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gonna buy a suit, pants, shoes set for 2300 dollars from hugo boss is it worth it?
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It's seriously not

If you're poor enough to have to ask then it's not
just go to a tailor and get a mtm

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Which color?? Help me pick
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Or these
Sorry for the Russian words in the screenshots btw
I think you should go with the white adiddas
I think you're incredibly funny

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Is Eevil Stöö and his music /fa/?
What about this music video?
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fag music
I think he's even wearing a rick jacket in this one
Eevil stöö is a lyrical genious

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>people on /fa/ still wear bomber jackets
>people on /fa/ still wear distressed jeans
>people on /fa/ still wear chelsea boots
>people on /fa/ still wear overcoats

>tfw all of these are extremely popular on malefashionadvice

>tfw unfashionable laggards can (and do, in large numbers) purchase all of these at their local Target, Kmart, or Forever 21
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well what do you suggest pissbaby
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>people on /fa/ still wear shoes
File: image.jpg (51KB, 650x855px)Image search: [Google]
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>people on /fa/ still wear clothes

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>worn a parting on my right for my entire life
>find out that a parting on your right is code for 'I'm gay'

Why did my fucking barbers let me do this?
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but it isnt
who the hell said that
literly the stupidest shit i ever heard

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How to dress like the boys?
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Dumpster diving in Halifax, I imagine
Those famous tearaways aren't easy to get
But you can get sunnyvale hockey jerseys online
Walmart core
Who's the most /fa/ character on TPB?

So, straw hats are coming back into fashion. How does /fa/ plan to include the grass fedora into their wardrobe?
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i don't
>straw hats are coming back into fashion
[citation needed]
maybe if you shopped at urban outfitters in 2010

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Look at this reddit fag jesus fucking christ
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wtc pants?

rips look like shit but the fit on them is great
He's chubby and needs to lose weight.
this fit is why hedi left SL

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Which is perceived as a higher end brand? Should I buy either of them?
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Polo, the croc is for middle class niglets
While Lacoste is higher end, both brands are very common BUT they can make some decent outfits if paired correctly. Only buy these brands if they're on sale. If you're going to pay full retail then buy some legit high end designer brands on farfetch or something.

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How come I don't see girls rock the female pomp anymore? I always thought it was super cute.
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File: image.jpg (80KB, 540x540px)Image search: [Google]
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ghetto tier
looks especially good on her
shit hair

What are some good quality plain tees for somebody tall and fit? I wanted to buy Norse projects at first but they're made for twinks.
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Arizona used to make really good plain tees. Quality has gone down, but they're still decent and cheap as fuck
im from europe, i'd just get reigning champ if i was from usa
I have a pretty regular body shape but jesus christ I can never find a shirt that fits correctly. They all seem to be too long. I want a t shirt that fits at the wait and is kind of drapey like shias. W2c shirts like this

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how do I into Lindybeige-core?

he looks so comfy
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Well first of all you need a Lindybeige shirt

i want him to be my dad
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Can a white guy wear this outfit? I really love it but I dont know where to buy a cheaper than pic related and I dont want to look weird.
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Depends on if your attractive enough.
only if you're an anime
not if youre asking random internet strangers on a singaporean noodle cooking forum

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Holy fuck i'm sick to my stomach with you people. Can you please stop telling my boyfriend to buy new balance shoes and other spastic shit please. You don't understand how embarrassing it is to explain to my friends why my boyfriend dresses like an autistic old man which is how they put it. Here is a hint guys, the majority of shit you post here and suggest to people is not fashionable at all, especially new balance shoes.
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>mfw OP cant even come uo with original trolls
File: aid278241-728px-Bait-a-Thread.jpg (60KB, 728x546px)Image search: [Google]
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Nice b8 OP. All you proved is that you have shit taste.

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Does /fa/ like death metal?

Post some death metal inspo and fits /fa/
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id on shoes?
File: image.jpg (96KB, 640x854px)Image search: [Google]
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