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streetwear blogs.png
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/fa/ humor thread.
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Technically /co/, but relevant.
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Find a more effay villain than Kylo Ren

>Pro tip: You can't
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most sith
>Red suede jacket
>dad jeans
Literally w2c everything

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Wut do about lower body fashion when you have legs like the people in this thread?

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Remove yourself from /fa/shion. Recon that you will never wear dior/slp, get old and get married then divorced.
i am similar to this and i just do loosewave like yohji or cdg and i look normal
Post fits

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Sup /fa/
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Would u like some soup
If you're bleaching you don't have to leave the water with bleach heating forever. Chill. Turn it off.

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What kind of cut is this called?

I need a new hairstyle, I'm rocking the 40-year-old virgin clean cut now.

Tho I don't have curly hair so that can be a problem.
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why am I getting the impression that in the uncropped version of the pic he has his dick out
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You tell me.

Now when the dust has settled: is it any good?
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no it's fucking neon yellow mixed with black on a shoe
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not just knit, any all star II
a couple worthwhile changes from the orginals but they played it very safe and thus they are a little boring

>Need to buy new shoes, currently wearing really old, torn up shoes so I look homeless
>TFW can't pick out good shoes because I'm worried they'll be called meme shoes by /fa/ and everything looks like shit


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>letting an anime imageboard influence your day-to-day life decisions
Just don't post fits on /fa/ and literally no one would call them meme shoes. Problem solved faggot
There's probably a default shoes that are acceptable
Seconding this.

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Do you have non/fa/ friends? How is it like to go outside with them?
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i think most of my friends dress well enough or at a level that is just standard and inoffensive

i do know one guy that dresses real badly but he said he really doesnt give a shit what people think. one time he wore like k-mart brand sneakers with a suit and it was pretty bad
Oh lord. My friends dress in cargo shirts, superhero shirts, snapbacks, and even sometimes socks with sandals.

God help us comp sci majors.
My friends aren't really "effay" but I wouldn't necesarrily call myself very effay either.
While I do dress "better" than most of them, I try my best to influence them in a good way. I'll take them shopping for basics and find shit that I think will look good on them and try to make them the ones saying that they want the piece before convincing them to buy it,
Going out with them has never really been a problem, because they're all very charismatic so they really make it up for it.

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> messy bun
> PINK hoodie
> jogger/yoga pants
> white samung galaxy/iphone
> chai tea from Starbucks
How would /fa/ spice up Basic Bitch-core? I think adding a goth aesthetic would be breddy cool.
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Ok. Take the outfit and make it black. Ironic Basic Bitch Goth-core.
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> implying it's not /fa/
> still rocking some ironic faggy OFWGKTA-core

Do you think tumblr hair would be too much?

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003 (2).jpg
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Been a while since I've made a thread about her, but today is Adrey's birthday.

Let's celebrate her life and her influences in all our lives.
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I had a situation where a salon supply store sold me colour depositing bleach and I cant seem to get it out of my hair. I feel too anime. Can this colour work or not?
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That outfit and hair~
You look pretty damn cute. Not necessarily effay, but pretty cute regardless.
I tend to have a thing for unnatural hair colors though (even if the SJWs are trying their best to make me hate it). I'd suggest you put a little emphasis on your eyebrows if you're gonna keep the color, cause the bangs and light brow color make it look like you have none.

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Fuck < 3 so good
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Are you in those pics ?

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FullSizeRender 2.jpg
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should i buzz it
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You should get a haircut, but dont buzz it.
no you're fucking gorgeous don't change anything
you look like you're lean with an attractive face, go for it!

Y!JP finds thread

Share your finds with others.

There's a really nice Issey bomber up right now with only 9 hours left.
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Forgot the link

I don't know how to use this. I know its been talked about here for years now but never learned or bothered even after seeing the crazy shit that people have gotten

fuck off

we don't need more normie dumbasses driving up bids

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So, /fa/ I'm at medical school, and i can only wear white, how can i wear white all day and be fashionable, i can use any piece of clothing, as long as its white and I can use any color of shoes/sneackers
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also i can use any coat, sweater or jacket any color
raf simons velcros qasas triple white

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