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What do you guys think of this? I never see this brand on /fa/. Is it trash?
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Yes. Don't buy perfume watches.
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I need a field watch for work.

Is this /fa/ enough to also pass for every day wearing?
>designer watch
Yes, it's definitely trash

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plebs wearing zara knockoffs of Hedi Slimane's (peace be upon him) creations baka
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zara always copy high fashion

thats their thing

dumb ass
i fucking hate zara and topshop if you can't fucking afford high fashion labels then don't buy fakes / knockoff labels FUCK ZARA I FUCKING HATE YOU OSCAR MARCOTE
>Paying SLP prices for trendy bullshit

Without the labels I would have thought both designs were from Zara

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What cigarette brand is the most effay?
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Roll your own. Cost effective and can taste better/fresher.
davidoff classic or davidoff reshape, marlboro reds and lucky strike maybe

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Post them
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what to do with this shit mang
pouya is one ugly ass nigga i have a hard time believe he ever got any girls before he started rapping

SopranoCore.Post fits.
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this guy is one of the reason i refuse to workout
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YachtWear soparno vibes

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>blue tshirt
>bandana around neck
>headphones around neck
>cargo shorts
>hiking shoes
>naruto shit

At least I dont see any white socks
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is it me or do the only people that really seek validation when it comes to fashion, mostly wear gucci, louis vuitton, and /or wear gold chains and rings?

think about it, most of us on here we really don't want validation from normies, hell i just get strange stares if I step out in some RO.

It's just a perk if someone else recognizes what I'm wearing.

but normies, literally try to by the most heavily branded stuff just so they can get someone to notice them, they even go so far as to "pimping their rides", or blaring loud music out of their cars.
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yeah, those type of people literally only buy the brand because of the attention they get, not if they like the design or not.

personally i think that's fucking weird.
>hurr im white upper middle class and money has never been an issue for me on anyone i know so why do others flaunt their wealth

"If you grew up with holes in your zapatos. You'd celebrate the minute you was having dough." - jay Z
Jokes on you , I'm a middle class black/white male, that just happens to have good taste

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puma memes.jpg
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Are these shoes /fa/ approved?

I am about to buy them and I can't decide.
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Please don't. They're definition of normal eurofag
I don't know what other shoes 2 cop.

I need new shoes desperately , and these looks comfy
They're not bad, so if you like them go for it. If you're really looking for /fa/ approval, I would suggest something by adidas, try their campus sneakers

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>fashion moves in 20 year cycles
>things from 10 years ago are extremely unfashionable
>things from 20 years ago are extremely fashionable

>limp bizkit fronted the rap metal and nu-metal movements with the deftones, korn, snot, and powerman 5000 around 94-97

>ergo, limp bizkit is early adopter tier effay in 2016

prove me wrong
[spoiler] you can't[/spoiler]
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While not specifically Limp Bizcore, I've been telling people this for the longest time, I can't wait till 2000s nostalgia is in full force
>saw someone mention numetal in another thread
Guys stop
thread theme


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I know
>dressing for sex

but has dressing in whatever you wanted got you laid?

i cant imagine the sex life of people decked in ric or techwear
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short answer: yes, and I didn't even take my geobaskets off

long answer: I feel like to any girl who is potentially interested in you, but not interested in fashion, wearing out-there, designer stuff is irrelevant, you might as well dress like a frat bro. to them it's just clothing and they really don't care as much as you do. (literally nobody else in the world cares as much as you do.) so protip: don't act like what you're wearing is a big deal, or allude to you being obsessed with fashion to the point of actively discussing it on an anime forum in your free time, and you're headed in the right direction.

generally as long as you are moderately attractive and hygienic and have the confidence required to wear whatever you're wearing without being visibly uncomfortable, you'll receive compliments instead of weird looks. if you look cool and you're wearing some weird next level shit then you might even get extra attention/ interest from the right kind of girls. maybe you won't pull bitches at a starbucks if you come in dressed head to toe Julius, but if you shop around at the right stores or hit up the right music venues, females can take notice.

plus tons of girls these days are exposed to social media and hype fashion trends thru the internet. girls slide into my insta dm's all the time. I've been surprised by a few girls recognizing and complimenting my rick owens footwear on the street. currently half of my tinder photos are fit pics and I consistently get a solid amount of matches (they're mostly asian, dyed hair, adidas stans, sadboy memes but I'm not complaining). anything is possible anon
It's all about your confidence, and your face.
Your clothes don't mean shit
if your clothes dont fit, your girls dont either

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ITT : cuckcore/cuck starter pack

i'll start, your typical numale holy grail.
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numales don't typically buy a $400 pair of white sneakers
>numale holy grail
my point exactly.
anything by SLP

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Does anybody else here hate tattoos and the people who have them? I'm convinced everyone who has them is some sort of drug addict and criminal.
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Are you posting from the 70s, anon?

Are you posting from a tattoo parlor?

Maybe you're posting from jail?

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Cop or not?
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get the aged white raf ones instead

they're better because they have an "R" and say RAF SIMONS on them
le run out of ideas man

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olive jansport.jpg
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What some effay bookbags?
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also want to know. looking for something leather and unbranded
he asked for 'effay', not overplayed basic ass shit

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just post great fits and inspo with jeans in it.
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