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black polo.jpg
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Just bought a pair of these instead of black converse/vans like everybody else on earth. They were also $40, thoughts?

Kicks thread.
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Gay brand for shoes tbqhspfam
File: adidas tubular primeknit.jpg (67KB, 940x626px)Image search: [Google]
adidas tubular primeknit.jpg
67KB, 940x626px
B also have these tubes
What black on black shoe would you rock instead? I'm looking for a clean sneaker

Anyone have any earthy type fits? With tans, browns, greens, olive, or even maroons maybe or whatever feels more "earthy". I want to add more to my wardrobe than just black white and grey.
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bump for interest
File: s_56b8d3ec9c6fcf61ce0046a4.jpg (15KB, 300x300px)Image search: [Google]
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It was this shoe that inspired me to get more into this kind of color pallet.
File: 1459936619115.jpg (147KB, 500x750px)Image search: [Google]
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Also this is kind of what I'm looking for. I don't have any other examples though.

File: UkYdcMO.png (950KB, 609x802px)Image search: [Google]
950KB, 609x802px
is Martin Shkreli effay?
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The best part about this thread is that OP undoubtedly sat there and laughed heartily to himself while also congratulating himself for the wit of the post
He could buy out the whole Hermès store if he felt like it.
Thread closed nobody else post here anon won it

File: uwmc0ad1rp5batgfuokc.jpg (52KB, 900x601px)Image search: [Google]
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Are there nu-males who still dress like this in your zone?
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yes i live in oklahoma and see them from time to time. t b h i own a pair of red wings with christie soles and selvedge jeans and lots of flannels but i think i tend to avoid this style? whatever man i can't afford to buy new clothes anymore so i gotta make it work
The only real issue with this are the stupid beards and those terribly patched jeans.
I'm never gonna be able to look at beards the same way thanks to these cucks

Unconventional thread

No fucking Chads and no fucking Stacys. Post people who you think are unconventionally attractive. Like, people you think would be considered ugly by 50% of the population, but attractive by the other 50%.
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File: 16565_1_front.jpg (64KB, 264x352px)Image search: [Google]
64KB, 264x352px

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2MB, 1975x1481px
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File: sand.jpg (96KB, 538x693px)Image search: [Google]
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I wish I could wear pants during summer

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Discuss the latest techwear releases and your style in the new techwear general.

Where were you when sufu saved techwear with hot new waywt fits?
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those shoes?
nikes i think
Vest looks good for cycling, any idea what it is?

File: hike.jpg (83KB, 454x686px)Image search: [Google]
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/hiker/- General

How 2 b effay innawoods?
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You need a beard

how trite
Anyone have any links to a somewhat effay breathable short sleeved button up shirt? 100% cotton is probably not a good idea

File: image.jpg (754KB, 1242x1872px)Image search: [Google]
754KB, 1242x1872px
>tfw not living in manhattan
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>LMAO look at me I'm so cool having my phone's language in Korean when all I can understand is oppa saranghaeyo
america is a shit hole, and probably one of the least fashionable developed countries
in my own mind im the most fashionable person to ever exist so it doesnt matter

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What happened to emos, /fa/? Did you like the style? Were you one back in high school?
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the girls were qt as f, low self esteem tho

the boys the epitome of cringe, unmanliness and self-loathing
File: giphy-downsized-large.gif (4MB, 203x360px)Image search: [Google]
4MB, 203x360px
they all killed themselves.


> low self esteem tho
> tho
low self esteem in girls is GOAT tbqh fám

File: CXv0eu3UQAA-OrC.jpg (103KB, 740x740px)Image search: [Google]
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/fa/ rappers.
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A$AP Rocky
Travis Scott
brittany is so perfect
uzi is winning
damn right uzi is winning.

is uzi a weeb or somethin

File: Agnello.jpg (177KB, 736x489px)Image search: [Google]
177KB, 736x489px
Tattoo general ? Getting this on my forearm in a month
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Dude nice snake porn tat

File: skxaqy7.jpg (22KB, 530x707px)Image search: [Google]
22KB, 530x707px
what is the best way to remove hair, especially legs, considering very hairy everything.
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Beasts all over the shop. You'll be one sooner or later.
Nair or just shave that bitch

File: 1431086506733[1].jpg (52KB, 710x753px)Image search: [Google]
52KB, 710x753px
Anyone got nice tips for a good summer jacket?
Can also post inspo, thinking about copping a MA1 TT for now, good idea?
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those jackets are SO OUTTA HERE
then post the ones you like, mate
File: 2016-04-04_17-25-55.png (254KB, 295x361px)Image search: [Google]
254KB, 295x361px
cop or not?

File: image.jpg (34KB, 640x672px)Image search: [Google]
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W2C shoes from this vid

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What slim fit jeans to cop for under $100? Is Levi 511 the only decent option?
w2c fascism hat
Made it myself on customink and sold the extra 11 (they make you buy a min of 12) I'd say get a plain black hat and take it to an embroidery shop near you and it will probably be p cheap.

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