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Is pic related jacket /fa/ approved ?
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price is $100
I don't like it
into the trash it goes!

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Trying new hair, honest opinions plz. Tried my dad but he calls me a fag regardless.
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Definitely not long enough senpai
please be bait
this is bait, surely?

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wtf are you doing asos?
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nobody gives a shit
*i dont give a shit
fixed that for you senpai
Lmao /pol/ plz leave

anyone know where to get a similar button up?

also asian superiority inspo general
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>asian superiority
>white insecurity
yeah lad, it's whites that are insecure


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dickies fit thread?

only one I got - basic, but I don't know how else to style dickies without looking like a sean pablo clone
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Does anybody where them as casual pants? I always thought they were mainly for work.
you must have been off effay for a while
Just got her mang.

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I'm a trans female and looking to buy a new pair of heels...post pics of what you think I should get! =D

Photo just for looks
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A noose you delusional twonk
Fuck you degenerate
Kill yourself
Only if you show me how it works first sweety :)

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What are some acceptable band or graphic tees?
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None. Wearing shirts showing what you like is fucking stupid, never let a band, product, show, whatever define you or your style.
raf simons
undercover. duh

Are Herschel backpacks quality really that bad? Could it last 3 years of college use or should I just go for a plain, old, boring but durable jansport?
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Just get a better quality backpack if you already assume those aren't going to cut it
A large part of quality is how well you take care of it. If you throw your bag around and mistreat it, then it won't last very long. If you baby it, then it should be okay for 3 years.

I used a jansport from 6th-11th grade and it only broke due to messing around with it. Thats over 5 years for a $40 backpack.
It's fucking crap. I got a hole only after 6 months of using it. Before I had 2 nike backpacks in my whole lifes and I am a senior in college right now.

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fjall raven.jpg
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To the Americans on this board, do you recognize this backpack? Fjall Raven? Do you see people wearing it on college campuses and places like that?

I'm American too, but I've been studying on exchange in Europe for the past year, and I've been seeing people wearing this backpack a lot lately. Especially in The Netherlands/Germany/Belgium. I'm considering picking one up to bring back with me to the states, but I can't remember if people were wearing it back in the states, too. It could be a European thing, as the brand only has a few retailers in the States. But I wanted to check with you guys to be sure.
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only swedish people are allowed to wear fjällräven
They're not popular in Belgium, we have eastpak still as main. They're everywhere in Scandinavia though
yeah ive seen them around nyc alot, not so much in boston

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Haven't bought uniqlo in a while. I like their sweatshirts because the arms are significantly longer than other brands.

I heard their quality has gone to shit though. Is this true?
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Majority of clothing produced in 2016 is dogshit quality desu
the funny thing about quality is that when you speak of it on the internet, 9 out of 10 people aren't qualified to discuss it or have no idea what they're talking about

when someone says "quality is shit" or "quality has gone to shit", what do they mean? are they talking about the method of construction? the materials used to produce it? the longevity of the piece? are they speaking from anecdotal experience or parroting back hearsay? have they done any research or compiled any data with a sufficient sample size?

the answer, in all likeliness, is no.

you want to know about quality? i don't think you yourself know what you're looking, and you just want reassurance from someone on the internet that something is "good quality" without actually knowing what that means.

go to a store and feel the clothes yourself, form your own judgment. buy a piece and see how durable it is or long it lasts.
i don't have a store anywhere close to me so I'm just trying to save myself the hassle of an internet return

one of the last sweatshirts I bought from them, I wore through the elbow rather quickly (I never had this happen before on an article of clothing) but I still felt like I got my money's worth. If the quality has declined from that then I don't think it would be worth it.

I read numerous reviews online that stated their oxford shirts were getting thinner and had less buttons at the wrist, which is an obvious sign of cost cutting

That's all I can tell you. I don't know shit about this stuff, which is why I came to /fa/

The last DIY thread is dead, this one will be the official one. I've got a question, just bought a shirt which has printed letters on it but I dislike the colouring of the letters, I want the colour to fade from dark blue to sky blue or at least a bit brighter. Is there a way to do this without fucking up the whole shirt? Btw, the shirt is white itself. thanks in advance guys

pic unrelated
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v cool jacket man
How do you print images into shirts like that??
The guy who did the one in the OP had a white T-shirt screenprinted with the image, then cut it out of the T-shirt and stitched onto the jacket.

I've been wanting an m65 coat for a while. Are they still /fa/? Which brand is the nicest? I'm thinking the Alpha Industries one is really nice. Anyone have pics or own this coat?
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I tried it on the other day.

Gay as fuck
I almost bought this, such a nice coat but went for the helo bomber one. They're /fa/ according to the tux guide. Also this belongs in the fuccboi questions thread.

just go to your local army surplus store and cop whatever works you fucking idiot we can't tell you what will make you look cool.

Educate your fucking taste.

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3x3 early april.jpg
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Hi, /fa/. I'm from /mu/ and /tv/. This is my yearly time to buy clothes.

I'm looking mainly for some nice basic shoes that will last and go with most anything. My current white red and blue onitsuka tigers are on their last legs.

I'm also looking for a decent parka for under $200 preferably in a darker brown, grey or navy.

Any recs? I can give movie or music recs in return.
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Might as well go for the meme shoes: common projects or Stan Smith's. They'll go with nearly anything.
>paying $400 for a plain white shoe

Fuck I'd buy those special edition japanese leather onitsukas before dropping 400 on CPs.

Stan Smiths aren't bad though. What's the consensus on Keds?
Stan smiths are a meme they look like shit, you want either superstars or match plays if you can find em

General jacket/coat thread. Also cop or not
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w2c a good spring/summer coat <£100?


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What do you do about annoying care tags? I have one on a t shirt that keeps poking and scratching me. I'd rather not cut it off considering the shirt's expensive and I want it to look authentic as possible.
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>I'd rather not cut it off considering the shirt's expensive and I want it to look authentic as possible.
who the fuck looks inside your clothing?
jesus christ you're autistic as fuck

if a care tag is bothersome, i seamrip it if possible, or else i just take some scissors to it as close to the seam as i can
Well fuckboy you see if I ever sell it in the future it might be helpful to have all the proof I can that's it's real.
Not realizing you're the fuckboy
wew lad

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