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Why do i feel like 90% of supreme's audience is kids like these ?

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Because they're Golf Wang 2.0
Wait do people really pronounce Adidas like that?
i thought it was ahh deee dasss

how do i ask for a particular hairstyle without sounding like a fag?
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Show a picture: "i want this"
Dont be a fag
>i want this

New /fa/ggot here, need some fashion advice.
Broke up with long term gf recently & bought THIS out on a whim to cheer myself up. Didn't think about it at all, just went in & got it. Now I'm stuck with it, so how am I going to make this work? What does it matches with?
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It would go well with a noose
Did you break up with her or did she break up with you?

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Do you genuinely have to be brooding/disgruntled to be truly effay?
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>Experimenting and showing any emotions whatsoever

No, be well-balanced and monitor your moods. Don't buy things on an impulse. Think out your purchases and try to fit fashion into the context of your life and its existing triumphs (e.g. balancing a budget, getting into graduate school, landing the summer job you want) and it will be a fulfilling hobby. This goes for most hobbies, but if you sacrifice the pillars of your stable life (rent, relationships, etc) to impress strangers on the internet you will end up feeling emptier than before.
who is this qt?

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how do i achieve this?
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wear rick
quads had revealed the answer

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What haircut should I get?
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Lose weight
Buzz cut

Why are you in a laboratory?

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Hey /fa/, I recently bought a Rothco bomber jacket and I'm not too sure about how it fits me. Should I return it and get another one as a small instead of a medium or is my body type not cut out for it?

Also: if I do return it, do you know which stores I could go to so I could try it on before I buy it?
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Here's my skeletal body, I want to bulk up and get /fit/ but I just haven't put the effort into doing so.
>yeah, you should return it. its way too big and it also looks like trash, get something else.
didn't mean to greentext

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where can i get stan smiths cheaper than full price >jew
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cheaper than $75? holy fuck do you even have a job? or do your parents not want to drop $75 on shoes?
i ewhore for a living dude

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What are some /fa/ approved watches?
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>Miyota Movement
>No spec on glass (meaning it is mineral glass)

If /fa/ is all about the lowest quality possible in a watch then yes.
this is approved
hey what's wrong with Miyota?
There is nothing wrong with a Miyota per se.
But it is no secret that the Miyota 2025 is the absolut cheapest quartz movement in existence on the entire planet.
It also lacks the power saving mechanism most swiss quartz movements have which drastically increases battery life from around 2 years up to 10 years.

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Why are all of you low selfesteem morons who care more about clothing that people wear rather than personality? You fucking idiots wont talk to someone just because they aren't wearing the current fashion trends....pathetic morons who probably voted for Bernie Sanders
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You guys are all faggots
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>living in burgerland

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How would one balance minimalism in such a way that it doesn't stand out?

I feel as if going all black would stand be too eyecatching, yet I do not want to fall in the other extreme of /normiecore/ sneakers+jeans+light colored shirt either.

To put it in a way, what would be an uniform wardrobe that is both 'quiet' and elegant?
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find this out for yourself
Ideas couldn't hurt, anon.

Hypothetically, if you had to wear the same clothes all the time(excluding ultra-formal occasions or what not), what would they be?
keep it simple. Get the clothing that you would get in all black but in other inoffensive colors. Think colors that are easy to pair with other colors- grey, navy, olive, white and off-white t shirts, black.

Get a couple of leather black shoes and they should look good with the outfits you put together out of those colors.

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>"Bill Cunningham, who turned fashion photography into his own branch of cultural anthropology on the streets of New York, chronicling an era’s ever-changing social scene for The New York Times by training his busily observant lens on what people wore — stylishly, flamboyantly or just plain sensibly — died on Saturday in Manhattan. He was 87."

Get in here /fa/. . . Lets pay our respects.

Good Night Sweet Prince
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Good night you wonderful man
made a thread about him last night but I think it was too late for all western hemisphere folks

I will miss the hell out of him
My sunday papers will never be the same

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can i get some summer time terrorwave fits
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its way too hot outside in the summer. Maybe this would work in the spring/fall
drop trip
There is already a thread for terrorwave u fuccboi
>dress like clueless 30 something hick from some flyover village on purpose
>no man it's fashion the internet told me it's called something "wave"
holy shit
half of the men aged 25 and up from a tiny ass town with maybe 2000 resident in the middle of nowhere dressed like this

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Is Cersei Lannister effay?
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nice dictator outfit
she's so hot

Lannisters unironically have the most amazing fits

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How do you combat sweat?
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botox injections, worked wonders for me
antiperspirant right after you shower.

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