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I'm planning to go to a MikuExpo concert and I copped pic related. I'm planning to wear black jeans, but I have no idea which tee/shirt and shoes to use. Any recommendation?

As for the shoes I was planning to use Adidas NMD City Socks, but they sold out pretty fast :(
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what you can wear is a rope around your neck
Really, /fa/? I bet you can do better than this guy: >>11188852
I don't know whether it's awesome or just trash tbqhwyf

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I like this fit. I hope that if skinny jeans ever truly go out of vogue, that they'll be replaced with pants like this.
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You guys ever heard of HI FI FNK? If yes, what do you think about their stuff?

( http://m.hififnk.kr/#none )

.pic sort of related, just a screenshot of the first few things on their site
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love most of the designs, think they have the style on lock. i've heard the quality just isn't there though. and the shipping costs are horrifying.
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Aw man. I guess I'll look somewhere else if their quality and shipping costs are bad. Question, do you know where I can get jeans/chinos this length (Preferably jeans)? I can't find them anywhere.
Levis 501/501ct senpai

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Hey /fa/ggots how do I grow out my hair?
I want that nirvana look, or at least alt rock.
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You don't cut it for an extended period of time.
Ancient secret ruined
How do you go from 45 year old, fat, female, Hispanic maid to Nirvana?

A wand?

I will do disgusting things for someone to buy me these

please richfags someone buy me these

i'll do anything
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m or f?

i'm good looking though.

also nice digits
post face and body then we'll talk

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How to dress to get that fake hipster girl pussy?
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Beard, undercut, boots
oh shit I gave myself an undercut some weeks ago, and I wear boots
am I fucking hipster now?
No, that means you are a *fake* hipster.

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/fa/ i come to you today because i took a massive L two days ago and now i have this ugly ass burn scar underneath my lip
>what do???
>do i have a ketchup stain on my face for life??
anywhoo ima post how it happened below, in the mean time tell me what i need to do
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>wear hoodie
>all creased on front
>too fucking lazy to take off
>just ironed a whole pile of clothes and cannot be fucked to iron another
>genius idea pops up in head
>iron hoodie while it's on e
>fucking stroke upwards with iron
>burn my shit
yeah yeah what do i tell my kids tho
keep it moisturized and under some kind of dressing/surgical tape/plaster, until the first scab has fallen off. do not expose to sun. use +(30-50) sunscreen on the spot for 2-4 weeks. should heal real quick this way without much scarring.

disregard most of the other advice in the thread.
for more info, just google 'burn heal care" or whatever.
can i use vaseline for moisturizer
it usually helps with the burning feeling and drying

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Buy, sell, trade. Post it here.
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Red Wing Iron Ranger


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Mason Garments. In-store exclusive to Foreign Citizen.

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engineered garments work coat retailed for like 200 this is a good deal


also supreme hat and uniqlo +j vest



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Why is she so perfect, bros?

>will give your children strong genes
>loves to cook

really perfect.
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white people are ugly
>dating rich jew
>rich jew's brother married trump's daughter

i mean if she's gonna snag one might as well get one of the most connected - she did well
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who make the best sailor tee's
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COS makes pretty good ones

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what does /fa/ think about this guy?
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some of his grooming vids are ok.

the rest is normiecore fashion. good if you're a neckbear

also his voice is annoying
hes like 4'11

That's generous.

He is more of a lofty 4'6

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Fucking kill me now
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You're not balding it's just a normal crown in shitty lighting.
It's been stinging / itchy in that area for the last month or so, I've also been able to some slight patches every now and then, any ideas?
ghahahah omg i would KILL myself if i was balding that hard
sucked in!! just buzz cut now and get used to it! ur days of being fa are ova~

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>have curly as shit hair
>let it get messy recently
>decide to clean it up
>read how coconut oil is great for making it look shiny and cleaner
>have some laying around
>apply it
>go to work
>as time goes by I notice a scent
>shake my head to release the hair-air
>mfw I smell like black people

Anyway to fix this? Should I just ditch the coconut oil, or are their anything I could add that gets rid of this scent?
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Could try other oils, or mixing the coconut oil with an essential oil
Keratin, peppermint oil, castor oil, vitamin E all together. Don't have a link but look it up.
Bet that smells good as shit. Not even op but I want to try that now.

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What's a good all-weather shoe for a preppy look?
I'd be wearing them with slant-pocket chinos most of the time.

Boat shoes and loafers are too summery, and boots are too wintry.

That leaves oxford style shoes in the middle ground, but aren't they too formal, since they're not adapted for the outdoors?
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sneakers you fucking autist, it isn't the 50's anymore and you're not an Ivy league attendee, stop falling for meme's.
Thanks, but I prefer closed relationships.

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Any shoes or boots close to Geobaskets or Dunks in tongue size but aren't a $1k?
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That tongue is the worst part about the shoe. If there was a way to cop short tongue geos or dunks I would have done so twice over by now.

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