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Name my squad /fa/
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Tennis Instructors

sounds like a cool indie band name
sydney serchaz

Yellow man and the five pasty boys.

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I honestly like the glasses in pic related. Can we really just bring these back in style again?
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Git the fuck outta her BOOOOIIII
i rock em and i love em favorite color is green
they are literally the most in style glasses there are at the moment
what kind of shithole do you live in

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What does a good FB/IG/etc. profile picture look like?
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Better yet, what are some things you should avoid?
Obligatory bump
>having facebook

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Can someone recommend me some cheap effay shoes? Sick of wearing chuck taylors, looking to change my style.
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chuck taylors are pretty nice
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adidas matchcourt/samba
vans sk8-hi
or you can fall for the stan smiths meme
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tricky ricky.jpg
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Are MAGA hats /fa/?
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yeah, I love mine
this thread gets better every time
Can't decide between White/Navy or Red

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kind of a normie want to start being more stylish and neater about how I dress, can you guys recomend me anything? websites etc.. I'm 6'2 weigh 65kg thanks
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Read the sticky before starting a thread, for one
lurk more
Not your personal stylist. Read the sticky, lurk more, and ask specific questions in fuccboi general

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Why is every faggot whos into workwear a manlet?
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is that true? non-japanese workwear usually sizes up pretty heavy. I normally wear M or L and even XS carhartt is too big on me

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most /fa/ moccasins?

lookin' to cop a pair for beaters this summer and I don't know where to start
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Duluth trading co, bass and co.
Duluth trading makes moccasins? I don't think I've ever seen them
Those aren't moccasins you faggot

How does one pull of a blue denim jacket as well as the Goose?

Or at least as well as possible for a non-Goose?
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I agree fellow /fa/ poster, we need more Gosling threads on a regular basis such as these
I agree with both these guys
Whenever I wear my denim jacket one of my smart-ass friends makes a backstreet boys comment. I say back street's back alright, we laugh and I carry on

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hi /fa/, im a huge fan of the band animal collective and have been deliberating on buying these shoes they've put out
just wanted your objective opinion on them, they're pretty different
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File: KP001DEA_Back_1024x1024.jpg (118KB, 1024x671px)Image search: [Google]
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they images to display them aren't very good, here's a back view
if you like thema and think you can pull them off get them

that beign said I think the amterial looks kinda odd and I wonder how well it will age

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>import shirt and its too small for the size it's meant to be
>tfw manlets fucking up clothing metric system and wasting my money
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Yeah that happens just shop more carefully next time man
im just going to stop importing
>shopping online
there's your fucking problem

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What colour hair works best with this sort of jacket

>inb4 autistic all-black wearing basement dwellers get trigged by a colour that isn't black
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Who the fuck would talk shit about the king of /fit?/
Pic related
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Really dude?

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What can you do about a bad haircut?
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off yourself, one bad haircut revokes your effay card for life.
Stay indoors until your hair is long enough to get cut again.

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How do I grow back eyebrows like pic related? I fucked mine up in a sporting accident and I want to fix them ASAP. Please send help.
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"how do I grow back my hair? I accidentally shaved part of it off!!11!"

just wait u dumbass
cut up some colored paper to the pattern of your liking and glue them to your brow ridge
No points for obvious answer. I'm looking to speed the process up, but thanks anyway.
Points for creative answer :^)

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1 or 2
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you can do this? what site senpai

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