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File: Rafidas Inspo 9.jpg (440KB, 3081x2246px)Image search: [Google]
Rafidas Inspo 9.jpg
440KB, 3081x2246px
Post them autism shoes, boys
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File: Rafidas Inspo 2.jpg (99KB, 841x618px)Image search: [Google]
Rafidas Inspo 2.jpg
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File: 1457203324094.jpg (1MB, 1947x2000px)Image search: [Google]
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possibly one of my favourite fits of all time

File: v1bcswcbzllyggl4rrmv.jpg (89KB, 640x640px)Image search: [Google]
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/fa/'s opinion on Nike Air Plus TN?
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they nice, that colorway is uglay though, its like toothpaste
I own a pair. Comfy as fuck.
i have these ones and i fucking love them

File: 1460263657009.png (477KB, 981x1004px)Image search: [Google]
477KB, 981x1004px
What do i cop/what style do i go for if i want to look more feminine? (i'm a guy)
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a pritty dressie

oversized shirts and the tightest jeans / joggers you can find
ask /cgl/ about how2visualkei
Japanese man skirts, Arab layering, gay person clothing

Summer Fashion Thread
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Summer fashion is so boring... I guess i put too much focus into my jackets/sweaters
True. But too hot to wear jackets/sweaters.
Get a t-shirt, then get some shorts, and then get some low-tops.


File: 1442056314945.png (152KB, 316x317px)Image search: [Google]
152KB, 316x317px
>one syllable names

Really? 2-3 syllables are fine, everything beyond 3 is too much.

>Sorry Mike
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what kind of pathetic excuse of a thread is this
John detected
File: 1455356702435.jpg (13KB, 207x212px)Image search: [Google]
13KB, 207x212px
>3 syllable first name
>2 syllable last name

why have the gods blessed me so?

File: image2xxl.jpg (128KB, 870x1110px)Image search: [Google]
128KB, 870x1110px
Hey /fa/ I need a new Backpack and I've been leaning on getting a Kaken from fjallraven or a Herschel.

Also what's the best choice for color? I was thinking that black is the safe choice or go with a brown.
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File: 2016-05-16.jpg (360KB, 1536x2048px)Image search: [Google]
360KB, 1536x2048px
I was thinking of getting that bag. I go to NYU and I see a bunch of qt Asian girls and other students wearing this bag. It looks really good, here's a picture of like the 5th girl I've seen wearing this bag
Hershels are crap and ugly.

Kankens are good but they were cool 3 years ago. Now everyone has it.

Just go military surplus or get a Patagonia
Nice Quad
Looks like shit

File: image.jpg (14KB, 283x178px)Image search: [Google]
14KB, 283x178px
Now that the Stans are the new hot normie shoe, what is the memeshoe to cop?
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Cps /thread
how many times is this gonna be posted

File: 794.png (362KB, 550x535px)Image search: [Google]
362KB, 550x535px
/fa/, have you ever gotten weird looks in public or laughed at? How do you deal with it?
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File: image.jpg (180KB, 615x462px)Image search: [Google]
180KB, 615x462px
one time a black woman looked at me and gave me this face

i dealt with it by never leaving the house again
you dont give them a reason to laugh at you, you should be the one making them feel insecure, not the other way around
fucking niggers

Rate others, follow and share yours.

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File: Egg.png (550KB, 1918x963px)Image search: [Google]
550KB, 1918x963px
interesting. Are you jap?


Skate shoes thread:

>Post your favorites
>Talk shit about others
>muh board feel vs muh support
>Nike is killing skateboarding
>Vans fall apart after a week
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I've always liked the look of HUF's shoes but people say they're shit quality
File: Untitled.png (241KB, 600x423px)Image search: [Google]
241KB, 600x423px
>muh top cap
i guess they're supposed to defend against kickflip toe but they look pretty clowny
busentiz one of the more down-to-earth skaters i ve had the pleasure of meeting

File: image.jpg (33KB, 288x310px)Image search: [Google]
33KB, 288x310px
So I'm living in an alpine area and thought about getting one of these for the winter. thoughts?

Also military inspiration general i guess.
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What about bape jackets?

Eh, not a camo I'm particularly fond of. it sticks out in the Austrian alps in a manner that is rather unfortunate.
File: 51V3F+GGHeL._SL1500_.jpg (42KB, 390x500px)Image search: [Google]
42KB, 390x500px
Did you boys see this yet

File: 1459099574463.jpg (5KB, 201x251px)Image search: [Google]
5KB, 201x251px
ITT we make a new -wave/-core
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File: image_4.jpg (23KB, 332x332px)Image search: [Google]
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File: image.jpg (24KB, 320x320px)Image search: [Google]
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toni core
sad thing is you arent joking

Hey /fa/ I used to post here a long time ago under the name "User." I am graduating from fashion school in antwerp this year.

I doubt anyone here now remembers me, but id be happy to answer questions regarding fashion school/pattern making school and learning to stitch and make clothing if anyone here is interested.
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Anything you wished you knew before you started making garments that you know now?

hmm i wish i knew to be less afraid of material and less scared to fuck up. you learn quicker by just going for it and experimenting with a seam, or a finishing technique or a strange dart, even if your idea fucks up, at least you have a starting point to develop your idea from. and 99% of the time its pretty easy to fix what you fuck up on a garment during construction.
What are some things I could do to increase my chances of being accepted to a fashion school?

File: ottermode.jpg (17KB, 403x375px)Image search: [Google]
17KB, 403x375px
Daily reminder that being a skinny little twink is not effay. You are a faggot and everyone laughs at you. Also liking overly skinny bitches with a flat body means that you have a lack of testosterone.
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>Daily reminder that being a skinny little twink is not effay.
>posts skinny little twink
Is this what /fa/ considers muscles?
Yeah that's literally a twink and he looks way better than OP
File: stupidflex.jpg (41KB, 441x454px)Image search: [Google]
41KB, 441x454px
except for the fact that this guy is DYEL as fuck. Dude's rolling his shoulders forward to make up for a lack of chest, barely has a 4pack, and has to hunch over and shave his fucking pubes so you can see his adonis belt.

pic related is me doing his stupid fucking flex

File: 4069444_4067670_look.jpg (256KB, 960x960px)Image search: [Google]
256KB, 960x960px
if you dress like pic related you are unfashionable and a late majority tier pleb
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post fit, shitter
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File: 48V0mu9.gif (978KB, 154x154px)Image search: [Google]
978KB, 154x154px

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