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Another prep thread. Bring all your prep related inspo, questions, and everything else here.

My question is this: How do you guys dress prep in a modern way. All these classic inspo pictures are nice, but I feel as though they would look out of place if you dressed like that casually today. Thoughts?
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>he fell for the take ivy meme
You don't "try" to dress prep, it comes with the territory. Quite simply, if you're not in the upper middle class or above strata, then you can't pull it off, lol.
How so?

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dress (2).jpg
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Why is it unacceptable for guys to wear dresses?
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u gay, son?
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>never be acceptable for guys to wear cute skirts and cute boots or cute tops showing off your midriff
says who

Last thread near autosage >>11068068
BBC perfume documentary (part 1 of 3):
general info
various fragrance communities/review sites/blogs
w2c samples
on DIY fragrances
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For anyone looking for fragrance suggestions, give as much information as possible about what you want. Helpful info could include gender, price range, climate/season, use (work/clubbing/etc.), notes/families you like/dislike, and other perfumes you've tried and liked/disliked.
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First for fresh cops
Time to smell like summer vacation
Is that ad for real? It seems a little too satisfied with its own cleverness.

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w2c skinny light blue slim fit jeans? not broken meme ones desu but i have this great idea and need well-fitting light blue jeans

thinking of acne but cant seem to find light blue ones in decent sizes anywhere
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oops didnt mean to put that skinny in there, fuck whatever
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ssense has a few lightwash styles in all sizes
are you baiting me or is this actual advice

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Is supreme leader Merkel /fa/ ? Also /fa/ politicians in generall
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The only way she would look /fa/ is if she was strung up from a lampost and beaten in the street like Mussolini.
INB4 a kike-hating /pol/tard posts Trump, a man who would probably Ben Netnewhateverthefuck off in a yoctosecond.

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Who here fell for the facial hair meme?

How long did it take for you to realise that clean shaven is the best look?
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>clean shaven is the best look
are you familiar with toni?
low pleb can't grow a bear and come posting shit on /fa/
Is this one person spamming this or has /fa/ suddenly got a hard on for this Toni guy?

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Is pot /fa/?
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have you asked toni?
No but I love it
Hell yes dude I fuckin loveeeee weed dude

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Is this the greatest fit of the millennium?
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Can I save this?
>Gee Bill, 2 caps?!

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ITT: Dead designers who are turning in their graves over what happened to their line
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Helmet lang i suppose
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He's not dead

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Which are your favorite Italian Brands? ;)
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Stone Island
Italian fashion is gaudy for the most part

not sure if this is the right board but..

Skin Care Thread
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Never touch your face, ever
for any problems use creams or something but no reason to touche your face ever
good advice
Eat a clean non gmo diet

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download (10).jpg
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What product would be used to get this kind of 'wet' look?
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"Don't wash your hair for 3 days"
I want to know as well, guys please

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Anyone have this knock knees problem? It makes my fucking legs look weird in skinny jeans and i just want to fix it, have any of you corrected it?
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stand up straight cuck

you are such a fag op.
aint that easy dickheads

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pally faya.jpg
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Hola /fa/
Palace will be dropping their Summer 2016 range tonight, what are y'all copping?
Are you reselling it or keeping it?

I'm probably buying the fire logo t-shirt (pic related) or the smudge one.
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Fuck U
Coppin that burg polo


ONLY IF YOU REPLY "swiftness is key"

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Who's hyped for drop tomorrow?
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sadly me
what u gonna cop

anyone know what hoodie JME;s wearing? the nike one?

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