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Pagan nazi hillbilly fashion inspo.
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>pagan nazi hillbilly
>it's just some random farmer

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hi /fa/

What's /fa/'s opinion on Gosha Rubchinskiy?


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I think it's pretty cool it suck that it's near impossible to cop anymore because of the hype.
Overpriced shit

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Why would women wear this? what is the point? Huge fetish of mine but I dont see it any point why a woman would wear this outside the bedroom. dont seem like the best underwear.
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keeps the gut and brisket areas pushed in on chubsters

chubby girls have all sorts of tricks and bullshit
skinny ones just wear falsies
bathing suit
thats not a bathing suit.

I know there kind of is a girl thread going on but its too specific. Im going to dump some inspo I just found.

Also if you have fits with skirts and dresses that arent really girly please share. Pic related.
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So now that Ian Connor has been ousted as a rapist (big surprise), how do y'all feel about him? Was this revelation too little too late? Who will replace "The king of the youth"?

Cliffs: good fucking riddance
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who cares
Take this buzzword back to tumblr
Elaborate on him being a racist

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I'm about to order a biker jacket. Can we get a biker jacket inspired thread going?
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what jacket is it?
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say no more
The one in pic related isn't what I'm thinking about copping. Not sure what pic related is.

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/Fa/ct: no body type is inherently more or less /fa/ than any other.
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What about whale body type

Show /fa/ts then and prove it lardlord.
i'd whale on her body type gnomesane

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Weeb fashion general
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If I could get this printed in reverse on the inside of the shirt so that it showed through on the outside I'd go for it

I have one or two shirts with simple geometry printed on the inside, looks okay. I don't fuck with graphic tees otherwise
That design looks pretty good
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Is there some sort of list of sites that sell weeb fashion stuff? If not, should such a list be created? I know a couple stores but I feel like there is a lot more out there that I'm missing.

bumping with GOAT weeb clothing item.

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Fashion, tell me Do I have potential?
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Are you a woman?
Sorry, should have clarified, I'm a male.
i like your lips no homo

Do you like women with short hair?
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sometimes. I only generally like hair to a bit more than ear length ear length at shortest.
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No. Most, if not all, women could improve their appearance by growing out their hair. I have yet to come across a girl who looks better with short hair than long hair

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Old thread: >>>11111579

/suit/ thread! Discuss suits! Wear suits! /suit/s!

I've been thinking about double breasted suits a lot more lately - SuitSupply has some nice ones. Any of you guys feel comfortable enough to try one? I feel they'd work fairly well with my body type at 6'1" and 155lbs.
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Saman Amel 9.jpg
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I don't think I could properly wear a double breasted suit without looking like a fedoramonger.
Good summer suits but ugh the shoes and no socks

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Who is your fa inspiration?
For me it is Conor Mcgregor!

For those who dont know him, he is a UFC MMA fighter who always looks dapper

I was just wondering if anyone else had real people whose fashion they always admire. I would be interested in checking them out
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also would anyone have any info on this awesome green shirt?
he looks like a manlet redditor tbqh
all i know is that its awesome :D

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Is rollerblading effay?

If so, what are some effay, not cringey-looking blades?
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>two rows of wheels instead of one

you what, it's not the 50s granny
I don't think so. Bikes are better anyway.

80's Eastern Europe rubber factory aesthetic
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