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I cut my hair myself and I do a good job on the top, but my sides and back are a mess and look like shit, im scared to cut it shorter than it would want. Today im going to get rid of my poverty looking longer hair on my back and get trimmed.

Please help me: What number should I use on the sides and back for this? The top is obviously scisored but I need to know the number for the sides and back to trim it with the trimmer. Or maybe is all 100% scissor? I doubt it tho.
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it's all scissors man
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how to cut the sides that short with scisor?

is this guy also scissors on the sides? it looks too equal in lenght to be scissors, looks trimmed to me

if trimmed, then what number??

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Space Mercenary.png
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>going to SE Asia during its summer
>will be hot and humid as fuck
>will mostly be staying in hotels
>want to look good for fb pics

Inspo thread? I am looking for something like pic related but not really as monochromatic. Think Operator-core with Techninja. So like how an Operator would look in an Urban environment but at the same time will have hints of earth colors so he can be in the Bush in a moment's notice.
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people are going to snigger if you dress like this
they associate those type of clothes with them hypebeast
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>going to SE Asia during its summer
>will be hot and humid as fuck

It was over before it even began

You have no idea what you are getting into

That info graphic will get you killed, literally by your own body

t. asia pro

Best in utility and comfort.

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Oi /fa/ggots I want to get my old leather jacket lined with either real or faux fur. Where would I go to do this or are there any websites?
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i know a guy named rick owens
look him up hell see what he can do
You gonna add spikes and a badass fox on the back too?

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Help me /fa/ (pretty please)! i ruined my palladium boots with grease stains that fell from my pancake while i was eating. The stains look black and they are impossible to remove. Any tips? pic unrelated, will post pic when they dry up
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u put mayo on ur pancakes?
my friend put that in, it was a meat pancake. Usually i dont eat mayo.
theyre ruined and u deserve it mayo is unbelievably unfa

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How do you look effay in the Australian summer (fucking 40+ Celsius)
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get ripped nerd
shorts singlet
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buy some interesting pieces
w2c sandals?

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Man I fucking hate my parents they took away my allowance because I was getting bad grades. But I told them that i didn't need to get good grades because I was going to be a fashion fashion icon like asspizza and Ian Connor but they didn't even know what I was talking about. Now how im i supposed to become a fashion icon if I don't have my weekly money. Old people im i right /fa/
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shitty b8 familia
its not bait its a joke you fucking retard
It's hard to tell when it's a joke when /fa/ really is full of dumb impressionable teens.

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the walking dead of foot wear
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can anyone give me an idea of how comfy these shits are
For a retail of $200 and compared to the overrated and poorly hyped $180 Ultra-Boost, this shoe is THE fucking premium shoe I've ever fucking worn.

Ultraboost is meme-tier compared to this and those $20 difference is truly the biggest disappointment Adidas has ever done.

I just wanted to see what the hype was about and rocked them just as a last goodbye before I sold them for 8.5 hundos

All in all, do not fall for the Ultra boost meme, I've also heard the replica factories are starting to get hold of the same energy pills/boost material and incorporating it into their newer replicas/UAs

Didn't see one of these in the catalog, post inspo, questions, discussion etc.
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Ok OP here I'll start: What does everyone think about Hedi potentially stepping down? Who do you think would be a good replacement?

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/fa/ help me, i got a wedding coming soon and I need a suit, what should I look for in fits and styles?

Low-medium price-range prefferably
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Don't outshine the groom. Just go in your grandpa's suit.
b-but we burned all of our grandpa's belongings
SuitSupply. Charcoal grey 2-button suit (3-button if you're over 6'2") with a notch lapel that is 3" to 3.5" wide. Don't go meme slim fit, go for a more moderate fit because this thing will last you a long time. It shouldn't pull or wrinkle anywhere when you wear it. The price should be somewhere in the $400-600 range, but it'll be worth it because you'll have a reasonable quality suit in a style you can use for many events to come.

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Fa what's the best place to get nice muscle fit tshirts? I want that shit tight
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Under Armour :)
just size down, you mong

and get /fit/ first

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Currently using this meme, but need something with a better hold. It's windy as fuck outside and my hair goes all over the place. What is a good alternative that has a better hold and leaves a matte finish?
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Boyfriend's cum?
he didn't ask for your favorite drink :^)
Baxter clay

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Why don't you guys ever follow this guys advice?


Every time I go into WAYWT Threads I see bunch of tween and underage teenager style of clothing who wants to be a special little snowflake. Wear something sensible.
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Because he just shills dollar shave club, trunk club, w/e pomade brand this week and his own personal "alpha m style guides"

Also he was laughed off shark tank mark cubin couldn't stop laughing at him
Because looking at him pisses me off. I do not want to look like him. So why would i take his advice on how a man should look?
Also this, he looks like an abercrombie kid who watched jersey shore

Thought it was the coolest shit ever and kept that up until his late 30's

Also "alpha" I bet his wife cucks him

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New tumblr thread because the old one is more than a week old and dead AF

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File: 333.jpg (373KB, 1217x1571px)Image search: [Google]
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are these just an excuse to get more followers?

also good to find more content
of course


reblogs, cool stuff

where to cop shirt or hat please this is really important
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File: 1449539770480.png (131KB, 500x500px)Image search: [Google]
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Everybody gets one
maybe there is some kind of shop but i dunno
Its costanza anon

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What does /FA/ think about iPhone cases? Why would some of the best dressed girls in america want to be seen in public with an ugly iPhone case that poor people use to protect their phones?

I would have gotten it if she used one of the statement cases from marc jacobs or moschino, but this ugly thing, cmon

Personally, i don't use any cases, because i'm not poor and because i like my iPhone as thin as possible so I easily can slide it into my pocket of my skinny jeans
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whos the afro qt on the left
what the fuck is that picture
>marc jacobs and moschino
choose one
File: tumblr_n97nk5ZsJt1sna2sgo1_500.png (284KB, 500x375px)Image search: [Google]
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then why does kylie jenner use them?

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