a regular but I did check the catalog)
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Your face is a tad too round for the buzzcut, but if you're able to grow a stubble/short beard I think you'd pull it off.
>he fell for the buzzcut meme
you look like a cancer patient now. Bad decision

Whats the most fuckboi:est item you own?

Pic related
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shishas, everyone here owns them, pic is friend
>smoking with the cheap and worse self inflamable coal
britbongs confirmed for having no taste
I'd honestly kill myself

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Is palewave /fa/? Is it just a meme?
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just a meme, dont fall for it
the style itself is ok but it really accentuates the worst in people's skin so is not worth trying unless you have the complexion of a baby's hairless asscheek
It can look good. I find some of it inspirational but I like wearing black sometimes.

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This picture pretty closely matches the way I dress in the fall/winter, but I always have a harder time putting fits together when it's warmer out. Anybody got any inspo/suggestions?
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My suggestion would be... um... TAKE OFF THE FUCKING JACKET. Jesus.
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damn I hate trends

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Bollywood actor or Hot Indian Pastor? Also are banded collars coming back?
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banded collars have been trotted around the fast fashion junket by brand managers who thought they'd take off in a big way. only people I've seen wearing band collars in real life are trandy hispanic forever 21 acolytes, always paired with a cheap wide brimmed fedora

I can't imagine a whitey wearing that and not looking like a scientologist or youth group leader.
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>coming back

nigga they never left, it's just so many people don't do it right so it's hard to find good inspo

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What's your hometown and how effay is it?

Santa Cruz is relatively effay. A lot people think it's cool to dress like a beach bum. Guess that's any beach town though.

Saw a guy with common projects at a gas station yesterday however.
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Hippies are not effay
Carlsbad Ca not effay at all... people have money and it shows but its all basic bitch mall core and quicksilver
If one of the furthest west cities in the Rust Belt.

So it's about as /fa/ as an brony convention.

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opinion on umbro? I think it's gonna be one of those brands that were big in the 90s that'll make a comeback soon, like Tommy and nautica
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They're stuff is of good quality
i definitely think they're gonna make a comeback.

i agree with you.

also with brands like fila, champion, they're on their way already.

90s sportswear is coming back f a m
Agree but I'm gonna need Umbro inspo

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Where do you get your input regarding fashion?

Mfa sucks and /fa/ isnt a real help either. I only browse /fa/ and tumblr, are there any magazines or other sites that are worth checking out?

Where do you get your inspiration from?
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I can't really rec magazines, but I got a quite some mags for free from stores I usually shop at. Often have some neat inspo. Furthermore I browse pinterest and follow some dudes I dig on instagram. Also, my city has a couple of dudes who dress well.
Pinterest isnt really my thing, tumblr is my main source for inspo. Just thought there may be sites i didnt know or think about.
Thanks for the other advice tho
vogue.com is godlike for following runway

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what dickies fit is this?
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873s or 874s

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>Unfashionable all my life
>Slowly started buying ok clothes
>Realize I don't really like how I dress
>Want to start getting into Rick stuff etc
>Have an entire closet full of streetwear shit
>Don't know what the fuck to do
>Feel like shit walking around wearing this stuff
>Still no identity to speak of regarding fashion
wat do
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sell your shit on grailed? everyone changes there style every couple months idiot
How the fuck could anybody afford that?
Find a new style your tastes change over time
I had to get rid of a lot of streetwear when I was changing styles

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Mark Zuckerbergs closet.jpg
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"A while ago, a friend of mine used to work at Wilkes Bashford in Palo Alto and told me about some of the high rollers that came through the store.

Zuckerberg was/is one of their hush-hush, private appointment, makes-you-sign-a-nondisclosure-agreement clients who made some pretty radical demands alongside some large bulk purchases.

The hoodies and T-shirts were from Brunello Cucinelli and made “custom” for him with modifications to the stock dimensions. But a batch of T-shirts came in too long and had to be re-hemmed using a special machine designed to do knits. The jeans he bought were from Kiton. Apparently he bought so many that he paid extra for Kiton to produce his jeans in the quantity and specs he wanted.

The myth around the tech titan’s “humble” uniform amused me once I found out he probably paid $300+ per T-shirt, $2000+ per cashmere hoodie and $1000+ per pair of jeans. Turns out he’s actually got good taste!

Yes, the founder and creator of Facebook wears a simple casual uniform that’s ubiquitous across Silicon Valley, but by all accounts he’s every bit as meticulous about his appearance as the affected iGent donning bracelets, tucking pockets squares askew and unbuckling a monk strap.

But Zuckerberg also embraces another less-mentioned Silicon Valley value: stealth wealth. Every time he puts on a hoodie, he’s quietly flexing on self-proclaimed #menswearinfluencers that feel the need to hashtag their fire alphet selfies on an app he bought for a billion dollars."
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>he myth around the tech titan’s “humble” uniform amused me once I found out he probably paid $300+ per T-shirt, $2000+ per cashmere hoodie and $1000+ per pair of jeans. Turns out he’s actually got good taste!

>more money = more taste

top kek
>hush-hush, private appointment, makes-you-sign-a-nondisclosure-agreement
so why am i supposed to believe any of this
By wearing casual all the time he's showing his status. He doesn't need to dress up for you, you are below him. He can look like he just rolled out of bed for your meeting because he knows you're going to lick his boots to work for him. There's nothing accidental about it.

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Hey guys
I know you don't like cases on your phone but I kind of need one
It's for an iPhone 6s and I'm thinking the original Apple leather ones
Which colour will look best?
Also no hard cases that scratch the back of you have other options
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Do not get the leather one. I watched a drop-test video man years ago for the iPhone 6+ case between the rubber Apple case or the leather one and the rubber one which never cracked but the leather one almost immediately couldn't absorb the impact.

To this day I've dropped my phone several fucking times in the hopes of it being cracked but not a single time has it shattered. The case is now peeling off slightly but it is still pretty amazing for 2 year wear, I might replace it soon
It's not really for drop protection, I've gotten used to the shape and slipperiness so I never drop it. Just need some scratch protection and a bit more grip
I have the leather one and it saved my phone. The biggest advantage is that the phone's not so damn slippery. Colour wise black or brown.

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Is jerking fashion effay?

Is jerking effay?
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File: ben-n-leg.jpg (23KB, 367x309px)Image search: [Google]
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not if youre white and not a rapper

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