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just copped some sweatpants from uniqlo
need some ideas
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Throw em on in your house and be comfy, what the fuck is wrong with you and other fuckies who wear these in public?
>select all images with pancakes :^)
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w2c this whole outfit this looks comfy AF

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fa infographics
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NB graphic
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Is uniqlo actually better than other fast fashion alternatives?
Pretty much just seems like another H&M or cotton on to me
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Its much, much better.

Go into uniqlo and compare the material of their down jackets to one in H&M. You'll find one is much softer and smoother

Now compare the denim, one is much thicker and more substantial.

The jackets, again one is much thicker.

H&M is awful. Made to be obsolete the year after both trend wise and construction wise
then you're a retard, most uniqlo stuff is better than the quality of most H&M stuff even at a quick glance and touch especially recently
Cotton on clothes are basically full of holes by the 3rd month of wearing them, so the extra price is worth it with uniqlo for buying basics?
I liked thailand uniqlo but the australian one seems a bit eh appearance wise

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How do I make the squeaking stop?

Also, post your Common Projects and their age :)
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Good post.
>How do I make the squeaking stop?
you don't, unfortunately. still love em tho.
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bought mine last june :^)

also i hear squeaking in shoes is due to moisture/sweat

just stick some shoe tree in them to dry them up

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>that smiling panel
why you gotta do this to me
File: Ks1Y8wI.jpg (266KB, 857x1181px)Image search: [Google]
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Do what anon?

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where can i buy whole h3h3 go green vape nation set?Asking srlsly
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please dont
Ethan's the kind of straight up dude that would source for you. Have a nice day H
Poor squat form

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I'm tired of naoposters, malissaposters, and toniposters claiming their respective person is the king/queen of /fa/. to settle this debate, i've made a poll: http://www.strawpoll.me/10023464


Winner is announced after the thread 404s.

Who will win?
The manlet-dating nao?
The crazy hapa malissa?
Or the one faggot who shills the shitskin toni?

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lmao too easy, activated my cards effect. damn noobs i won the duel already
It's already been decided senpai

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youll never be as fa as bieber
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how can you be good looking and rich and STILL fuck it up
Proportions are looking good for a manlet
Bieber dresses like shit, the same goes for Kanye

what are the current fashion trend going on in your country

Here all green bombers are being sold out everywhere
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adidas superstars and denim jackets over hoodies like pic related.
uk-here all black bombers have been sold out for 3 years
skinny jeans are still a thing, turn em up to show them pale ankles
adidas trackie bottoms even everywhere
the "I'm year 9 and shot 10 bags" minibag is more popular with teenagers but I've seen some wanna be roadmen wear em
nike roses have dyed i cant really think of one shoe everyone is jumping on atm
what i mean by skinny is the spray on skinny ones that are like a mm fit, basically jeggings

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where do you eurofags get your shit from
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toilets, usually
Who else /czech/ here. freshlabels.cz has some goot shit. ZOOT has become a meme recently.

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Had a suit-thread last week and the week before that, that were really good. Let us try to have another one!

Post inspo, what you like, what you want to buy, what you've bought and anything related to the thread. Men and women welcome!
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File: How a suit should fit.jpg (152KB, 982x1197px)Image search: [Google]
How a suit should fit.jpg
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Daily reminder that pic related is how a suit should fit.

File: Kanken_8.jpg (293KB, 640x426px)Image search: [Google]
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My new warm yellow Kanken just arrived. Looks like something you'd buy at Goodwill for 5 bucks, I bought it for nearly 100. That's not necessarily a bad thing, I'm all into bumcore, but I want to know youse guys opinion on this. Did I fall for the meme or is this actually a cool backpack?

Also backpack general I guess?

>Pic not OC, just liked the settings a lot.
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wouldnt pay like more then 15 for it
looks like shit, why would you do this
It's built to last and pretty durable, so the price is understandable, but it looks pretty Goodwill tier. I'm just trying to figure out whether that's the point or if I got memed out by all the obnoxious hipsters in my neighborhood who wear it as well.

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>not having tattoos, undercut + beard combo, posting on the chive, and listening to retro post hardcore like underoath, or alexisonfire

do you even try faggots?
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Those bands are ok I'll give you that
File: 1430109164296.jpg (67KB, 500x601px)Image search: [Google]
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same guy?
I know its bait but

>those bands
>retro post-hardcore

What is fugazi? What is moss icon? What is nation of ulysses?

Hell l, I'd even accept at the drive-in or refused

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Is it more effay to smoke with the cigarette held between your index finger and middle finger or your index finger and thumb?
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best way of smoking is to not smoke
File: stop smoking.jpg (41KB, 480x360px)Image search: [Google]
stop smoking.jpg
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totally agree

It's a trap!

File: 1460667556782.jpg (95KB, 1023x680px)Image search: [Google]
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post inspo
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File: killshots.jpg (77KB, 650x404px)Image search: [Google]
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I'm not sure what you mean

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