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Who on /fa/ skinny here? Is it /fa/ to have skinny legs like this or what would work better?
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What, really?
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Skinny chicken legs are an important feature in my opinion. I think they are good to have for any fashionista.

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long story short: im balding. if i shave my head, i look stupid. i basically have a big head and long face, and i look like a leukemia patient. baseball hats look stupid on me and make me look like an giant toddler.

are there any other hats that can be worn by an adult and be /fa/? can a filson hat (like pic related) ever look good? opinions plz.
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Can't wear a hat forever OP.
>god I hate balding
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Rock the bald, don't let society bring you down bro
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Things-that-you-cannot-fathom-in-fashion thread.

>Pocket T-shirts
>Pocket button-up shirts
>People wearing polos after turning 15.
>Tight jeans.
>Wearing a hat before your hair turns gray.
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pocket ts are SO BAD
>fake pockets
>ripped jeans
>beanies with visors
>bucket hats

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I want to buy roshes but theyre kinda expensive for my country standart so i dont wanna haste. Im very concerned about their durability couse they look very fragile and easily rippable. Share me your impressions.
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Buy Adidas Flux instead, they're durable as fuck.
>*checks date*
>still 2016 eh? I could've sworn...
...Buy adidas tubular...

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What outwear can I wear with navy cropped pants that isn't too heavy for hot weather? I wanna go comfycore this spring/summer but I need a good jacket that'll go well with it. Any suggestions? Or a jacket like pic related under £100?

Also general Spring/Summer wear thread
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bag inspo thread

post nice bags
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my daily use bag

considering also getting a messenger/brief or something similar.
does anyone have recs for a messenger bag
c/n? grey or black

>moved to florida
>summer is coming

What kind of sandals are acceptable for men to wear without looking like a fag or like I shop at American Eagle?

Pic obviously not related
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Damn boy

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What do you normally wear in your profile pictures?
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tiocfadh ar la
Whatever what I was wearing when it was taken

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waiting for the rocket, fellow cadets
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just ordered this
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lights up for those dark lunar nights

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ripped black skinny jeans.jpg
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When will this meme die?
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Why on Earth would someone wear a button up with a crew neck over it and decide that ripped jeans would look good with it?
Torn up knees?
When punk dies
It's not punks who are doing it, it's normal 'fashion-forward' youngsters

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So I'm looking for a new quality leather jacket and was wondering which brands to go for in the price category of say, 700-900$.
Does anyone have any experience with Temple of Jawnz jackets (pic related)? Do you prefer calf or lamb skin?
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go for schott if you want to do it safe
seconding OP's request. anything nice in that price range that isn't a black bike jacket with huge lapels or a bomber you could fit 3 people into? ideally something fairly fitted in brown

also, any experience getting leather jackets tailored? figured I might get a second-hand jacket and have the waist taken in if feasible
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Check out BLK DNM, I got a Jacket 5 I've had for about two years now, it's a damn great jacket. I think I paid ~800-900 bucks for it, can't remember.
It's more slim than a regular biker jacket which I like a lot.

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Hey guys, short fag here, barely over 5'7" was thinking about getting lifts. Any that aren't super obvious?

Should I even get them or will everyone just know and secretly laugh at me behind my back?

I guess my question is getting lifts worth it?

Serious question, inb4 kys, manlet, blah blah etc.
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Dont do it nigga just dont. You're already insecure, don't let everyone in town know too
I'm relatively attractive, confident, and dress well. But I'm 5'3". Should I just kills myself?
everything you named is worthless when you look like an eternal child

everyone will see and know you wear lifts. that will highlight your shortness even more and shows you are insecure about it



Why do we pretend like these people are anything but hideous famewhores who only make the world an uglier place with their existences in their efforts to get attention?
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File: Taylor-Swift-Met-Gala-2016.jpg (96KB, 615x924px)Image search: [Google]
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obviously she's trying to distance herself from the girl next door look from her earlier year,and evidently she took a page from miley

i used to enjoy seeing met gala,obviously there's people who stave away from the white tie look but they do it with style and grace,now it's just shitty dresses and funny faces
contrast her look from 2014
The Met Gala, much like the White House correspondent's dinner is nothing but a trashy affair for the lowest of trashy people who do their hootin and hollerin and who the total lack of class they are.

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Opinions on Brandy Melville?
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Keeps my girl from dressing in ugly af adidas originals sweaters with leggings and roshes so I cant complain desu
I have a few bras from there as well as shirts that my sister gave to me as a gift. It's pretty alright for cheap basics and is good if you're a skeleton.
I like it. Nice basics.

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