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poorfag edition
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judge and assume

>template coming up next
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just needed to add the comb and cologne.

>HERE is the template
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canadian robot.png
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ITT: joggers inspo
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Those are sweatpants, joggers have the shit elastic around the ankle and look fuccboi as hell. If you're going to make a new thread at least get your shit right.
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fuck, thought they were interchangeable
Where to buy sweat pants / joggers?

Seems like every place has their own iteration of them.

Hard to separate the signal from the noise.

Bought some joggers from H&M but the pockets are shallow so my items fall out and the quality sucks.

Which are the best?

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What is this made of?
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INteresting question. I will have to say bee sperm
some gemstone, possibly tourmaline maybe

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/fa/, bought some Allen Edmonds loafers that have been giving me heel slippage. Apparently you're supposed to buy half a size down for loafers. So I'm gonna return them and do just that. However, seeing as I'm still going through puberty at 20, is it conceivable my shoe size will go up?

In other words, should I keep wearing shoes that are a bit too big and try to use inserts to make them fit with the assumption my feet will grow, or is that a foolish assumption?
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No, just buy shoes that fit you.
Don't get shoes too small thinking they'll stretch out either.
Ok, good advice I'll stick to that. I'm a size 8 so maybe I should go down to 7,5
>size 8

what the fuck
are you 5ft tall

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Can we get a big feet thread going?

Share advice on:

>what brands have a wide range of big sizes
>how to not look like a clown

Size 14 1/2 reporting in here is some advice at the clown shoe issue:

>stay away from chucks
>pointed shoes are your friend
>no bright colours
>ankle high or boots
>laces, no slippers
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What shoes look decent? wish I could wear chucks desu, they're so versatile. UK 13 here.

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Hey /fa, I have thought about buying some 1460 Dr. Martens boots, but I do not know what outfit I should go with. Please helf mich.
>Pic related, it is what I do not want to look like.
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that is possibly the worst leather jacket i have ever seen

below walmart tier
The whole fit is fucking terrible
no skinny jeans, low rise jeans, no condom beanies

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No waywt thread. Lets change that.
>w a y w t
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I'll go first.
there are two other ones kill yourself
literal retard theres a waywt with less than 250 >>10901395

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Rate my 90s inspired t shirt design idea.

inb4 90s meme
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90s meme
looks like the t-shirt textures hasn't loaded yet
>logo too big
>color too bright (choose a washed out color)
>dropshadow too far apart
>terrible tshirt fabric
>that big ass black bar
try again

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/fa/ I got this MK henley as a gift. How should I wear it?
All four buttons undone (as pictured)? Shirt underneath? First two buttons buttoned, and no shirt under?
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a noose
Shirt underneath and whatever the fuck you want with the collar.

If it's cold, button up, if you're indoors and a bit warmer, unbutton it.

Sheeeit man, it's just a casual piece.
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That's a mock neck not a henley
They're not exactly easy to pull off without looking dadcore as fuck.

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Is anyone else excited for the A$AP Rocky GUESS Originals collab?
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I think it's a much needed revival for the brand and I love Flacko.

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Hey /fa! I found this dress at Burlington Coat Factory, and I wanted to wear it to prom but it was much too big... I couldnt find a smaller size in store, or at all online... Anyone know a similar one for a non rediculous price??
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Have fun looking like shit at your prom bitch
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Wow thats so productive thx
Didn't know this forum was established to give advice to the offspring of low income fuck wits

The problem with you fucking millenialsnis that you expect shit handed to you, like this example you expect us to act as online fashion consultants who will source you a dress.

Uh, well sure but where is my money bitch? Celebrities and stylists pay for these services what makes you special?/

The fact that you have to shop at a discount merchandiser for a prlm dress means your entitled to an internet workforce you don't have to pay?

Why don't you drink bleach rather than shol for a taxky curtain dress you fucking waste of life. You're not worth the powder in a .223 cartridge let alone the brass ...kike

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is polka dots /fa/? post polka dots inspo

pic how i polka dots
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Rate Thread!
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Go back to soc you fucking faglord
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arre rotten teeth /fa/?
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Brb brushing my teeth
only if its from chupa chups
even if youre kidding no pls no god no

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