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How can I dress fashionably like a Jojo character?
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kill zepp
do like http://jojo.wikia.com/wiki/Thunder_McQueen and kill yourself
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get a gucci bag stand

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Opinions on Barbell Jeans?
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They look like functionality played a part in their design, so /fa/ will hate it
Meh, they just look like average jeans. Don't like the bottom of the men's ones, looks like a boot cut. I think if they were tapered knee-down to about a 7" opening they'd look pretty good, plus an opening that size is big enough to not make someone with big legs looks weird as fuck.
It would be nice to have a tapered jean that's less pricey. I'm not going to spend over 100USD on a pair of pajama jeans.

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What product should I use to do this with my hair?
>inb4 cum
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Alright /fa/m looking to get more into this, what are everyone's thoughts on boots? How long is too long, styles? Anything?
Also boots general.
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Unless you want to look like a Skinhead nazi, I'd recommend getting black in a matte colour.
I bought these ones over a year ago. Still going strong.
What if I were looking for something a little dressier?
I've seen Timberlands mentioned around before, /out/ and such, and they seem like a solid choice.
JFC, you don't look like skinhead nazi for wearing black boots, you look like that for being a skinhead or being a nazi with a shaved head.

As a general rule the 14 eyelet Docs Martens are too long, (although there can be exceptions)
your pics is fine.

Thoughts on /stacycore/?
> blonde hair with beach waves or a classic ponytail
> no makeup makeup
> bubblegum pink lips
> white teeth
> PINK/VS athletic wear
I don't care if you think this kind of girl is basic as fuck, she attracts more normal, conventionally attractive guys that weird anime virgins who want to possess their oneitis.

I've never met a brunette that wasn't the target of someone's weird obsession or didn't have a cult like relationship with their boyfriend.
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>caring what plebs do with their lives
I want to put my benis in her
it isn't /fa/ but it is the god tier type of female

also, why would you want to be the target of someones obsession?

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post brand suggestions and inspo
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more like being so uncreative that you have to be dressed by the internet
can you tell me how to dress myself then
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Am I /fa/
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Lose weight
I heard gun in your mouth goes pretty well with no shirt
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I'm skinny

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What size leg openings do you go with? Pic related because skinny jeans and story et fall boots are sexy as fok.
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as small as possible
I try to go with 10 or 11 inch.
With pointy boots, you'd want a smaller opening

With rounder toe/ somewhat chunkier boots, a wider opening looks better

Can y'all clowns "redpill" me on dress shirts?

I got an internship at a law firm and I'm required to "dress professionally". I've had office jobs before but I usually wore polos and khakis, which isn't gonna cut it at this new place. Right now, I literally own 2 dress shirts and they don't fit me very well since I lost a bunch of weight recently.

Also, I pretty much never wear shirts, so when I do I take them to the dry cleaner, but if I start to wear them five days a week for months, this shit is gonna get expensive real quick. My building doesn't have a washing machine so I go to the laundromat. Can I just toss those babies in there? And then what? I literally have no idea of what I'm doing.

So, dress shirts, where to buy them, what to look for, what pants to wear with them, how to care for them, etc. I need all the help I can get.


P.S. I live in Toronto if that changes anything.
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Dry cleaning or machine washing is a personal choice, and comes down to cost. If you wash them at the laundromat, absolutely wash them in cold water and iron them when you get them home.

Ideally you want at least two weeks' worth of shirts so you can do laundry weekly but if you miss your opportunity it's okay. If you use undershirts, you can recycle the shirt before washing. Don't buy any shirts that are blended with polyester ever. All cotton, cotton/linen, or all linen only. Brooks Brothers is a good place to start looking. As far as pants go, clean-looking cotton khakis (not wrinkled to shit from the wash) or wool slacks (heavyweight linen may be acceptable in summer) are your options.
1) Learn to iron. Isn't hard.
2) Get non-iron shirts so the effort required during ironing isn't great, but still iron them. Cheaper shirts also tend to be harder to iron, so don't go cheap.
3) Yes, you can toss dress shirts in the wash, but do so on a gentle cycle. Dry cleaning helps them last longer, but not by much. The collars and cuffs will begin to fray over time, and generally do before anything else - once they do, replace the shirt.

Also, I pretty much always wear black pants. Maybe this is stated in the sticky but what other colour should I get and what colour shirt should I wear with them?

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try it out; determine your beauty, show off your results
curious to see how beautiful effay is (oh how grotesque and hideous people in /facerate/ can get!)
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Meh, could be better, was 19 in the picture.
tell that to the hordes of swine that post on the face rate threads.

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Are there any tailors that would make me a trajes corto suit if I requested it?

I want it in this style. But I don't know if a tailor would do it for me, or if they just make normal suits.

Who do I go to for such a request?
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Is it only possible to get this done in mexico?

There are mexican websites that sell these kind of suits but they look different from what I want.

Do you see how the one I linked in my original picture is far superior.
You would probably have to take a template for them unless they're mexican

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Are these polarized, matte black/grey Wayfarers I've just ordered for $190 /fa/ approved?
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lol no
gradients are not fa
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rivers cuomo.jpg
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Welp, that's cause I've posted a wrong pic. Here's an actual pic of my new shades.
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They look cool, OP

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Who is the best project runway winner and why is it Christian Siriano?
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That show was shit, but I also agree

I haven't heard anything from him though, is he still designing?
tfw wish it was still 2008
I still remember his final collection for that show like it was yesterday. It was glorious.

Should I cop these Nike Huaraches?

How do they fit? Any other alternatives or colorways I should consider?
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These will be out of trend in a couple of months and you will stop wanting to wear them. Just like the roshes. You know it to be true.
Huaraches run small (got pic related). I wear US9 and huaraches fit really snug whereas with Pegasus 83s I'd need to go down half a size to get a similar fit
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I'm also considering those in all-black or in pic related's colour.

But I have a feeling the "original" huaraches would work better with shorts this summer.

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Hey, i'be having the side and back of my head faded for a while now keeping the top. This has been going on for about 5 months. Any Ideas on what I can do with my hair? I'm look for something new that will work for my head shape
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nice hair senpai
try to not take this too hard
you gotta lose some weight man
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