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do any of you guys wear makeup? i wanna start but i dont really know how to without looking like a member of greenday.z

pic related, its the best example i could find of what i'm talking about
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fuck you faggot i just wanna be pretty
how old are you then gayboi

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since i saved up enough good boy points (saving for 3 years! lol) mommy decided to buy me some new shoes. Now since ik /fa has sum good. fashion sense which should i get??


how much are yeezyz and which ones are the newest?
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these are the last, u can find them on aliexpress for 50$
You aren't going to be able to get Yeezys for anything less than 1000 dollars these days unless you either A) get super fucking lucky and get in on a third party retailer releasing them exclusively because they bought a decent size stock for themselves or B) buy from eBay or other second hand sites where they're going to cost upwards of a thousand dollars OR C) buy replicas at an affordable price from China.

Yeezy Air 2s you're posting are extremely limited edition and the Red Octobers alone go for 3-4k online.
Do not buy these you will look like a damn fool. He doesn't make shoes with Nike anymore and these fakes are combining the Yeezy 350s with a Nikes shoe.

If you want decent replicas go to www.yeezy.to

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Just bought a shirt with this art on it and people seem genuinely upset by it. Should I stop wearing it?
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but yes if you're wearing it like a faggot
Well you obviously bought it to upset people, so no.

I hope you understand that most people aren't exposed to disgusting gore all the time like you probably are on the internet.
That cannot possibly be aesthetic, but feel free to post a pic and prove me wrong.

Superstar or Stan Smith
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Why not both?
neither. if you're that pressed to pick, go with smiths I guess.

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Are cigars /fa/?

Or are cigarettes the only way to go?
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mini cigars or cigarillos(not swisher sweets) are /fa/
no they aren't. roll your own cigarettes to be effay
im not a peasant that lights shit tier tobbacco

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I got a pair if OVO 10s and they are really cool, still debating if I sell or keep.
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you waited too long to sell them, just keep them

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Ask a drycleaning worker anything.
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Why haven't you killed yourself yet?
The chemicals he's exposed too are going to do that for him
C'mon guys perc isnt THAT bad

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Why are the Japanese alone so God Tier in fashion? What made an angry island nation of warriors and katana fedora ninjas turn into a mild mannered nation of fashion icons?

Korea as always is a mix of China and Japan.

Why are Chinese always so boring? I swear their entire existence hinges on making money and mentally abusing their children until they learn to make lots of money.

Sorry I digress, my point being that Japan is alone in Asia in being fashion gods and I want to know why that is and you can post Japancore inspo in here as well.
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asian body types makes anything look good
They make the best of what they have.
pic related is absolute bullshit

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Look what came in the mail
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You're a bit late to the party
the meme is already over
kill yourself
>not gold text
kill yourself

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Hi /fa/
Should we start a "effay accesories" thread?
Pic somehow related
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zippos are fedoracore bruh
they're only effay if you engrave your own.
that lighter will go nicely with your fedora, op
you big fat faggot

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Is Melee effay?
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Leffen is
/fa/ character tier list:


>captain falcon


>ice climbers

>all low tiers
roy is to marth as hnm is to designers

Can I be /fa/?
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No, but you can always blow your brains out.
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how active is your social life, effay? how about your love life? how much time do you spend online vs out being social/outgoing?

why is being extroverted so much more fashionable?

why do underage teens think being a brooding shut-in is fashionable? (it isn't)
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this thread is shit
theres no one here and i have an ugly tattooed girl staring at me
girls with tattoos are gross
What the fuck is wrong with you
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What are some brands to get this look? I can only think of carhartt, and basic t-shirts and sweaters with /out/ and /k/ brands.
>Inb4 stolen valor, I'm mil myself, but I'm from the city so no one really dresses like that.
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Bass Pro
Crye Precision, if you can afford it.
Ford, Chevy, Dodge, Caterpillar, John Deer or military apparel
Focus on the colors
dad jeans
dirty boots
truck with mudflaps

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What's /fa/ swimming in this summer?
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4 way stretch shit but only cuz I surf.
Board shorts.
I've been thinking of getting a leapord print thong style something to show off my quads but I don't want to come off as a try hard. The leopard print makes it sort of a joke but I know someone will think I'm taking it serious.
try it

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