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What do you guys think of MANGO's take on GATS?
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who is mango


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Next meme shoe? i think it's gonna be pic related
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>tfw I would legit wear these
Ninja turtle core

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post some inspo
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Can't start the thread without these m'man
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cant 4get
I wish I could take some pictures theres a community college and its literally packed with them all the guys wear stussy hats and shirts with cargo pants and the girls wear loose cardigans with round glasses

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Can we get a 90s inspo thread going?
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W2c Cardigan or similar?
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/pol/ here

why do you faggots try so hard to dress like wiggers?
Why don't you dress like real man? Studies show that women find men like these the most attractive.
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>men like these
You mean homosexuals? They might think those fancy bois look nice, but they want a thug nigga in the bedroom, ya feel me, OP?
fucking racist scum. We wear what we want
how can white men even compete?

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Who is the most /fa/ person in history?
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Let's bring the 90's back
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where have you been?
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Dude they've been back for so long
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What are some /fa/ novels and authors?

I think pic related is a good contender.
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Murakami is the Macbook of the literary world.
This in terms of depth, I guess.

He really just over describes everything, which at first comes across as neat and intentional, but eventually reveals itself as more of a crutch in hopes you'll apply your own meaning to details. He has no subtlety, has very little to say outside of fairly obvious opinions and prevalent opinions on humanity, and is generally a failure to write anything but vapid reassurances to the crowd of millennials who find themselves as intellectuals with no intent to accept information of the world that doesn't fit their cynical narrative of veiled narcissism.

He's an obvious product of the computer age, something he openly admits and even advertises, but unfortunately isn't able to teach us anything about what that actually means other than a constant supply of gratuitous information.

He's just another pop author. That said, it's cool he's gotten people who haven't read anything since their high school education to be interested in literature.
this has fucking nothing to do with /fa/
go to the correct board

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I've never seen female hair inspo in the hair generals, so here we go.
What are /fa/ female hairstyles/cuts right now? Post inspo/advice/critiques etc.
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I feel like there needs to be some kind of a hair shake up soon.
Every other woman I see (who cares about her hair) has either a tousled lob or long beachy waves with a subtle balyage, and every edgy teenage girl has blue-green tumblr hair or grey-lilac.

It just feels repetitive at the moment. Like we've run out of hairstyles.
I wish big hair would come back
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forgot pic

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Any idea where I can cop that kind of style like pic related? Something more old school, mature/refined/classy. Also, any idea of cool vintage stuff to do? I already started wet shaving with a straight razor, shooting, go to church on sunday, some DIY projects...hobbies/habits/mindset suggestions?
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for cool old stuff to do, travel to Germany and slaughter some socialists with a llbattle rifle.
Then return home, buy a starter home, Marry the first women you ever seduce, raise five children and torment them through out their childhood with your uncontrollable rage and PTSD.
But in all seriousness, you might like theartofmanliness.com
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>old school, mature/refined/classy
>wet shaving with a straight razor, shooting, go to church on sunday, some DIY projects...hobbies/habits/mindset suggestions?
pic related
Shooting is great, but what the fuck.

As someone who grew up shooting, hunting, riding, going to church on Sundays and dressing like an established older white man, you kinda have to let your style come out of what you're into. Otherwise it's a costume.

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is this considered "chubby" in 'murrica? i though chubby means like 10 lbs overweight...

post some chubby fashion inspo pls (and don't judge i'm stil cutting)
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Nah she's fat.
it's fat
no matter how you spin it. she is fat. changing labels chubby/curvy is just something people say to fool themselves.

If i can see your gut. you're FAT
That is obese and nowhere near attractive Im sorry

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/fa/ you are obsessed with your dumb jean general, any idiot can buy denim heres the real question.

What are your daily spring/summer shorts?

So Shorts General
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Chubbies are always the answer.
How tall are you I feel like a fucking asshole wearing 5 inch shorts, Im 6'1
If I could I would just wear board shorts all the time. But usually just plain athletic shorts. It's too hot in fucking Texas to wear nicer stuff during summer.

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Is effay vidya merch even possible, i think if any franchise has the possibility to have wearable merch its the souls series but idk if we will ever get it
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Wow can't believe no troll has brought Musterbrand into this
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I always liked the "N7" symbol from Mass Effect

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i need your guys opinion.. Im 19 my mom was bitching at me for buying a $900 jacket, with money I earned and I worked for. If its my money whats the problem? i want nice shit.. and im not completely broke either. She says i need to save for the future and shit and shes right but wtf whats the point of making money if you cant spend it

Whos right here?
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your mom is right
protip: never tell anyone what things cost
then who the hell are these clothes marketed too? Old people who have nothing left to live for?

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My girlfriend asked me what kind of lingerie I wanted to see her in. I couldn't think of anything beyond black lace. I would like some inspo, suggestions, anything that I can request of her.
Pic related as it is generally her build only she's a bit more toned/fit.
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I'll add some more of what I like.
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