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Meeting up with potential lady friend for a drink at an upscale nice bar - not a club. We're not meeting until 10:30 tonight.

What do I wear?
Jeans are out.
Are suit pants/slacks (either navy or gray -which one?) acceptable?
>Blue dress shirt
>no coat

Is dis good? I'm having trouble finding balance between formal and casual and I'd rather dress up than down.
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Jacket without tie is far more elegant than tie without jacket. If you have a navy suit jacket and grey pants handy, grab those and pair them with the blue shirt for a relaxed but put together look.
dont be a fagget and dress like a normal person
All my jacket labels are numbered 0 to 23 while the only digits you got on you are some fat whore's number


So is Uniqlo really my best destination if I'm need of relatively cheap priced plain black tees?

>Basic Tees thread
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Literally wearing that t-shirt right now

It's a pretty good tee, however I'm like 6'1" or 6'2" and a large is a bit shorter than my liking, however that's probably because Uniqlo is made for asians.
Target is pretty good too, but yeah Uniqlo is a good choice. I got a black, white, navy, white/navy striped, and an olive one from there and they're all great.
Upload pic.

What the fuck happened to /fa/? Only about 2-3 years back this was a place where all the threads were about people trying to be original in their sense of fashion, trying as much as possible not to copy others with their style. Wanting to express themselves with their style and actually define themselves with it, which was merely beautiful.
Now every thread is about the same fucking style; sneakers, skinny jeans, a bomber jacket. What the hell? What is this? Did it suddenly become cool to look exactly like one another? And the funniest thing is, these people ask whether they're "cop or not." Whether their style is accepted by people who dress up in the exact same clothes as 90% in the board. What the hell?

Pic related, it was posted here in a time where people actually chose what they wore themselves, not by others in a board.
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/fa/ has always been shit, your pic only serves to prove that point
4chan is reddit now
I'd say that /fa/ always had people copying others' style. The pic you posted looks straight out of r/menswear.

No, the bigger problem is how political everything has gotten. Every other post seems to spawn /pol/ nonsense.

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why arent you wearing makeup yet?
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This would look ridiculous the second she turned around. You can fake shadows in a photo, not real life.
I take great pains
or I expierence them
by trying to stay out of the spotlight, or focalpoint as much as possible.

also Im a dude, who is balding, lived with a divorced mother, and works in mental health
Im also heterosexual and trying not be any gayer than I already am.
I have never seen a mans looks improve with makeup. It just looks like he's wearing makeup if that makes sense.

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The other day there was a thread about pieces with paranoid conspiracy theory designs all over them, like cryptic phrases and a "connect the dots" thing going on. What are some clothes that exemplify this look? I can't access the archive right now so I don't have the pics.
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I've seen a couple posts about this too but I don't have anything to contribute so I'm going to wait and see if this becomes a trend or what.
Any other threads on this? Searched through /x/ but found nothing.

w2c: Asian face masks?
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pharmacy (lol)

or bape if you're rich
>Insufficient funds

Thoughts on Acne Studios jeans? I'm specially looking to buy the Ace Stay Cash in black, which is drescribed as "tint jeans comes super slim with a comfortable normal waist."

Are they really worth the price? I'm confortable paying for them but I just want to make sure I'm not paying just for the brand. I usually wear Levi 511 and I'm not sure if this is really a step up from them.

Also why did I only find blacks wearing them on YouTube? Is it some Kanye West shit?
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Oh, and is it TTS? I wear a 30 waist of 511 Rigid Dragon, and a 29 on black 511.
Should a 30 of Acne jeans fit fine?
I find the leg opening too big (7"), if you can get them tapered to fit better, then cop.. I might be mixing it up with max cash

I think 511's have a smaller leg hole opening

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I've never seen such a thing here, wondering if there were minimalist shoes out there that aren't gaudy or poor quality. Minimalist in the sense of following the natural form of the foot and providing little sole padding.

I've pretty much blown through the New Balance Minimus collection up until latest release and am looking for something a bit more classy these days.

1. Post Minimalist Shoes or close to it
2. Discuss whether minimal can be effay
3. Post shoes that are close to minimal
4. Ask me whatever about what I know of Minimalist shoes that aren't fucking ugly looking

Pic is of a Minimus Women's size 12 that would have fit size 10.5 on men for a Lunar Fit I was putting together but I fucking missed the bid for it today.
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they're not /fa/. structured and heavy is in. from yohji all the way down to rick, it's what's what.
fucking bastard you make a minimalist shoe thread and use the ugliest shoe as the pic
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What are good high quality shoes/sneakers that are not hi tops/boots? I am a 5'9 manlet with small legs so they would not look great on me.

I love my adidas but I need to be a bit more versatile.

>inb4 common cucks
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5'9 isn't a manlet.
>saying manlet
>saying cuck
Leave this board.
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triggered manlet detected

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Can tan chinos be effay?
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If they're black and look like regular trousers, sure.
so that means tan is not?
I'm 22, and I want to start dressing prepcore. Is it getting to be too late in life? Is it college-only fashion?

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Can we have a ylyl /fa/ edition?
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not cringe at all t b h
That's a good fit though.

fuck off with your vendetta shit

Fuck off newfag

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post anything bhg fashion related ITT

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Trying to grow mine. I've just been trimming the sides and leaving the top. Will that be fine or is it better to just leave it? I don't wanna look like a tramp :(
Anyone tried henna for maximum conditioning and possibly looser curls? How much of your hair was dyed/stained if you did?

Bump. This is all I want. Is it possible to go from 4c to 3b or anything like that without relaxer bullshit?

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I have this
Nixon The Sentry
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Got this 2 days ago. Strap is shit but the watch itself is nice and sleek.
File: CZBJ7000-52E_1.jpg (188KB, 900x900px)Image search: [Google]
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>Citizen Nighthawk Eco-Drive
Got this a few years back, and I love it
i got this one coming in the mail soon

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Carol Christian Poell thread. I want to know more about this mysterious brand. Where does one buy his pieces. I read online they're works of art and meant for display instead of actual wear? Anyone have any pieces of his?
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You could find pieces on Grailed, never looked for other places.
Eh, I definitely wouldn't say the brand is intended soley for display, but I think it might be fair to say they stand up equally well as standalone, aesthetic objects as they do garments.
File: CCP Collar Scarstitch White.jpg (963KB, 944x1417px)Image search: [Google]
CCP Collar Scarstitch White.jpg
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I have a leather jacket from 2008, and a sweater from 2003, which was from before CCP moved even further out to the fringes. A lot of people say that he stepped up his game after Deepti Barth joined (I think that was in 2005).

His tailored pieces sit very differently than other brands. They distort the silhouette and shape of the body and sit in kind of a contrast to it. He's done a lot of work with clothing as its own body. I think there's a button-down shirt on eBay with piping veins between two layers of fabric that move as the fabric moves. He did a bunch of garments lined in parachute fabric that could be dissociated from the body and dragged behind, like a shed skin.

The technical details of his patternmaking are really cool and worth seeing in person. Not many places stock his stuff, I bought my jacket from The Archive (Darklands and Ink have new stock, but the former has bad service and the latter mostly has weird color leathers).

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Post pics before and after /fa/

>Give us your worst
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you didnt post a template
so your worst is now
what the jacket for your now

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