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What is the male equivalent of this "sporty-slut core"?
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I need her to sit on my face asap
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slutty I can see but you don't know sporty, bitch.

And the male equivalent would be "surfer bro" but it's practically extinct, just like sporty girls.

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Looking for the guy that was looking for someone in korea that speaks english and korean. for harajuku clothes, socks and stuff
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Not him but have you ever purchased from Ader error?
뭐라는거야, 병신년아
Copping something from them soon. Love their stuff
Isn't harajuku Japanese?

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What do you wear?
Briefs master race here.
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Briefs. That's an extremely long torso and way too long underarms. Who thought this would look good?
Boxer-briefs. Calvin Klein for everyday wear, compression shorts by Adidas or UO for athletics.

Can't emphasize enough how important compression briefs are for working out.
You're fucking kidding me right? Because in comparison you look better than an underwear model?

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post em, rate em! mine
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$120 and under is cheap for me. But anything that is cheap to you guys passes I guess...
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Puma R698 X BWGH
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if you wanna be on the hype train cop the nmds. they retail at 120
the only goood onces start at 170. maybe the suedes too

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i need a good bookbag, should i just go with a black jansport or something else.

its gotta be under 60 dollars US
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They're expensive new, but maybe you can buy a used Goruck? If you get one without all the velcro and MOLLE or just don't put a dumb patch on it, they have a really neat profile and comfy shoulder straps.
I'm assuming books can fit in it. If it doesn't pickle your nickel, Kelty Redwing.
You're not gonna find a used GoRuck for under $60. Just sayin.

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Ahah wut
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>most of my pieces
Kill yourself my famm
What is this stupid shit?
>texting more than the girl
>having conversations about gothninja on a sex app

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Would this look good on a long-sleeve T-shirt?
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absolutely fucking not

looks shit
This goes beyond school shooter core and into some new realm of weirdness
e r a t a s

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how do people with trendy uncool tastes in everything else still often manage to come onto an inspired, personal style in fashion? how do they pull it off so well when all the art or any creative work they do is so shallow and off mark? I don't get it

Usually if someone is cool in one sense, they're cool in a lot of senses, but fashion is the one exception. somehow losers manage to walk around looking cool until you talk to them and learn they're still losers
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Maybe your a loser and you like loser styles so you are attracted to your own kind

Everyone I've ever met with style I would consider good have turned out to be incrediblely interesting people

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beat ass.jpg
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Short time lurker starting to get interested in fashion here. What is a good starting point for somebody like me who has realised they have been dressing like an aut for years and basically has 0 /fa/ clothes? I was thinking of copping some simple palewave shit to flesh out my wardrobe on a reasonably tight budget.
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to whoever the guy that called palewave will be the next big thing, nice. To you OP get some good jeans some shirts you like and some kicks and you'll be sweet. Most people here have shit taste in fashion anyway. Here is a great tip, its all about blending colors the right way.
I'm in the same position. I've always dressed nicely but nothing /fa/ would ever find acceptable, and only recently started getting into it. Read the sticky, its got a lot of useful stuff on it including links and colour matching like the other anon said.
I've poured over the sticky but when I look at waywt threads etc I can't always put my finger on what makes the fit appealing/unappealing. Unless it's some blatantly well fitted, simple, goth ninja shit, which is rare.

What r some cool shoes 4 five hunnit dollas?
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gats or qasas
how about non-cuck shoes?
dick ovens geobastard

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What are some good summer shoes in white colour ?
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Stan Smiths

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COP OR NOT?!?!!?!?!??!?!?!
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no they look like shit lmao
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Jesus, they look awful. Not even close

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right wing gf.jpg
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W2C right wing gf in London?
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Fuck, that girl is so beautiful
kill urself
Probably better off looking at a foreighner. Britain has deng women. The vikings took all the good looking ones.

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Sup /fa/,

So I've just received a job offer for an engineering position in the city. I've done my co-op's at this facility so I know what everyone wears:

>dress pants/chinos
>dress shirt
>optional tie
>steel-toes (shipbuilding standards)

I typically dress kind of slackercore-ish, I thrift almost everything because I didn't have a ton of money to start dropping $200 on single shirts.

How do I make this transition? I feel like the juxtaposition of work clothing mixed with what I'm wearing everyday is completely fucked.

Is there any slacker-core-business-casual hybrid inspo? Maybe just some business-casual general inspo if you guys have any
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ur being payed to work not show off your cool tumblr clothes you utter speng

just go to the gap and get some shirts and pants fuck
you just fucking wear work clothes to work and whatever you want otherwise
jesus when did this board become so retarded
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>having zero consistency

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