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How do I get rid of my oily ears? After I shower, the oil returns in less than 30 mins and causes my ear to have a greasy shine. If I try to listen to music, my earbuds slip out after some time and the earbud is covered in oil.
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I have that same problem. I'll bump this thread for you, OP.
Same problem, I usually just wipe em with a wet napkin every so often

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Post Church Clothes you heathens!

More summer pls, this weather is killing me!
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GOAT Skate shoes

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are my meme smiths ok with my tight ass jeans?
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how can u be this insecure
because im a brown guy with yellow fever

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What kind of jacket would you recommend a slightly big guy? 220lbs~
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This jacket
Ur stupit lol

Hello 2010

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ways to hide big ass ears that don't include wearing a beanie?
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Long hair.
Just look at that kylo ren actor

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why do some people look like that? It's not fair.

I'm forced to stay inside because I'm ugly as shit, meanwhile this guy gets poon on a platter.
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protip: people care a lot less than you think
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hes not cole
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why is this guy so perfect

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I see him a lot in this and other boards. What's so special about him?
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Is New Jersey/fa/?
Sheltered poorfag midwestern cucks need not comment
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No. NJ raised reporting in. Only destinations that attract people are beaches hiking and casinos. Shit cities with high crime rates.

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Found these lying around in the back of my closet. Probably the most expensive shoes i've ever bough and needed some inspo for an outfit. thanks in advance
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>he saves up to buy his siq pair of sneakers
>his wardrobe consist of 80% h&m and uniqlo
why do my fellow f/a/ggots do this?
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because they can look good to 90% of people very cheaply by doing this
because everyone knows one of the most important parts of an outfit are the shoes
>not thinking outwear and pants fitment are just as important

two questions i have:
Are bowler hats=fedoras? I mean, will i look like a fedora fag if i wear one? With matching clothes i mean, some darkish shirts, black pleather jacket and black john Lennon glasses

how do i get my hair into a post-punk mess? I will attach a few pictures of how i want it to look like. Sometimes they naturally go messy and puffy like that, but very rarely. My hair is quite soft, gets puffy very often, and at some point, when it gets too long, it turns a bit wavy
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you can get a way with wearing literally anything if you have a good looking face
well i obviously wont attach my pics here. And i cant rate myself on my looks too. But i've been complimented on my looks of course. The most honest compliment i ever received was like "you look very unusual, very different. Not like in a bad or a very good way, just different" When i tried on a bowler hat, it looked cool and i loved it, but it may only seem cool for me and i actually will look like a retard to everyone else.

how do dress as cute chinese girl /fa/?

what is this style called?
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step 1: be cute chinese girl
its called be asian faggot / thread

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What core is elliot?
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Try hard cancerous faggot core
...so palewave?
autism core

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Would you donate some y-3 qasas and acronym for the queen of /fa/?
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She's an ugly, bitter hapa. No thanks
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you activated my trap card
did she reject u or make fun of u for being a white boy, y u keep posting her here

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wet shaving.jpg
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What is your shaving routine like?
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i cant even grow facial hair kekadoo
I shave in the shower with a fog-free mirror nowadays. Tends to work better than anything else I have tried.
Get in shower
Wash scalp
Apply shave cream
Wash rest of body
Shave, starting with the thinnest areas
Apply glycerine after i dry off.

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